About Midriasil


The Ministry of Health prohibits the sale of this drug in private pharmacies!
Criminal proceedings will be instituted in case of clandestine sale and purchase!

Only in public pharmacies special prescriptions are given to patients


In enlarging the pupil in the examination of eye diseases

In the complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of the eye

Method of use and dosage?

2-3 drops in each eye 1-10 times a day for 15 week to 1-1 days
Dosage and time are determined by your doctor.

Nojuya effect?

Allergic reaction

It is taken during pregnancy and lactation under the advice and supervision of a physician

Unlawfully, this causes a state of intoxication if the drug produced for the eye is injected into the nose and used for other purposes. This is a crime. can not be used by a healthy person!


Main ingredient: Tropicamide

Dosage form?


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