A collection of lions about spring


A collection of lions about spring. Spring is the bride of the seasons. At the same time, the fragrant smell of flowers, the wonderful breeze of the living winds, the delicate breath of the awakened life move the hearts. The trees are covered with flowers, the soothing sound of birds captures the world.
Bahor - Zulfiya sheri
Spring in the eyes of man,
Its a wave in all veins.
Snow like the vain mother of the past,
Beiz, the spark that melts the bedard.
Spring in the eyes of man,
A more playful baby-like cloud.
Blue eyelid sleepy, a bright dignity,
Take care of people's hearts.
The magical eternal beauty of spring,
Young and old are the same.
They break the mirror. Chiroyi
Everyone’s age is heartbreaking this season.
Rejoice in every light, in every bird, in every bud,
It will be very close and far.
As if you fail,
Every sown seed is a mountain of chestnuts.
Without spring, of course, mankind,
He would discover, happiness as he discovered.
Spring has come to question you - Zulfiya sheri
In cool mornings, almond blossoms,
Purple lip, spring on the ground.
The flight of birds, the gentleness of the winds,
Spring in velvet valleys, hills.
How much did you love me, spring,
You were fascinated by apricot blossoms.
As every awakened bud gives life,
You rubbed it in your eyes and kissed it.
Here, my dear, spring is coming again,
He was looking for you, he was wandering around.
He grabbed you by the collar and asked you,
He, too, shed tears and withdrew.
As he watches you, in the breeze,
He looked for the gardens you were walking in.
The beauty of writing,
He looked for green leaves.
There was a storm of impatience without kissing.
He took his head to the cliffs.
Looking for a tree in the mountains of Farhod,
He threw the rock of the mountain into the streams.
One of the first shepherds to go to the mountains
Where is the poet, said the interrogator.
Silence in the bar, frustration,
He was exhausted and could not stand it.
Then he politely went to bed,
Hulkar and Oman kissed each other on the face.
Tears welled up in my cheeks,
Slowly he informed me of himself.
But I can't find you in my bed,
At one point he stared long.
It was windy again, and it wandered,
He asked me, breaking my heart:
I was greeted with laughter when I arrived,
A song flowing in a rippling river?
Asking me if I was lucky, I asked,
Wrapped me in poetry and stared at me?
Why apricot blossoms do not freeze,
Curly hair waving in the hand?
Why the joy I brought,
Doesn't he come out and write?
How he fell in love in the morning,
Kemal was filling my wide mind.
In his colorful, captivating song,
I always saw my beauty.
Where is that singer, that dreamy guy?
Why are you standing with tears in your eyes lol.
Why a black dress, white in your hair,
Why are you so careless in this spring?
How can I answer, loldir tongues,
I grabbed the bar and came to you.
He also walked with grief,
I can't look at the tombstone.
He moved to the tree in agony,
The bud woke up and slaughtered sadly.
Unstable with your memory,
The flower buds swelled.
The fragrance of flowers and basil,
A soft song that covered the straw.
How familiar this song is, how close,
How vital, full of fire.
Covered in spring in the hand you love,
Your voice sounded lively, eloquent.
You are not dead, my dear, you are alive,
I still can't breathe without you.
Hijra is in my heart, your word is in my hand,
I sing life, the pain of retreat.
You dream at night, I remember the day,
As long as I live, so do you!
Breath of spring
The snow melts, the sun shines,
Sparse in his stroke.
Occasionally lying down,
The taxi broke like a cloud.
Loyalty prevails,
They are coming too.
Night of frozen waters,
Coming - the "breath" of spring!
Spring is
Unmelted white snow,
An anchor that has not removed its "ice crust".
Crystal sumalak in Tarnov,
Funny kids graze.
But the smell smells different,
The smell of spring is blowing.
The harsh winter reigned,
But the gala of the near spring!
My blue is the poem of Muhammad Yusuf
My hair is white, I begged in the spring:
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
I longed for you in the snow,
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
Let blue violets shine on my heart,
Let Kokili get a haircut,
Open the way to the flower -
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
You are the beginning and the end of the season,
You are the companion of the insane.
You are the secret of the lilies,
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
Come and miss the man now,
You shrugged your shoulders in grief,
I buried my father in the snow…
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
Dress me with blue,
Barefoot baby,
Take away the pain in my chest,
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
I'm not angry with the swan that went in the fall,
Don't believe knocking on the door again.
We came out of the winter with Qumri,
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
I will take care of John,
I am the blue that satisfies the eyes.
Will I reach you again or not,
Give me a pinch of blueberries.
Let the tongue spread, let the field be made,
Mint lying on the water's edge.
A two-line byte bit boasts,
My green, give me a pinch of blue!
I want to be like you spring - Nilufar Jabbarova
It was as if a spell had opened in my heart,
Your secrets seem to be unfathomable.
My chest was full of white dreams
As if my soul flew into the sky.
If you are not so charming, spring,
I want to be like you again!
Will they wait for me like you,
My way is hard, longing.
If only my poems were as beautiful as yours,
The roots are deep, magical flowering.
If you are not so charming, spring,
I want to be like you again!
I embraced your fragrant flowers,
He was overwhelmed.
I forgot myself between charming days,
God is my baby example.
If you are not so charming, spring,
I want to be like you again!
Will you fulfill my spring - Abdulla Oripov's poem
My decision is lost in my soul,
I'm exhausted.
You came to visit us,
Will you fulfill, my spring ?!
Summer is over, autumn is over, winter is over,
From the beginning passed the test work.
My heart is pounding,
Will you fulfill, my spring ?!
I miss the green hills,
I miss the flower beds,
I missed those secrets,
Will you fulfill, my spring ?!
Lola's lips are laughing,
The stain is also at the bottom - instantaneous.
Kxshashi is chosen by the spirit,
Will you fulfill, my spring ?!
Intimacy with a friend, with a friend,
With poetry, with words - with narrow,
Meeting with a choir like us,
Will you fulfill, my spring ?!
I miss you spring - Abdulla Oripov's poem
I miss you,
I miss you next spring.
You miss every word I say,
I miss you next spring.
How elegant, ex eager,
Snow slowly melts in front of me,
Come on in my miserable life,
Laugh spring, I miss you.
Slander on the one hand, slander on the other,
The darkness I want to put in my life,
There is no one you can talk to me,
Be spring, I miss you!
At first I was confused,
I don't feel sorry for you,
I've been coloring since you left,
Lean… Spring I miss you!
Nature's eyes are closed,
My heart is full of others,
I miss you no more
Understand spring I miss you!
As you know,
The nights weep with me,
Come, spring,
Today spring I miss you,
Rose Spring I miss you,
Oh, Gulbahor, I miss you!
Spring wind - Abdulla Oripov's poem
Spring is coming, clean, clear.
The wind plays in the blue latitudes.
A blue air in the valley,
It's hard to sleep in a foggy city.
Joyful, carefree,
Flowers left in an instant.
Spring is the purest breeze,
Spring is the cleanest wind.
I beat myself into the arms of the latitudes,
I say charming to the eye.
It comforts the face like a baby's breath,
My long-awaited spring.
Spring is passing like a wind,
Well, let it pass and let it pass.
Beloved, may the air in your life be pure,
May the winds of your life be fragrant.
Spring has come with a flirtation - Ramazan Bakaev
Spring has come with a laugh and a flirtation,
Unusual flowers with handmade soz,
We waited for him with great respect,
You are my joy, my beautiful spring.
Let it fly,
The white paper on which my lines fell,
Madhing sings,
You are my inspiration, myself, my spring.
May your trees blossom,
You are the world in the world,
Precious as heaven, beautiful,
You are my gardener, my painter spring.
You are so good spring - Zamira Ruziyeva's poem
A handful of sunbul-sunbul,
Hair covered with hair.
When I pick flowers, I call them flowers,
The swallow sang.
The world is beautiful, spotless,
You're so good, spring.
Flower beds grow,
He sings the nightingales.
I'm still in a good mood,
When I fly, it spreads my soul.
You're so good, spring.
You are beautiful
You are rich in magic and mystery.
The sky is in my hands,
You are the winged Humayun.
Hafiz - Bakhshisan bahor,
You're so good, spring.
Is the season of love spring - Abdulla Murodulla sheri
In the hills when the tulips open,
Slowly love awakens in hearts,
Epics in local languages,
Did the season of love come spring.
Reminiscent of childhood nostalgia,
The sweet end evokes fantasies,
Who is happy and who is crying,
Did the season of love come spring.
Rain and sometimes warm days,
With a quiet night full of stars,
Accompanied by my friend senu mem,
Did the season of nostalgia come in the spring.
Spreading the scent of first love,
Focusing on the fields and edges,
Beautiful girls play laughter,
Did the season of love come spring.
Bahorim - Dilafroz Zayniyeva
The hand of nature is a flower artist,
The gift, the beauty is also unique,
You have to hide, wake up,
Welcome to my country, my spring.
The trees were in full bloom.
This ornament appealed to the hearts,
The tulip smiled,
Welcome to my country, my spring.
You are the culprit in the poet's poem,
You are as beautiful as moon-faced girls,
You will be so unique,
Welcome to my country, my spring.
Your annual visit is wise,
Medicinal herbs are generous,
Navruz food is a blessing,
Welcome to my country, my spring!
Spring has come to our country
Spring has come to our country,
The swallow came again,
Humo landed on our shoulders,
Be open to us.
Spring tarovatin,
Then I learned that nature,
Winter is gone and spring has come,
Sun bobo light hair.
Spring bride example,
Sepin spread to the world,
Your eyes rejoice to see,
Boychechagu to my tulip.
You are the dew on the leaf,
The yellow of the seasons,
The sheep grazed,
The owner of the pastures.
You are the beauty of the world,
The bride of the seasons,
The child rested,
The bride's swing.
I have life in you,
You are a season of hiding,
New Year's Eve,
Bright life is real.
When spring becomes a dream
The white gaze of dawn on my window,
An apricot that vibrates like a dream.
Silently looking into my eyes,
Spring is by my side.
The smell of rain in the path of the winds,
Rain pours on the blue meadows.
My eyes also filled with rain,
The apricot is still shaking.
Spring is quiet in the bosom of dreams,
Spring is beautiful in the bosom of dreams.
It will be even whiter in the morning,
When spring becomes a dream.
The spring that deceived me that I had arrived
Still ivirsidi winter can not go,
A flower on a tree branch or snow,
Dyeing almonds in bloom,
Did you lie that I came, Spring ?!
When the cranes are built,
A crimson tumor on the hills.
When the shepherds took the reins,
Did you lie that I came, Spring ?!
Lovers tremble when they wake up,
Hopefully from the sweet visols.
It is not right for you to lie,
Did you lie that I came Spring?
I froze for forty years from the poison of lies,
The only pain you didn't have was the rest.
Come on, my last hope,
Don't learn to deceive us, Spring!
Why is it snowing again…
Didn’t you miss spring
I walked through the gardens of the awakening,
I said find the trail from the edge.
I said your cheeks were discolored -
I turned my face to Lolazor,
I haven't met you, but
Didn’t you miss spring?
In the distance are majestic mountains
They overwhelmed my imagination.
How long have you been waiting,
Wasling was not my destiny,
Without you, I and the spring are strange,
Didn’t you miss spring?
He jumps in the caves,
Na'matakda sa'va mittijon.
Sprinkled water from the snow,
Javlon throws in the ravines.
Only you hide from my eyes,
Didn’t you miss spring?
Today is Navruz,
I keep flowers for my friends.
Where are you, dear man…
A flower in my hand, I'm waiting for you,
I'll call you all my life,
Didn’t you miss spring?
Spring has come, Navruz is coming
First he looks into your heart,
Then the word that teaches the buds.
Sleep escapes from the eyes of the earth,
So, spring has come, Navruz is coming!
Looking at the state of winter,
Melting ice in the tears.
An unparalleled beauty that makes you smile,
So, spring has come, Navruz is coming!
The world is as warm as a mother's heart,
The field-salt spreads in the silk pile.
The rest of the puzzles are full of grief,
So, spring has come, Navruz is coming!
Moisture was gone from the hearts again,
Again, the eye is closed from the rays.
It's time to dump her and move on.
So, spring has come, Navruz is coming!
I missed spring
The delicate scent of flowering trees,
Basil coming out of the streams,
Lovers who have love in their hearts,
I miss your spring flowers.
I miss my spring, I just miss you
Arriving in a robe dressed in flowers,
You take the first step today.
Picking flowers wrapped in joy.
Spring flowers
Know i love you
I'm burnt out at work.
I thought I was sorry,
My favorite half is a spring flower.
I saw him in early spring,
I saw it and loved it.
I felt a feeling in my heart,
My dear spring flower.
I looked forward to every spring,
I laughed when I saw the spring flower.
I walked so that autumn would not come,
My favorite flower is a spring flower.
When autumn came, spring came,
Why did the spring leave?
Winter broke my heart,
My burnt flower Spring flower.
Come spring
Unprotected, towards my sick heart,
They threw stones, my heart ached badly.
Without you, my promise is full of many wishes,
Come, take my pain, darling-spring.
The air of flowers,
You are a world immersed in the light of the stars.
The fire that fills hearts is light,
Come on, spring, I have songs for you.
I enjoy the rain, the rainbow,
My dear, sumalak.
Every butterfly is as innocent as my sister,
Each opened bud is colorless, spotless.
The flowers of the cherry are as white as my soul,
Your life-giving sun is as hot as my heart.
You are beautiful, my dear, come soon,
Surur and ungin heart flower spring.
And don't leave my life.
Spring is near
Gone are the cold of winter,
Both stormy days.
The moon is behind, without stars,
Tim's dark nights.
Now the sun is shining more,
To the fields, to the gardens.
Hugs and showers,
To the hills, to the mountains.
Bezanishar fields,
Meadow meadows.
Spring is near, spring is near,
Spring is near, comrades.
My heart will grow like a mountain again,
When the beautiful spring comes.
I'm happy in droves,
When picking flowers.
Spring has come
Spring has come, flower spring,
The white snow has melted.
The bird flew,
Trees presented necklace.
The waters gushed forth,
The star flickered,
Ants spread,
The nightingales are singing.
Now the first pure navbahor,
Because we have flowers.
Red tulips in the garden,
Pick up guys.
Lambs in the mountains,
The temple stretches to the fire.
Girls wearing veils,
It tracks the dents.
The sun shone,
The rose blossomed.
Let's go, gardens,
Comrades are waiting for us.
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