A scene about mothers


A show prepared for the March 8 Women’s Day and various other event programs
This scene was prepared in the sense of honoring and appreciating mothers. Images such as presenter, mother, son, journalist, son’s wife, son’s sister are involved to perform the scene. If you are organizing an event on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, we have a collection of scripts, poems and songs dedicated to these holiday programs.
Mother is a great image scene
The stage is beautifully decorated with a mournful melody. The presenter comes on stage and introduces the head of a large enterprise:
Moderator: Hello dear, we have prepared for you a very impressive scene about the mother. This man gained a reputation in the capital Tashkent and opened a kataa company. Everyone knows this man as a businessman. Foziljon Kobiljonovich has everything. He just doesn’t have time to visit his mother, who lives in the province where he was born and raised. Onaizor misses him, keeps calling.
A student, Foziljon Kobiljonovich, is sitting at his desk reviewing papers. At that moment, the mother appears and calls her son:
Mother: Horman rich son, how are you, aren't world affairs tiring you?
Son: Hello mother, how are you, how are you? I'm fine too, I'm doing great, I just had a little more time if you say that, now a journalist from TV is coming.
Mother: My son, you are doing well, I miss you very much, if you have time, come tomorrow. We haven't seen each other for a long time, come and see…
Son: Auntie, I miss you too, I want to see you too, not just tomorrow. We had a meeting with our business partners tomorrow. But don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Mother: Well, my child, if you are healthy, take care of yourself, my child…
Son: Well, uncle, say hello to the villagers
Moderator: This is how Foziljon Kobiljonovich often answered his mother's call. Today a TV journalist from the office has to come into the office. That's when it arrived.
A participant in the guise of a journalist enters.
Journalist: Assalamu alaykum - I am a visiting journalist on TV, I came to prepare a show about you.
Son: Hello Valeykum, welcome, please I am ready to answer any of your questions.
Journalist: I want to ask all my questions during the filming process, we will film this show tomorrow. Will you have time tomorrow?
Son: We had a meeting with our business partners tomorrow, so I will leave this meeting for another day and go to the cinema.
Journalist: Otherwise, come to Mustaqillik Square tomorrow, we will prepare the show here.
Son: If not
Host: Foziljon Kobiljonovich found time for television that he could not find for his mother. He couldn’t cancel a meeting with business partners for his mother, he canceled for television. Ten days later, his mother called again:
Mother: My son, are you all right?
Son: Hello mother, how are you? I have a lot of work to do now, but I will definitely try to go tomorrow.
Mother: My son must come.
Son: It's been a long time since I've seen my mother, so I can go tomorrow.
Moderator: Meanwhile, Foziljon Kobiljonovich's wife called:
Wife: Assalamu alaykum dad, are you working
Son: Valeykum assalam mother, are you all right?
Wife: Yeah calm down, I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is my birthday, will you take me out for a city tour tomorrow?
Son: I wanted to go see my mom tomorrow
Wife: Will you leave on my birthday, will you go the next day?
Son: Well, let me turn the city around tomorrow
Moderator: Foziljon Kobiljonovich This time he could not go to see his mother. Two weeks later, his mother called again:
Mother: My son, you are fine, you can't come, you have a lot of work to do, I miss you so much baby
Son: Assalamu alaykum ayi, do you know that my work has become very good? I am ashamed of myself for not being able to go before you.
Mother: No, don't be embarrassed, son, as long as you are healthy. I'm afraid I'll pass without seeing you.
Boy: Don't say that, you will live a long time, get rid of such dreams.
Mother: If you have time, you will come tomorrow, my dear
Son: Well, uncle, I'll definitely go tomorrow.
Moderator: The next day, when the child's mother was hesitant to visit, she received a call from the Ministry of Commerce saying that the anniversary celebration was taking place at the minister's house today. - He went to the Minister's jubilee, not to his mother, so as not to fall out of sight of the Minister. Two days later, her sister called from the village:
Sister: Hello, hello - can you hear me, mom, mom…
Son: What are you talking about, tell my mother what happened!
Sister: Brother, we are separated from our mother, our mother is no more, they died asking for you akajon…
Son: No, no, no! Why did that happen? Are they still triggered ?! No, no, no…
Foziljon Kobiljonovich performs this poem of Muhammad Yusuf with tears in his eyes:
Oh, my mother wandering after me,
A piece of heart a thousand bribes mom.
In the bright world of seeing every balloon,
My poor mother who has never seen Tashkent,
Did I start as a child,
Now I am your son too! ..
Although there is no word "holiday" in bisot,
I know you're waiting for sandals full of coals,
I don't have a heart:
There's no girl I haven't given a present to tonight,
I gave you neither flowers nor sweet words,
Am I your son now, mother?
You say: If you survive in the distance,
If you remember, just visit me,
My child, everyone wants you xav
After all, my pain is not only poetry,
I am a famous poet - a famous ruthless,
Tell me, am I your son now?
I finished a poem for you. Let him find you,
Kneel on your knees and kiss your hand.
Let him see that I am greater than he,
Ask me for your dear,
Do I have a strange heart without you, mother,
Now I am your son too, mother! ..
Moderator: Here, dear ones, our stage show is over. Our wish is to go to your mothers today and tell them you love them. Thank you for your attention.
The scene ends with this. Finally, Malika Ravshanova's song "This is my mother" can be sung.
source: baxtiyor.uz

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