A fairy tale about the New Year


A magic toy
Gulmira Kamilova
The New Year was just a week away. Samira spent the night thinking about how to look forward to the New Year, what to ask for in it. This is not the first time he has been expecting a miracle from the New Year. Last year, he wished his only grandmother, who was bedridden, would never be sick again. This wish came true and Grandma Salomat soon recovered. Samira was very worried about her grandmother because her parents had died prematurely. Had it not been for Salomat’s grandmother, it was clear that she would have been left alone.
Samira didn't have many friends at school. His peers did not agree much with his thoughts and ideas. Sometimes they laughed at him and joked, calling him a "dreamer." Samira was actually a very kind girl - she would bring home puppies, stray kittens that had fallen out of her nest, and take care of them with love. When he saw the broken branches of the tree, he would quickly tie them with a handkerchief. At school, instead of on duty, he would wipe the board and pour water on the flowers.
"You better go, ride a swing or eat ice cream." No one will thank you for that! Sometimes his classmates would say.
But Samira ignored the words of her friends, was upset, and didn't even keep the cake. A few days later, he completely forgot what they were saying.
He had a hobby with his grandmother. They loved growing room flowers together. There was a small green corner in the house where the breath of spring always came. Recently, Samira found another new hobby: she became a member of a circle that taught her how to make toys out of various objects and paper. In this circle, he especially enjoyed making New Year’s toys from pieces of glossy paper. Since there was no spruce in their house, she and her grandmother decorated a small spruce-like tree that grew in the yard. The tree grew well within a year, but the children began to wither because of the noise. One day the children played the game “Pirates” around a tree. They were so engrossed in the game that they didn’t even notice that a few branches of the tree were broken and bent to the side. Samira was sad to see this. He tied up the broken branches and watered them, intending to see them beautiful and bright next year.
"What happens without a tree now?" How does the New Year come without a decorated Christmas tree? She asked herself.
In the circle that day, Samira wanted to make a great big toy for the Christmas tree.
- My toy will be big and beautiful. I make it out of gold paper, decorate it with glitter drops, and draw a beautiful pattern on it. Then the tree, seeing my gift, will rise again, and in the spring it will write more fluffy buds, ”he encouraged himself.
The next day he also told his grandmother his opinion. As he hurried to class, he greeted the arch as usual, promising him a miracle soon. Salomat's grandmother followed her grandson:
"There are many miracles in the world, and you can do miracles." The main thing for this is to believe sincerely and do good deeds, - he said.
The circle found out why Samira was making such a big toy. They laughed at him and were upset.
"Why does Archa need your toy?" "I have so many toys, all more beautiful than yours," said a girl in a loud voice.
"Maybe the tree will thank you!" Added the other.
When the laughter started, the teacher said:
"Aren't you ashamed to laugh at your classmate? Stop it, girls."
The girl also spent the next day making toys. In the evening, the “Dreamer” hurried home to show the toy to her grandmother and present it to the tree.
On Sunday morning, Samira enjoyed looking out of the window at the large and colorful toy arch. The New Year passed like this, but the miracle did not happen. Samira was very upset and started thinking about the rightness of her classmates. Only Hello Grandma:
"You have to believe in a miracle, patiently wait for it to happen, it will happen unexpectedly," he repeated.
Spring came and Samira forgot about it a bit. But every day he went to see the arch. One day, on his way home from school, he came to a tree as usual. He came and was glad to see new, dark green buds. She ran home and started calling her grandmother from the doorway.
"Grandma, grandma!" Miracle, miracle happened! My toy helped revive the tree. It now grows and writes leaves!
Grandmother laughed:
- Now you believe that man can create a miracle with his own hands. It doesn’t just happen on New Year’s Eve. This miracle is located in your loving heart that has given the tree care and love. He is the one who brought the arch back to life, ”he added.
In response, the girl hugged and kissed her grandmother and ran to share the news with her friends.

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