About Baraat night


The night of Baraat falls on the night of the fifteenth of Sha'ban, that is, from March 2021 to March 28, 29!
The word "baroat" in Arabic means "to be free," "to be saved." This night is called the night of salvation, the night of liberation, in which countless people will be saved from hell by the mercy of God Almighty.
The best times to fast in the month of Sha'ban are approaching. Don't miss the night of Baroat! Whatever you ask for, ask Allah tonight, because tonight Allah says, “Is there anyone who asks? "I'll give it to you."


28 - March -2021 = 14-Sha'ban-1442
29 - March -2021 = 15-Sha'ban-1442
30 - March -2021 = 16-Sha'ban-1442

⏰ Mouth closing and opening time:
(Tashkent time ⬇️)
Sunday: 04:55 - 18:46
Monday: 04:53 - 18:47
Tuesday: 04:51 - 18:48

Morning Intention: I intend to observe the supererogatory fast of the month of Sha'ban from dawn to dusk. For the sake of Allah. Allahu Akbar.

Intention of Iftar: O Allah, I have observed this fast only for You and I have believed in You and put my trust in You and I have broken my fast with the sustenance You have given me. O Allah, the Forgiver of sins, forgive and pardon my past and future sins.

O my dear brother, let us fast and pray in iftar so that Allah may quickly wipe out the scourge of the virus from our country. Let him take us to Ramadan. May we perform the taraweeh prayers in the congregation during Ramadan.

☝️Let’s spread this more like this until the night of Baraat, maybe this information will reach the Muslims who are suffering without knowing it through you ?! If so, this is a great opportunity to reap rewards! GOD BE PLEASED WITH ALL OF US! AMIYN !!! 🤲

♻️ Send to loved ones you want to see in Heaven, remind…!
‼ ️Don’t stay on one side!
☝️Distribute to other groups, you will be rewarded!

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