About crowns for teeth?


About crowns for teeth?
Koronka means you want to put a tooth in the vernacular. The dentist will offer you several crowns. Then you have a question, which crown should I put? I know this must have happened to you too. That is why today we will talk about this question.
Our people mainly know about 3 different teeth (crowns). These are gold teeth, yellow teeth and white teeth. There are also crowns of zirconium dioxide, still unknown to many. Let me dwell on these one by one.
Gold teeth
The older generation knows very well about this crown. There are those who were “fashionable” in their time and still want to wear gold teeth. This crown is not aesthetically pleasing. Because when you laugh, it’s obvious. In addition, over the years, the metal has been found to dissolve in a certain amount of saliva. In addition, galvanization causes irritation of the tongue, metallic taste and stomatitis in the mouth. Don't think that this will happen in a year. It will take years. It is also more expensive. Nowadays it is almost impossible to put.
2. Yellow teeth
This metal crown is made of titanium, nickel, chromium alloys. Unlike gold crowns, it does not contain gold. Other features are almost the same as the gold crown. The only drawbacks are more than a gold tooth. Its durability is also not very good. But it is still used today. The reason depends on the price. Much cheaper.
3. White teeth i.e. metal ceramics
These crowns are expensive in terms of price, but the features are very high. It is very good both aesthetically and in terms of durability. Does not cause galvanization in the mouth. The base of these crowns is metal and covered with porcelain (ceramics). It can be said that it is one of the ‘fashionable’ crowns that many put on today. You can easily put it on.
Zirconium dioxide crowns in modern dentistry
These crowns meet all your requirements aesthetically. The durability is also very good. In short, it is superior to all other crowns. These crowns are not made by hand, but in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system, ie by 3D printers with high precision. They have no metal at the bottom, like metal-ceramics, that is, they consist of the same mass. Therefore, its color does not change over the years. The only drawback is that it is very expensive.
Dear friends, I have tried to explain about each crown in simple language that you can understand. Whichever crown you choose, it will ultimately depend on your economic capabilities. You have to get it right!
Sincerely, Dr. Muminov
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