About antifreeze


If antifreeze cools the engine, why does its name mean antifreeze?😅

Antifreeze — against freezing

It is a mistake to understand this word directly. The reason is that antifreeze, or this liquid that cools the engine, prevents the engine from overheating in the summer, and it is a special liquid that protects the engine from freezing in the winter.

As the weather gets colder, the use of antifreeze becomes more important to keep your car running reliably.
💧 Main Functions of Antifreeze:
— Prevention of freezing of water systems in cold weather.
— Maintaining the engine's optimal operating temperature.
— Rust and corrosion protection.
— Dissipating heat efficiently into the air.

❗️So, what kind of antifreeze should you choose in winter?
— Choosing a quality and reliable brand. Regardless of the low price, it is important to choose the perfect protection tool for the engine
— Checking the freezing point of antifreeze and resistance to hot temperatures.

🔍 Antifreeze Replacement Period:
— During the life of the engine, the quality of antifreeze decreases, so it must be replaced after a certain period of time.
— The replacement period may vary depending on the car and antifreeze brand. Usually, it is recommended to replace once every 2 years or once every 40-000 km.

👨‍🔧 Tip:
— Check the antifreeze level regularly and top up if necessary.
— In the process of replacing antifreeze, ensure environmental safety and do not pour old antifreeze into the right place.
— If an unexpected drop in antifreeze level is noticed, then, of course, there is some problem in the system. Contact a car service center to diagnose the situation.

Antifreeze is a necessary component not only for the winter season, but also for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the car all year round. By always using reliable and high-quality antifreeze, you will keep your car in excellent condition


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