A collection of proverbs and wise sayings about language


A collection of articles about language is just the right helper for events and open lessons. Below you will find proverbs and sayings from various textbooks and sources.
Proverbs about bad words and bitter language
  • Don’t expect a sweet answer by asking a bitter question.
  • A bitter tongue is a venomous snake, and a sweet tongue is a sacrifice.
  • The patient needs a sweet word, the fool - the eye.
  • The word blunt itself is blunt.
  • The point is the truth itself.
  • Return the bad word to the owner.
  • Do not speak ill, do not grieve.
  • An open tongue eats soup, and a bitter tongue is a stone.
  • The foot of a bad word is six.
  • The poison breaks the tongue bone.
  • The word spoken is a shot fired.
  • The decoration of the house is the decoration of the man.
  • The stream is adorned with water, the man is the word.
  • Say what you will, say what you will not say.
Sweet and good word
Don's bitterness is good,
The word - sweet.
If you want to make friends,
Have a sweet conversation.
The bad news is that the head peg,
Good news is soul food.
Salt makes food delicious,
Man is the word.
Warm word - sugar,
The cold word is poison.
If you don't have money, don't,
Have a sweet word.
The richness of the word is the beauty of man.
The word sweet is sweeter than sugar.
Everyone is alive with their till.
Wisdom is a handful of gold.
It breaks a risk,
A fortress of a thousand sorrows.
A sweet word ends,
Wounds of a thousand hearts.
If your eyes are tired,
You are heartbroken by the word.
Wise sayings about language
There are many national proverbs of the Uzbek people, examples of their articles on language and related topics.
One good thing to remember,
One is bad.
Someone is a cave,
Someone has a word to say.
Don't have wheat bread,
Let the word wheat.
Gossip is bad,
In pain - heartburn.
Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!
From the straw - peculiar.
The word is not the same as the word,
His mouth is full of words.
The speaker finds the owner.
The worst part is the whispering.
Less is more,
The girl's nose.
In short, good,
In short, the contribution is good.
The bad news lies underground for three years.
A bad tongue hurts,
Man - until he speaks,
Year - until the winter.
The word is not a sparrow,
If it comes out of the mouth, it cannot be caught.
There is a language, it brings a lot,
There is a language, it brings trouble.
Speaking of which,
Avoid bad words.
Evil has a tongue,
The language of the good.
Cursed be the face of the wicked.
Cursed be the word that speaks.
It is good that a sad word is delayed.
A bad word has a wing.
The value of a sheep is in wool,
The value of man is in his words.
From the good word of the wicked,
The bad word of the good is good.
If you want to increase the enemy,
Be the caller.
If not a bad word,
There will be no good words.
Bad language brings trouble,
A good language brings the state, the world.
Warm clothes warm the body,
A warm word warms the soul.
The wind blows the world,
Man is the word.
Hunting - with food,
Man - in words.
A proverb about good and bad words and sayings
  • Don't give meat and fat, give a good tongue.
  • With prayer the hand is green, with rain the earth is green.
  • He who receives blessings is saved, and he who receives curses is evil.
  • He who pursues the way will find treasure, and he who pursues the word will be in trouble.
  • A word is enough where a person cannot reach it.
  • The word saddles the weak.
  • A lot of talk is a load on the ass.
  • You never get tired of hearing a delicious word.
  • There is no protection from complacency.
  • Defeat a thousand Chechens in one fell swoop.
  • Water flows from the ice, and from the word - bol.
  • Tests with the word of man, soup - with salt.
  • Speak a little - speak a word.
  • The word scientist is a little, if not a little.
  • The talk in the back is shit in the mouth.
  • Word of mouth is cheap, gray is cheap.
  • He runs his hand to the place of pain, his tongue runs to the word of pain.
  • Fire comes out of the whisper.
  • The language that loves and the language that annoys.
  • You are one, and so are you.
  • Water finds its way, the word - its owner.
Language is the herald of the tongue. Language is the ornament of the mind. Language is the scales of the mind.
The tongue that swallows,
Burning tongue.
In short,
In a sack.
A boneless tongue breaks a bone.
The beauty of words is a proverb.
As long as the word is weak,
The word will be labor,
Gray is a shirt.
The so-called bleeding is bad,
In pain - stabbing.
There is a difference from word to word,
There are thirty-two prices.
Word for word,
If you don't speak, come out.
Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
As I spoke, the stick hit my head.
The worst of the word is a fork,
The worst part of the pain is the rabbit.
The mother of the word is the ear,
The mother of water is a spring.
His stick strikes a thick one,
The word hits a thick thousand.
Til - dil key.
The word goes before the foot.
The word itself is wrong.
Ask for a word,
One - without traveling.
Laziness - disaster,
Mahmadanalik - disaster.
The food is delicious.
Human taste - in words.
Tongue twist - to the head,
Foot run - to the soup.
The language is good enough,
The tongue despises evil.
Be in your language,
Please smile.
There is a word where there is a hand.
Long tongue - the decline of life.
You want language - you pay attention to the wind.
Attention to language - attention to the wind.
The knife wound ends,
The tongue injury does not go away.
Connect the tongue with the tongue,
Connect the tongue with the tongue.
Unsalted soup is easy to drink,
It is difficult to say without salt.
Long tongue - knitting on the head,
On the neck - a noose.
True word - honorable,
A good word is short.
Get out of the snake's nest with a good word,
Get the knife out of its sheath with a bad word.
It takes clean water,
He gets a good word.
Sweet word - creamy iron,
The bitter word is a rope around his neck.
The tongue blade is sharper than a sword blade.
The one who does not lift the elephant raises his tongue.
Language is a language translator.
Proverbs: about language
  • Ninety word of mouth has ninety knots.
  • Sugar is both on the tongue and poison.
  • The sweet word is drinking water in a royal bowl.
  • Your sweet words are better than your sweet face.
  • The owner finds the owner of the curse.
  • The word in the hand is the word in the heart.
  • If you love Elni, speak Elcha.
  • My mother tongue is my soul.
Your own mind is your mind,
El’s mind is a transplant.
Listen to the good news,
Put a kid to bad words.
Good mouth - soup,
To the evil mouth - a stone.
Good word,
A bad word burns.
A cold word coming from the ear
Go to the heart and it will be ice.
If I didn't have a red tongue, I would have winters.
If I didn't have a green tongue, I would spread it in my hand.
The shepherd's sword is in his sleeve,
The poison is on the tip of the tongue.
I could not stop the red tongue,
I couldn't go to my daughter's.

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