A collection of yellow lions about Snowman and Christmas


The best collection of lions about Santa Claus and Snow Maiden is for adults and children. You can also meet funny lions.

The word Santa

I have traveled to many countries,
I climbed the garden and the mountains.

I walked through the woods,
I chose Archa well.

The most beautiful, the most beautiful,
Look, it's huge.

I sent it to you,
She is so beautiful,
Toy necklace,
I'm glad to see you,
Well done my son and daughter!

Qorqiz - Anvar Obidjon

My corridors are diamond snow,
My shirts are diamond snow,
My hair is also diamond snow,
My crowns are also diamond snow.

I'm a white swan,
I'm scared of Santa.
Do not wash me with salt,
Don't look like frozen ice.

My tongue is hot, hot,
My heart is soft, hot.
I'm a white swan,
I'm scared of Santa.

Christmas present

I have a big bag on my back,
He has, of course.
Sweet pudding, nuts,
Candy and toys.
I will share with you,
To wise boys and girls!

Korkiz's hero is Safar Barnoyev

When I come with Santa,
Really happy.
Do you have any?
You don't ask me.

I have a stomach,
He walks in the mountains.
To make our way white,
It's snowing.

A joke lion to Santa

Santa's been up all night.
I have a wish from you.
Let it be like Van Damdik.
This year my wrist.

If you don't mind, Grandpa.
Give a little more than money.
Let my work always run.
No problem.

It's too embarrassing to ask.
It's a toll for everyone.
Demonstrating a skill.
Give a gift Malibu ..

Money is now in your hands.
Let my hands be dirty this year.
One of my wishes.
Let Malibu be full of money.

Bobo now you know.
Let it all be a solution.
Help in the new year.
A beautiful kiss from Rayhan.

I'll finish my house too.
I have a week-long wedding.
I was in so much pain.
I'll see you this year.

My humble wish.
That's all there is to it.
My heart is pounding.
All will be answered.

Applause to Korkiz - Dilshod Rajab

Who says he doesn't care ?!
It's beautiful!
Even though he grows a young man every year,
Cork is not old at all!

Because his tongue is pure,
Her dreams are white.
Even if the name is snow,
Mehri is very hot.

Just like a beautiful white birch,
The feed is a gentle one.
As if rejuvenated
Our scare every year!

Thus, even in winter,
Do not turn yellow, do not fade.
Leaving youth behind,
Don't be an old woman!


Santa built a house,
He put a flower in the window.
I peek out the window.
He dropped one with his stick.

Our Santa is white

Santa Claus is white,
Flat forehead,
The property is elongated,
The bag is full of toys!

Korkiz's wish is Nozima Habibullayeva

I'm proud, I'm proud,
I'm an old woman.
In the new five years,
I'm scared of Santa.

This is my wish for five years,
He is lying and making noise.
When is the new year to me,
Will he give my grandfather a present?

Is it easy without them?
False holiday pleasure.
What a childhood,
I'll be back in a moment.

My picture is my picture,
Whites vote for months.
My eyes are deer,
Eyes fly for months.

I'm scared, I'm scared,
My unattainable strength.
How many new years do you need,
To get a gift?

Don't melt, dear grandfather

Santa's been up all night -
Grandpa has presents,
Our house is very warm,
Don't melt, dear grandfather!

Santa Claus is coming,
It is eight o'clock,
Santa is coming.
Now, let's Santa,
Grandpa has presents!

Santa Claus is coming - Humorous lion

Santa Claus is coming,
Sweep the skirt,
A fox comes to him,
Picking up the bag and running.

The frost comes and the lion asks,
From the boy next to him,
The poem of children's heads,
The sound is moaning.

Santa's been up all night -
Boxing gloves borbobo,
If someone touches you,
God bless you.

Santa's been up all night

Santa's been up all night -
Grandpa has presents,
If there is no bag,
Grandpa like a gypsy.

Come soon Christmas,
Start the new year,
Fear for a month,
Leave us at home.

Come on christmas,
If he tells me to come,
If you have enough,
Come in the spring, come in the summer.

I sold my new iPhone,
Bring a samsung,
On the way from paynet,
Bring money to your account.

We don't expect much from you,
Run when you are called,
Debt defaulted,
Find friends too.

Santa's been up all night -
After a little normal,
If you do not have gifts,
A penny everywhere.

When you come, Santa,
The New Year was coming,
Red dress in old age,
If you didn't wear it, it would.

source: uzbaza.uz

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