List of bots to download the entrant permit


👨🏻💻 In the 2021-2022 academic year, the issuance of "Applicant's Permit" to applicants registered online for admission to undergraduate programs of higher education institutions has begun.

🔖 “Applicant Permit” for entrants to take the test from the site by entering the passport serial number and personal identification number.
📥 It is also possible to download the permit through special telegram bots of the State Testing Center.

✅ Bots where you can download the applicant's permit:

👉 @ mandat2021bot

👉 @ mandat2021_1_bot

👉 @ mandat2021_2_bot

👉 @ mandat2021_3_bot

👉 @ mandat2021_4_bot

📆 Given that the test starts on August 5, we ask applicants to download permits by August 4, deya provided information DTM.

If the first bot is running slower, try switching to the others, usually all use the first bot.

Good luck to all!

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