ABOUT ALPOMISH ... Lying in the dungeon, Alpomish saw Karajan. He did not know that it was Karajan. Ninety of them are dressed in iron armor, and at the top of the dungeon it looks like a pine tree. "Don't let it be said that Alpomish is very disheartened by the spies of Qal Makshah who are carrying news," he said, looking at Karajon and saying something:
Prisoners, you will hear from me, You will tell my word to your king,
I am Alpomish, a botyr in the nazarkar, I lie in this dungeon in Batirlik...
Hearing this word, Karajan was upset
"My friend is strong, he still hasn't lost heart", he said one word: the evil King threw Alpomish into a dungeon. Let him stay in prison for now. And now you will hear from this oil, the history of the creation of the "Alpomish" epic.
The epic "Alpomish", created in ancient times, has reached us in the oral performance of folk songs. About forty copies were recorded from the mouths of people's gifts. Among them, the most perfect in terms of ideas is the copy written by the son of Fazil Yoldosh.
It is described in the epic that Boybori and Boysari are the grandsons of Dobonbiy, sons of Boysin Kunghirot, and sons of Alpinbiy.
They pray forty days and nights in Shahimardan Pir's grave and give birth to a child. Boybori's son Alpomish, daughter Kaldirgoch, Boysari's daughter Barchin had a quarrel when they were seven years old, and Boysari moved to the Kalmyk country.
Alpomish statue installed in Termiz city.
Architect: R. Salahiddinov, sculptors A. Rahmatullayev, Q. Norkhorozov, R. Podosinnikov, 0'. 0'rokov. goes After another seven years, Alpomish goes to the Kalmyk country in search of Barchin and, standing side by side with the Kalmyk Alps,
After fulfilling Barchin's four conditions (forty-day road race, archery, a thousand steps, a coin in war and fighting, and knocking down ninety mountains), he brings him to his country. They took away the property of Boisari, who remained, and made himself a shepherd.
Alpomish, who went on a trip to save his father-in-law for the second time, was captured by the guards and remained in prison for seven years. On the call, Ultontoz, having gained power, expels Al Pomish's relatives and wants to marry Barchin. At this time, Al, who escaped from captivity with the help of his horse Boychibor, returns to the land of Pomish.
The epic depicts the reunification of an Uzbek clan that was split into two by fate, the ideas of the unity of the nation, its heroic fame, the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the family, and the struggle for the prosperity of the homeland.
The epic "Alpomish" is also a common epic of the Turkic peoples.
Its examples are in the epic traditions of today's Karakalpak, Kazakh, Altai peoples as epics with the names "Alpamis", "Alpamis batir", "AlipManash", and among the Tatar, Bashkir peoples, as a fairy tale with the names "Alpomsho", "Alpamisho and Barsin hiluv". and has been preserved in the form of narrations and has reached us.
Even Tajik and Arabic copies, which were created and changed under the influence of Uzbek epic traditions, were recorded from the villages of Vargonza and Joynov of Kashkadarya region, near Panjikent.
The presence of these various events in several nations with a similar sequence of events shows that they have a common ancient historical and life basis.
However, each of them developed within the framework of the epic traditions of the people they belonged to in their further development, continued to live in the conditions of oral creation and performance, and were recorded only in later times. Therefore, it is natural that every people who have copies of it should treat it as their national epic.
In 1999, the 1000th anniversary of the epic "Alpomish" was celebrated in our republic. On the occasion of the anniversary, many copies of it and other epics of this series were published as books. Also, books and articles reflecting the history, ideological and artistic features of the epic were published, prose and poetic works representing this epic and its hero were created, and a magnificent statue of the national hero was erected in the city of Termiz.
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