The symbol of patriotism in Uzbek folk epics


The symbol of patriotism in Uzbek folk epics

Uzbekistan is an ethnographic country. In other words, the land of the bakhshis. In addition, Uzbek folk epics tell the story of the distant past of our ancestors. They embody the dreams and aspirations of our people. Human qualities such as courage, bravery, patriotism, devotion to the motherland are glorified in our epics. That is why it is an eternal legacy. Examples of the art of giving not only delight the listeners, but also sow the seeds of goodness in the hearts and shine the light of enlightenment. After hearing "Alpomish", "Gorogly", "Kuntugmish", you say that all scholars, poets and sages were not perfect ?!

That is why our President came up with a noble initiative. Let us preserve this immortal heritage and let the whole world enjoy it. Thus, the International Festival of Bakhshi Art was established, and this prestigious event was held every two years in Termez.

"Bakhshis are not only an echo of the past, but also a resounding voice of today," the head of state said at the time. Is it possible that evil can come from a person who grew up following the example of the way of life, courage and bravery of our ancestors ?!

Let's take the only Uzbek heroic epic - the epic "Alpomish". There is so much wisdom, so much history. There is a lot of interesting information about agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, folk games.

The process of transition of our ancestors from the tribal system to the state system is also clearly reflected. In the example of the conflict between the brothers Boybori and Boysari! This is reflected in the fact that he demanded taxes from his brother for the country's treasury.

Alpomish has another invaluable value. In the epic, Hakimbek's account of bringing Barchin from the land of the Kalmyks is very impressive. Strange adventures, clashes with the Kalmyks, the heroism of the protagonist. This gives the work the status of a national epic. The conclusion is also instructive: love for the motherland is above personal interests!

In the epic, the story of rescuing his compatriots from the tyranny of the Kalmyks and returning them to their homeland also serves to strengthen the feelings of honor and dignity.

Thus, the examples of folklore are priceless masterpieces that embody rich life experiences.

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