A collection of poems about Archa


About Archa - Dilshod Rajab


Embracing the spruce spring -
Hold on tight.
The spring is out of reach
From it are summer and autumn and winter.
The spring is tied to the arch,
What can you do?
After all, he is wrapped up
With countless needles!

On New Year's Eve - Erkin Vahidov

You are so beautiful
You are always green!
Happy new year
Darling, archajon.

Winter at Grandpa's house
Dear guest - you are blue.
At her wedding today
Especially the word - you're beautiful.

Too much for your jacket
Dice buttons are attached.
Red, blue on your horns…
The light bulbs are on.

To a horn that is not tall enough,
But, O archajonim!
I have you on my table
My favorite necklace!

A necklace made for you
These are my excellent grades.
Come on, I'll put it on, my dear,
Bend your horns.

Arch of Independence - Zahro Hasanova

To the delight of my country
The tall spruce,
More beautiful than every year
Tell me, how are you?
All over the basting,
You're on the field.
Holding large and small order,
I'm in love with you.
From the rainbow lights
Did you wear a bead?
Those who aspire to you
Were you surprised a lot?
Double storks flutter their wings
Congratulations on the holiday.
I'm not going to see you,
Are the birds overwintered?
The fun was in full swing,
Smile on the faces.
Horse game swings
Crowded with children.
In the land of miracles
An example of a magic corner,
Sharing joy in hearts
Well, stay a fairy tale.

New Year's Eve

Tall to the ceiling,
Coniferous, blue spruce
Wearing dice and necklaces,
Your makeup is unique.
On New Year's Eve
We are waiting for Christmas
If the tin comes through,
We are filled with pleasure.
The little ones sang,
It revolves around you.
The lights on your shoulder,
It's getting late.
Beautiful spruce, blue spruce,
The protagonist of the holiday.
Climb the high mountains,
Be a guest in our house.

Presidential Arch

Gather us in a circle,
Combines every year.
Sharing everything,
Mysteries every year.
Hello, hello new year,
A sign of a new era.
Yangizafar, new joy
A sign of a new life.
Presidential Arch,
Independence sign.
A world of joy,
A piece of our heart.

John juniper

Juniper, juniper, soul juniper,
How are your leaves?
Going around,
Everyone sings.

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