A tale about furniture.


A tale about furniture.

As long as there is,
There was furniture.
One day left to argue
They say which of us is great.

Divan started talking.
I am the best of all.
The children lie in me
Sleeps with pleasure.

"Yes," Stulcha suddenly said.
I don't think anyone is strong.
they rest in me
He will be tall

I'm great, said the closet.
I am a clothes rack.
I'm in no danger
I keep clean clothes.

The table began to speak,
He refused everything.
I am the best of all
The view of the room.

Calling children,
Let him find the best one.
We will have a great boss,
We will take care of him.

Answered the children,
You are all amazing.
Everyone has their place,
We are lucky to have you.

actually made you
Carpenter skillful hands.
Wood, made of leather,
You are original furniture.

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

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