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Have you ever set out on a night when the porter's horse's ears are invisible? Then, in the distance, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight, out of sight. In a moment the world will be plunged into darkness again… When I read the Uzbek poet Cholpon, I imagine that lightning bolt (from the article "Cholpon" by Kazakh writer Esongali Ravshanov) . Article you can read it on this page).
 Abdulhamid Sulaymon oglu Cholpon (Yunusov) was born in 1897 in the city of Andijan. He studied first at a madrasah (1908-12) and then at a Russian-style school (1912-14). The poet's literary heritage consists of poetry, prose, drama, journalistic and literary-critical articles and translations. His poetic works are in the collections “Uzbek young poets”, “Awakening” (1922), “Springs” (1923), “Secrets of dawn” (1926) and “Word” (1935), as well as in various newspapers. and published in journals. His stories, such as "On Moonlit Nights", "Tulip in the Snow", and "Baker's Girl", written in the 20s, are the first classic examples of lyrical prose in Uzbek literature. He also wrote the novel Night and Day (1936) and plays such as The Bright, Halil Farang, The Killer (1921), Love and the Kingdom, and The Shepherd's Love (1922). most of these works have not reached us). AS Pushkin ("Boris Godunov", "Dubrovskiy"), IS Turgenev ("Slave Girl"), I. Franco ("Million", "Feruza"), L. Andreev ("Governor", "The Story of the Hanging Seven" ») Translated with great skill the classics of Russian and other literature. Shakespeare's tragedy "Hamlet" in his translation is a masterpiece of Uzbek translation. He was arrested on July 1938, 14 and soon shot near Tashkent. After his death he was awarded the Alisher Navoi State Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1991) and the Order of Independence (1999).

O great land where the mountains greet the heavens,
Why is there a * dark cloud shadow over your head?
Pure as the caterpillars of the triangles,
Top-clean as a piece of pearl
As the cool waters descended from the mountain,
As the drops fly like rain,
Why do they moan like tears?
Do they listen to the four sides to see if there is an enemy?
In the fire that destroys the fire of nature,
Boiling springs
Every dark, frightening night is on the surface
He says he doesn't want to be healed, guests.
-Why this?
Tell me.
Blue, beautiful meadows,
They have no herds, no yearlings,
Which aisle has cowherds?
Instead of a horse's bridle, a sheep's bridle
-Oh, cry,
Why is this?

The scrolls are adorned with ornaments,
The fields are covered with tulip leaves,
He played in the mountains,
Where are the beautiful girls, the young brides?
The answer is neither from the heavens nor from the earth.
Even from a ruined country.
When you ride a horse, you fly like a bird,
Embracing free air,
When a horse runs, it catches a flying bird,
Where are the young men like a flying bird?
Mountain owner - where are the gray eagles?
Your hard secret is those who have crushed your liver for many years,
Whether you are tired or cursed, those who walk on your chest.
Masters who have no right in your free land,
Why do they beat you like a slave without jealousy?
Why doesn't your thick voice say "go" to them?
Why doesn't your free heart give freedom to slaves?
Why are the lashes laughing at your bodies again?
Why is hope dying in your marriage?
Why share your blood alone?
Why are you so desperate?
Why is there no flame in your eyes?
Why are wolves hungry at night?
Why doesn't it make you angry?
Why is this level of disruption in your existence?
Why doesn’t the cloud of revenge rain down floods?
Why doesn't the power god have power?
Come, let me read you a short story,
Weave a fairy tale from what you have heard.
Come, wipe away the tears from your eyes
Come, let me see your wounded flesh, and be satisfied.
Why overturned, collapsed
The poison arrow of a heavy toy in your chest?
Why are your enemies a time
Do you have no iron revenge to destroy?
O free land that does not accommodate all kinds of slavery,
Why is the shadow suffocating your throat?
On a dark night without a grave
I lit a candle of action and searched.
When you smell the smell of red and pure blood,
I hastened to walk the weak hill.
The star of my action, who stared
Black, disgusting… blood of death to the earth.
I asked, "Where did I lose it?"
To places where I wanted to swallow myself too.
A bunch of flowers in his hand
They found the grave and tried to bury it.
In an environment of poisonous tongues instead of flowers
What he did was in vain.
I am helpless too - he is in front of the environment
Find your grave and shed my tears.
And my bitter anger is there
To curse a white-headed black giant.
So shining like a star,
I'll stay with your name on hand.
Remember that name and draw your way
I walk without moving, without moving.
Dear father, of the flowers in my hand
You don’t know it’s a flower of mourning.
The flower of joy has long since withered,
Under the ground, you don’t feel it with your pure soul.
Here are the flowers in my heart
I call hands for Termak ..
Sorry, why are you so sad
Did you make friends with the rings?
There is no cry, no doding,
Why are you so slow?
Insult does not hurt the tongue,
Will the humiliation go away forever?
Do the chains break,
Won't the swords break now?
You are alive, you are not dead,
You are human, you are human;
Shackles, neck bends,
That you are also born free! ..
(From the mouth of an Uzbek girl)
There are others who laugh, I am the one who cries,
The others who played, sighed arrogantly.
Another who has heard the tales of freedom,
I am the one who listened to the song of slavery.
The other has wings, flies in the sky,
It lands on the branches and spreads in the garden.
His words are like pearls, and his voice is like a flute
He sings his song everywhere.
I also have wings, but the link…
There is no garden, no horns, there is a thick wall.
His words are like pearls, and his voice is like a flute.
I have a burn. Listen to the walls…
Free others, imprisoned arrogance,
I am the number one animal.
He came to life, he lived, he looked blue,
I feel a kind of freedom in myself.
I can't remember the grief,
I stretch the silken sword of hope.
At the same time, everything in this garden is soft
Everything is green, everything is flourishing.
In this garden, at this time everything is white,
The sun also shines a handful of light.
A playful song of the waters in the ditch
He awoke the leaves that slept on the branches.
Especially that soft gust of wind
The leaves on the branches shook, played.
A crimson-winged butterfly, on the way
He met his beautiful daughter,
When the butterfly is sewn, it is in the girl's hand
He covered his face with the leaf he was holding.
Children catch a golden beetle
They play with the rope flying to the blues.
Strengthening the poor who do not love slavery,
Why don't they leave it to their own devices.
My lips were thirsty and red that night.
He does not want wine from the water of Kavsar.
The angel is a swordsman, one of the princesses
He doesn’t ask for a kiss to quench his thirst.
When angels descend from the heavens as girls.
Again, I don’t put herbs in my lap.
If they fill my bosom, if they overwhelm me
The smell of flowers… I am never satisfied.
I will not kiss the angel, the angel,
A leaf that trembles in a kissing branch…
In the dark night, staring at the blue,
I ask you of the brightest star.
The star was ashamed and bowed her head.
He says, “I see him in the dream.
I see in my dreams, so beautiful,
She is more beautiful than us, more beautiful than the moon!
When I look at the moon,
I'll start sucking you in a month,
He also says, “To the red cheek
I met in my dream, a buried white.
So beautiful when buried in white,
She is more beautiful than me, more beautiful than the day! ”
Early morning wind blows your hair,
I'll ask when he passes me.
He says, "When I saw it, I lost my way.
I want to walk among the rocks!
I saw her - so beautiful,
It is more beautiful than the moon, more beautiful than the day!
When he leaves, the sun will shine.
I don't even ask him about you.
He also hid from his shame and fled,
He says, "I saw it on the right.
It's so beautiful when I see it on the right,
She is more beautiful than the moon, more beautiful than me!
Why am I poor and I love her ?!
I'm burning for him, I'm burning.
I put my head to hard work,
I'm in love… I'm in love… Who am I in love with?
The "beloved" I love is so beautiful,
It is more beautiful than the moon, more beautiful than the day !!! ”
Are you purple, are you purple
Sold for money on the street.
Am I purple? am i purple
Caught in love, grief?
Purple, why not open up a bit,
Breaking up without a free laugh?
Purple, why don't you smell it,
Did you bend to the ground, stretched?
Tell me
Who are they,
A needle in your lap?
Say a word
What kind of hands is he?
Stretches, smells, stings?
Purple, you have such a beautiful face,
Why don't you laugh longer?
Purple is so attractive,
Won't you pour perfume on my heart?
Purple, cry, purple, come on,
Add your grief to my grief.
Purple, my breasts are free for you,
From here, fly to the blues.
Purple, beautiful, sad, you will not come,
Grief is great, you don't know grief,
You don't laugh at me.
O dream of a dark long winter
Don't play in my eyes in the spring!
The unbearable pain of separation
Boiling on the green, grassy faces!
A little… a little comfort in the spring
The beautiful, red face of the peach,
Don't be fooled
To the word of the young man who nodded.
The soft girl smiling in front of me
It is a flower in the middle of a blue grass.
I cried a lot chiz Draw a series of my youth
And the beautiful girl in front of me is an asshole!
Spring… Nightingale does not sing,
Why, my tanbur has no language.
She is a beautiful girl.
Why, I have no hope.
The song of every spring in my tongue,
The love of every beauty in my heart,
A cry from every sorrow in my eyes,
A sign of deception on my face.
Am I the only one who cried in the spring?
Am I the only one deceived in every hope?
Am I the only one who has my breasts pierced?
Am I not the only one with joy?
O eye-catching bride of spring,
Why are you making me cry? …
Who are the angels crying in my heart?
Mothers of the East, young people?
Who are these souls crying in front of me?
The people of the land of slaves?
Why in their voices
The tone of past centuries weeps?
Why in the play of fate
Does every walk pierce my heart like a razor?
Imagination of space is blue
Did the enemy bury all hopes?
Is the country in perpetual captivity?
Did the candles that shone in your mind go out?
The deadly darkness of the night,
Did he dream of the star of salvation?
The right, the right of so many prisoners
Was a handful sacrificed to the ground?
The rays of the fire of Ahim,
Can't find one in the chest of the East?
The roar of my chest,
Doesn’t he laugh at sleeping hearts?
You are the queen of beauties,
I read this from your eyes.
I read that my future is a bird
I made a golden cage out of my imagination.
The sinners sang to my ears
Tired of talking, it's not over…
The nightingale cried in agony at night
The end of your pain was not over
The content of the story in your eyes,
When I was a poet, I used to cry.
That, my old wounded heart
I wish I could read the lines.
Dressed in the crimson of my imagination
Have you seen the fairies, the hurries?
From the roads where flowers are planted
Have you been living in the universe?
A withered leaf when he sings a poem on your way,
Brings music to my ears.
When your musical voice
Does that mean you love me?
As the palace of love is wide, I have lost my way,
I've been stuck on this dangerous path for centuries.
I saw the sea of ​​Karashma, there is no wave of tenderness,
Unaware of the catastrophe, I shot him in the arm.
This is a wonderful world, this is the world of love, dear friends,
I sold that world for nothing.
My heart bleeds as I read the nightingale in her flower garden,
Tears welled up in my eyes, and I was in pain.
I've traveled the world like a cauldron, I can't find it,
I returned to my hut with sorrows and pains.
I was a beautiful Cholpon in the sky of love, friends,
I could not stand the sunlight and sank to the ground.
Give me your hand, with that trembling hand, then again
A short, then no more touching those hands.
Take your eyes off me for the last time,
Let a career shoot after your eyelashes on my chest.
Your star that is still staring at us in the sky
His blind face turned yellow with the fall of separation.
You go, the star flies, thrown in solitude
The light of day that does not give life to your lungs.
Give me your hand after your career, I'm lonely,
Career after reading the horse, pain in my chest.
The spark of love in the heart
I hid in a corner of my mind.
He sighed at the power of the spark
I have a severe wound that cannot be healed.
I heard it said, take happiness
I thought the call to prayer was satanic,
So to the angel who gave happiness
I told various legends…
She heard her hair play
And I said, "Legends are in vain."
These words reached my ears:
"I flowed," he said, "in bloody, whey water."
White, white, said the Sultan of Legends,
Your throne, your happiness awaits in it.
It is under serum, bloody waters
Wearing black makes the soul glow.
Go away, devil, I cried… I'm afraid…
Ket-ket. The sword is broken, the shield is pierced.
Do you see I am crushed, I lie down,
The mountain of trouble has fallen on me.
Last breath, last rest, O angel,
Come, take a look, and then let the sky fall.
A bunch of hair in my hand,
Shall I kiss you, or shall I kiss you?
What you keep a secret is in my bosom,
Should I keep it a secret, or should I keep it a secret?
Sprinkle with shaved hair,
Who do you hold your pomegranate faces to?
You yourself: They have no fidelity! - deding,
Why are you waiting for them again?
Your full body in my open bosom,
If you don't even smell a sword, -
Don't come near me, kiss the moon alive! -
What you say you love is a lie! ..
I was born with a dutar, an old madman,
I am always on fire with my cousin.
I feed the poor in their hearts,
I'm tired of people who don't have a good time and don't worry.
If I hide in the strings of the dutor,
Each of the curtains is a message of grief.
The fingers of a man walking on the curtains
It presses on my chest a lot, that's why it's full.
Squeezing the two strings, the fingers do not stop as they pass,
In those nets where sad flour does not come out, Galdir does not cry.
No, I have nothing to do with governors, officials, kings;
I will always be with the sympathizers! ..
All sorrows will be mad like me,
That is why the slave was named Galdir.
I emigrated from the land of hatred,
I have settled in the land of Ulfat,
I turned my face to the flower, not the grass,
I was full of heavenly pleasures
The moment the nightingales praised love!
Flower growth from my tears,
From the point of view of the joints,
From the soft cries of my heart,
From my spreads of love
Paradise is an abandoned soul.
Blood flow to cracked tongues,
The entrance of souls into the emptied inns,
Thorny gardens flower show,
The path of truth is truly a crossroads
On the days when souls touched me! ..
* * *
A bunch of hair in my hand,
Don't kiss me, or kiss me,
What you keep a secret is in my bosom,
Should I keep it a secret, or should I keep it a secret.
Sprinkle with shaved hair,
Who do you hold your pomegranate faces to?
You say, "They don't have faith!" deding,
Why are you waiting for them again?
A full body in my open bosom
If the hair does not smell,
Don't come near me, moon, live kiss!
What you say "I love" is a lie!
The people are the sea,
People wave,
People are power,
The people are rebellious,
People are on fire, people are on fire…
If the people revolt, I have no power, stop,
I have no power, let the people destroy their will.
The popular revolt destroyed the kingdom,
The people wanted, the crown and the thrones fell…
The will of the people: let this country be free,
Let the shadow on his head go,
A stir, a bubble, a boil,
An aspiration, a yard, a play,
It destroys both absence and hunger,
Satisfies his country with everything…
Let us take all the power from the people,
Let's embrace and go into the people!
* * *
Imagination, fantasy… Imagination alone is beautiful,
I am afraid of the eyes of truth.
Imaginary stars, action,
I like to light my fire.
Beautiful dream, come, play a flower on my head,
Follow my wishes!



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