A collection of lions about snow


It's a snowy evening

Snowy evening,
If you walk around the city,
If you walk through the dark streets,
put your hands in your pockets,
And the snow melts on your lips.

If you think of someone who is far away,
If you think about that belly, your heart is pounding.
Especially if you think of the girl you love,
Especially if you think your mother…

If the snow does not stop,
Don't stop.
Like a spark of snow,
If you soak up the night.

If you give way to someone, greet someone,
But if you don’t know it yourself.
And when the snow falls,
If you go astray, you will not realize that you have gone astray.

Stork snow

Snow sieve,
It's raining cats and dogs.
When I landed,
To my melting taffeta.
Cheerful snow,
White snow.
Let's collect snow,
Let's put it in a shape.
Guys, let's go, where,
Make Santa, G'ani.
Look at the tip of the nose,
Know the power of cold.
Shalpang ears stand up -
He stared at the sky.
It is still snowing,
We laugh out loud.
The game is overheated, too
Share the joy.
Cheerful snow,
White snow.

Snow from the window sill

Snow from the window sill
observes a flower in a pot.
When it's snowing outside,
It is better to read a book at home.

When it's snowing outside,
it means to meditate and groan
and turn off the light,
a white candle should be lit.

How good, sad, happy
The girl is waiting for you to visit,
snow when you like outside,
shining in the street lamp.

How well fed to watch,
white belly burning outside,
at least putting it forward
sharp wine, a loaf of bread.

But why the unbearable heart,
I dress slowly, calmly -
it's hard to live at home
snow when it rains outside.

New Year's gift

White snow on all sides,
The ground under the white beds -
Aspiring to sleep, hard,
To the guardian of spring.

God bless you,
Snow falls from the sky playing.
Screaming children -
They sled.

They play snowstorm,
The taste is high, the shashlik is great.
The environment is spotless,
Nashidasi, gashti is great.

Pits under the snow
A branch of a tree.
In the heart of every child
Santa's gift!

Snow flakes

Snow pieces, pieces,
He wears white spruce.
Mountains, hills, ravines,
Wrapped in white clothes.

The white man entered the house,
When I look, it's my dad.
I hit my father,
I laughed at my dad.

I straightened my collars,
I handed over the warm coat.

Snow, snow, snow

Snow, snow, snow,
It shines all around.
Like a twinkling light,
White flour.
Sugar undek,
Sugar, I say.
If I eat,
I have a toothache.
Snow, snow, snow,
It shines all around.
Like a twinkling light.

Snowy weather

Snow blows,
The winds sweep the ground.
The last hazons to fly,
A colorless garden, a desert,
Empty street, alley.
The sky is dim and colorless,
The coming winter is without a fight.

Winter beads

Snow-covered spruce,
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.
Shiny twigs,
It's like a brass comb.

Frozen ditches,
The dice look like a belt.
Sumacs - chandeliers,
Ice is like a lamp.

Crows on the snow,
It looks like a black spot.
Or a drop of white paper,
The color is like ink.

The verb is cold,
Looks like a lot of trouble.
Chases everyone,
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Snow on all sides

Snow, snow, snow on all sides…
Get down and get out by hand.
Clouds sift,
Separ white butterfly,
They fly in droves,
They run around,
They open the way to the winds.
Here, white on all sides,
Square, street, roof, yard.
The ground is frozen, the blue is frozen,
The air was tired and suffocated.
Snow falling on his chest
Looking for a place,
Silent houses envelop…

It is snowing

One way to satisfy the earth,
It is snowing.
As if the sky were full of flour,
The air is also burning.

If there is a trace when I walk,
The snow is covering it fast,
My dog ​​is also pale,
He is running around me.

My grandmother is out of the window
She is very happy.
Summer comes to my mind,
The water is flowing!

Snow game

It starts in the evening, the snow game.
The air is very clean and dignified.
The sheep in the darkened gardens,
To the white silence, buried in snow.

Snow breaks and cold knives,
It catches the moon and shines around.
They pick up their feet,
Bare, wilted trees.

Someone is in a hurry, down the street,
Someone nods until he melts.
Someone is thinking of terms from the window,
Someone starts writing on the snow lion.

It's a snowy day

To describe how to find the word,
On a snowy day,
For snow-covered lawns,
A night where the stars froze from the cold.

As I travel through the moon,
The ice in the hallway was crumbling,
In my night garden wrapped in a blanket,
The mournful whisper of the old trees.

Blue hawthorn hanging like an earring,
At the end of the corridor, which shines like a star,
Sparks of snow are like propellers,
Konaru melts in my empty palm.

It's a snowy day

At this time, the desire for idleness is high,
For some reason, the snow melted.
With a verbal announcement from the announcer
It's really a hidden spring somewhere.

This opportunity is half-hearted,
Don't chase the nightingale from our epic.
What happened to you, narrator friends,
Take a look at the snow from our garden.

New Year's Eve

Disappointed at the end of the year,
I don't know what you enchanted with, snow.
Today, in front of my eyes,
You stole another age of mine, snow.
Shall I go to my fortieth castle now?
Is yesterday's youth a fairy tale? ..

When I reach out like a spring,
What can I say to comfort my tongue before I reach it.
Stork, my dear, this is a strange holiday -
Laugh and watch and cry…
Shall I swallow my pain silently,
Is my youth yesterday a fairy tale now?

If you ask, I'm more sorry than happy,
White in my silver hair than you.
Before the year comes, the year goes,
A smile in his eyes — he trembled in his eyelashes.
I'm in a hurry too, will I come back now,
Is my youth yesterday a fairy tale now?

New year,
No matter how you come,
Who reached you, who did not.
You are a new companion, you are a new companion,
What you visit is a holiday in itself.
Shall I say something to your ear, now,
Yesterday's youth is a fairy tale, now…

The sky is snowing

The sky is snowing,
He makes the earth white,
Just like a soft sandwich,
Dumalaging is coming.
It's snowing, it's snowing,
The fields are full of rain,
Like a hair on our heads,
White pearls, stop rain.
Well, Daddy,
Sometimes we sink in the snow,
In the heat of the moment,
Who says we're cold?
Winter is good, winter is good,
White snow is better than silver.
Throwing snow at each other,
Screaming is good.
We shoot snowballs,
We laugh a lot.
Ignore the frost,
We enjoy winter.
It's snowing, it's raining,
Well, happy hearts,
Accompanied by our pleasure.

It snowed heavily

Heavy snow fell on the darkened gardens,
Our memory came back to haunt us.

To the heart - from the hearts of all
Persecution - the total fell hard.

The nightingales are gone - is it love?
There is no rest - our love has fallen apart.

Give us the poison of love, heaven,
We were disappointed with the buyer.

Our eyes are fixed on the path of the painter,
Look at your window - it's raining.

Don't talk to Lily, the legend of love?
We are ashamed of ourselves.

On the nights of Yaldo we told the epic,
Unsurprisingly, we were right:

Oh, we hit, the oceans flew into the sky -
If not, did it snow in the gardens?

In the snow

Again you will fall from heaven to earth,
It hurts to suffer from innocence again.
You spend long nights in the morning,
You make the earth bright, snow.

What an ice in their hearts,
I'm glad I can't hug a dark place like you.
O snow, my cry to the heavens,
O snow, you are silent, silent.

Istarang is hot, sprinkled with pleasure
It brings light from my days.
It rains down on my head, tears down,
The sky is aware of my heat and cold…

If you look for temperature, but
Your global presence is a drop of tears.
The sky swallows you up in the dampness of blood,
The sun will return to earth for you…

About snow

Winter night, gusts of wind,
Snow in the field, snow in the bird's nest.
Old willow like ingrar pain,
Decorate the windows with winter flowers!

Jeyron: Winter down coat,
White hat at the beginning,
It makes us happy,
The streets are very white.

White snow

Clear white - white snow,
Playing from the sky,
Playing in the snow,
The young people walking are happy.

source: uzbaza.uz

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