About Lionel Andres Messi



- Yes, you see that famous "alien" player Lionel Messi. His net worth is $ 309 million (Goal).

Lionel Andres Messi (full name) was born on June 1987, 24 in Rosario, Argentina. He is the third child in the family and has two brothers and one sister. His father, George Messi, was a factory worker. His mother, Silia Maria, was a cleaner.

- When Messi was 11 years old, he suffered from a lack of growth hormone. It took $ 900 a month to get rid of the disease. His parents could not afford to pay for it. This was done by the Barcelona football club.
- Messi has two state passports. Argentina and Spain.
- His least played football match was 47 seconds.
- Messi's salary is currently 71 million euros.

Such a great player is now 33 years old. He is the father of three children and the wife of one woman.

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