(My dear book) Alphabet Holiday Scenario


(Scenario written and conducted by Mirzakhmatova Shakhnoza Shukratovna, a primary school teacher of the 57th comprehensive school of Yangiyul district of Tashkent region in the 2017-2018 academic year)
     The classroom is festively decorated. The class net is written as the country of knowledge. Monitoring is installed.
    Assalamu alaykum dear teachers, loving parents, dear guests. Recently, your children took their first steps into school. Although they had only recently come to the school of knowledge, they diligently and diligently learned to read, write, add, and subtract. Today, they have prepared a festive event called "In the Land of Knowledge" to show you their knowledge. We invite 1st "B" class students to the round.
     Students enter the classroom to the sounds of music (Sharq taronalari S. Rakhmatov)
Aziza Bakhirova:  Respect begins with greetings,
                           Hello is the sweetest word in the world
                           Dear guests, dear teachers,
                           Greetings from small hearts, hello.
Isomidine:           Hello dear guests
                              Hello teachers, their names are great
                             Hello fathers, happy guard
                             Hello mothers, my dear soul
Durdona:          In our class today
                           It's a big celebration
                           Demonstrate knowledge
                           Every child does
Isomidine:        Teach teachers
                           We put it in our hearts.
                           With excitement in the heart
                           We started our celebration.
Dance "Hello" boys
A masterpiece: We took our first step into school four months ago. Today we are walking in the "Land of Knowledge".
Isomidine:  In order to walk freely in the "Land of Knowledge", it is necessary to know the letters, to read and write. Let's see if the kids can recognize the letters.
The alphabet has become a secret
A companion on the path of knowledge
The light of the hair shone
An example is the sun
 I finished the alphabet
I can read now
Adding words together
I can weave sentences.
I recognized the letters,
I got the secret
When words can be composed
Adding one to the other.
"How many vowels and consonants are there?"
I know everything,
Gather knowledge, my mind,
I make you happy
- It is my duty to study well
I'm tired of learning.
Scientists also know science
From the "Alphabet" he started.
"It's an indescribable joy."
My school opened up
My alphabet book,
It shone like the sun.
- I memorized the alphabet,
The letters are like magic.
Mother, child, Motherland, bread,
The world is infinite in content.
- "Country of Knowledge"
It starts with the alphabet
We have thirty friends
From letter and writing.
"Thank you, dear teachers."
Your kindness is in our language
Knowledge gained in youth
On our way to shine
Hasanbayeva Zioda:
- My hard heart understood,
An endless teacher's poem.
I put it in my heart,
Motherland, Mother's love.
- A meaningful sweet word
Sunny face
Don't you know guys
Where is the alphabet?
- Friends! Where do we call the Alphabet now?
- The grandfather of books,
The guide is wise.
Light shines on every heart
Distribution period
"I want knowledge" is the call
This is the Alphabet book.
The price is:
"The roads are smooth," he said.
Let's go one by one.
We are going bravely
Towards the land of knowledge
The call for knowledge.
This is the Alphabet Book!
"Alphabet, come quickly,"
Your friends want you
1 Alphabet Book:
Hello dear guests,
Sweet kids.
Today is a holiday,
Congratulations on your "Alphabet" wedding.
 Aziza Bakhirova:
- Let me show you today,
The meaning of school.
Summarizing letters,
Alphabetical terms.
2- Alphabet book:
"Dear children!" What did you learn from me?
Aziza Jabboraliyeva:
- First of all, hello,
The word that comes out of the tongue
Speaking knowing the place
The pursuit of good.
- The light of the world
Great sunshine
Congratulations to the motherland
Dear book.
3- Alphabet book
"Balli, whites,"
Thirst for science knowledge
Thank you
From happy boys and girls.
Learned the alphabet
The children are not silent
Letters into the language
He speaks like a man
       A slide show is given and students recite poems that match the letters.
AT -
Ahil bees
It's getting to work.
Surrounding, from field gardens
Honey is harvested in the winter
                     B -
The fish is spoiled, I say,
No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the suprise.
Look, it's yours,
It makes the body glow.
Dolphin is a skilled sailor,
I am a wise, intelligent person.
If someone drowns in the sea,
Provides immediate assistance.
                      E -
Edikdoz Goat is old
He adjusted his boots.
Pulling the mold,
Adapted to the donkey.
      F -
Aunt Farrosh elephant only
It sweeps our streets.
Fayzli is from this street
It smells good.
Gavdali, stagnant.
Long body,
Gorilla monkey.
     H -
Hakka is in military service
The defender is an excellent keeper.
An airtight fly
Even a mouse from the ground.
     I -
The dog is a reliable detective,
He knew his job well.
If someone steals,
Take the heat immediately
He searches and searches
The roar closes
   J -
Zarroh jayra is very hard
In caring for patients.
John is a painless grandmother,
Let him try in disbelief.
The rat gnaws,
He is getting fatter day by day.
There is no other person
No worries, no ori.
Lofchi stork lof urar,
Nickname, nickname to the frog.
Then he swallows on condition of drowning,
This is a lesson for everyone.
Monkey dwarf,
A clown player.
Practicing on the field,
You are also a seer.
Ninachixon dancer,
Delicate, delicate.
Look how much
She dances gracefully.
 OR -
The horse is an ordinary worker
Loader in the warehouse.
Increased don-dunni,
White salt flour,
He grows up.
 P -
Aunt Penguin cooks,
Onions and carrots in a pot.
To cook rice for lunch,
At the beginning of the work.
         Q -
Admire the swallow,
See how the builder.
A nest of dried clay,
Look hard.
      R -
The artist paints a calf,
The rabbit stared in fear.
In the depths of the pictures, he,
Rosa is on the floor wolf.
       S -
Savaxonim suxandon,
His words are shattered.
Listen, what a word,
A magical, magical voice.
     T -
Hedgehog seamstress
He sews nonstop day and night.
Various orders,
Knotted knots.
U -
Running pilot ukki,
It flew away.
As a Capricorn,
Uzala fell to the ground.
V -
The parrot that preaches:
“You have to be honest.
You promised, it happened
It must be done on time "
       X -
The messenger crows
He shouts, "Good news!"
- We got rid of the darkness,
From a dangerous nightmare
A tiger in a road suit,
Traffic controller.
Walking passengers
Follow me every step of the way.
Despite the traffic light
Which one breaks the order.
On the way, without hesitation,
Give it a try.
      Z -
As an orange jeweler,
Ziragi was a jewel.
Always be vigilant,
It's a mystery.
     O '-
The teacher is a duck
Every day,
Learns by assimilation
Young ducks.
       G '-
Ghazalkhan on the goose stage,
He sings, "Gok-gok,"
Don't be arrogant in circles
Be humble as a friend.
       Sh -
The doctor went to the lion
The fox came in a hurry.
By lying, "Woe is me!"
He ran away from school.
Ch -
The locust is an excellent instrument,
Chalar melody without getting tired.
The squeals are accompanied by
Chirils from all sides.
     Ng -
Ready cunning nahang,
Tekinxor takasaltang.
To the bait on the hook
See the mouthpiece.
   "'" Sign -
"Who knows?"
I have a seizure.
If I come after Unli
Pronounce longer.
I stand up after the consonant
Pause for a moment.
                            Song "Alphabet"
Letters from the alphabet were lined up in front of us
We learned little by little, letters like soldiers
Thank you teacher for all the songs
From the teacher - the teacher We gave descriptions
Each letter sings our language in the notebooks
The celebration of our alphabet as a late wedding
What we write seems to spread our tongues
As a star, as a moon
Alphabet:  Barakalla, guys I saw that you recognized all the letters of the alphabet.
  "But can you add words and write words?"
The price is: - Of course, we added the letters, which was a favorite for us. We can easily write words like homeland, father, mother, teacher. Please, now you are witnessing this.
Minister:         He hugged us
                               The children grew up spreading
                               Rise from year to year
                               UZBEKISTAN IS THE COUNTRY
Nursultanbek:        Sacrifice your child
                              Tinib is never quiet
                              Good health
                              FATHER AND MOTHER always.
J. Aziza:          Knowledge of the country
                              The place has become ours
                              We say thank you for the bow
                              To a dear TEACHER like you.
Ozodbek:      We have a book
                            Let the sun shine on our faces
                            It always adorns us
                            Good manners, good manners.
Abdurazzak:       Let it always be quiet
                            Ona - zamin of course
                            Let the sky be clear
                            In the homeland we love.
Bakhtiyor:      We are in school
                            The knowledge we can read
                            Let's be in the future
                            THE SCIENTIST NEEDED FOR THE COUNTRY.
Alphabet book:
     Barakalla, my friends
I'm so glad you're here.
Four months of life, your time,
It was never in vain.
                       Guys, I tell you
                        I am the first book
                        Enlightened your heart
                       It's like I'm in the sun.
                        I saw, you fool today
                        You are the best of all
                       Reading, knew the account
                       Your mind is also insane.
                       Now let's go and relax
                       I wish you happiness and good luck
                       To sharpen your mind
                       Let me leave a present.
Be careful with this gift
Know me dear.
Studying his writings,
                      Goodbye, goodbye guys
                      Don't forget me at all
                     Read diligently
                     Remember my advice.
Dance performed by boys. Andijan polka
     Read, read. Did you leave a present? It's in the book again. I'm not interested in the holiday. I went home. (walks home)
    Oh, it's all annoying. Read the alphabet, write beautifully. I'm tired. Wherever I went to school, I could enjoy playing. Who invented these letters. What about the kids celebrating for him again? Well, I left the holiday. If I can’t read the words together, I’m not interested in the holiday. Yes, pencil. It's very antique. Who put it down? Let's see if it's blue. (opens the pen in the key. The pen moves and falls out of his hand)
Pen: Happy
        Hey girl, I’m a magic pen. You did a good job of opening me up. I look forward to your service. I will fulfill your three wishes.
     You are truly magical. What can I wish for? Yes, I found out, the first is to have all the letters in the alphabet disappear, and the second is to have a beautiful doll.
      Where do I lose the letters? Yes, I found the letters scattered in the land of fairy tales. Ars, pars, qars.
         Let the girl's heart be, let the doll appear.
        Long live, thank you! It was very good. Now no one tells me to read, write. I play with my doll. Now that I’m full, I’m out on the street. Hey pen, I want kebabs and hot bread to appear.
     Please write the name of the baby you want to eat. It appears immediately. Show me the magic of my pen!
       Ka-bob, non. Yes, he doesn't write!
         Eh, attang! After all, I just lost all the letters. What do we do now.
      After all, you are a magician!
     My magic only reaches three wishes. You told them. You acted without thinking of the end. Life is unimaginable without letters. There is a way. You go to the land of fairy tales and collect letters.
 How, I'm afraid to be alone.
    Ask your friends for help
       Will they help? (Goes to his friends) My friends I did something wrong. With the help of a magic pen, I scattered all the letters into the land of fairy tales
     That's what you did. After all, we were having a big party today!
      When you act without thinking. We recognized the letters. Next year our brothers will learn how to read and write.
      Don't argue guys. Mubina still regrets what she did. Let's find a way to put the letters back in place.
         What if we call the fairy-tale grandfather and ask for help? We all call the fairytale grandfather equally.
    Dear grandfather, dear grandfather!
Assalamu alaykum bobojon
Vaalykum assalom, my grandchildren
Did you bring us fairy tales?
Of course I brought my sweets
There is wisdom in fairy tales,
Take an example from them
Leads to goodness
Great miracle tales
Open my books, look at the little ones!
Wow how beautiful this world is!
Along with dreams,
Go to the world of fairy tales
There's a magic grandfather,
Prayer that makes us.
These are wonderful fairy tales
Chors for good
What a beautiful world
Radiates the light of love
Our lives will flourish
What a beautiful world
      We can't read the fairy tales you brought today. The letters we have learned are scattered in the land of fairy tales. We called you for help
Fairy tale grandfather:
     It's a job, my grandchildren. Why are you crying, girl?
           I wished all the letters were gone. I made a mistake.
      It's good that you understand your mistake. I'll give you a map. You come across lost letters on the map.
     Bobojon, I can't add letters. I don’t even understand the ones on the map.
      When the letters are found, I will help you if you promise to read and study them.
 Of course I promise.
       Are there any well-educated children among you?
      Of course, in the recent knowledge test, Nursultanbek took high places in reading and Aziza in her native language.
      Well, otherwise Nursultanbek and Aziza will go with you. I will give you my magic wand to make it easier for you. If you say the answers correctly, the lights on my wand will light up. You can call your friends for help through it when needed. Remember, you are looking for the names of the animals on the map in fairy tales. The map is under the largest tree in the forest. White road kids!
        If only we hadn't gone. We are looking for the largest spruce tree in the forest.
    See the largest tree appeared.
        Let's see the bottom! Yes, I found the map. The first picture on the map was of a bear. Which fairy tale?
       I recognized him from the fairy tale The Girl and the Monkey
        You didn't find it right, the wand didn't burn.
        Probably from the fairy tale "Bogirsok".
    Very true. Our wand burned.
Bear: Ramadan
     Go-go-go. Who disturbed my sleep in the winter? Why did you wake me up. I will give you your impression now.
      Forgive us. We are looking for missing letters. They sent us a fairy tale.
         I would punish you all if they didn’t send a fairy tale. I can't just hand over the letters. If you answer my question correctly, you will get them. How many letters are there in your alphabet?
       In the alphabet we have learned, there are 29 letters, one character. 6 of the letters are vowels and 23 are consonants.
  Barakalla is a girl. You answered correctly. Now I take the letters out of my brother. Think of something so I don’t fall asleep in my brother.
      The boys had prepared a Greek dance for the holiday. We ask them for help. Let our magic wand friends come to the rescue!
Cheerful dance performed by boys
     I have six letters. I barely found it. The empty honey fell into my jars.
Children:     Thank you!
     Now they wrote Malvina on the address and put a picture of the doll.
Who is Malvina
      Did you say raspberry?
     No, Malvina. After all, she is a knowledgeable puppet of Buratino's fairy tale. My grandmother told me about this skirt.
     I remembered, there are movies and cartoons
    Hi guys. What are you doing here?
We are looking for missing letters.
     Eh, did you scatter the letters to the land of fairy tales? Let me help you. You just answer my question.
       He was also moved to ask Buratino a question.
    We can answer all your questions.
       How are you doing in math? What did you learn from him?
It was one to ten
We learned the numbers.
Numbers in tens
We calculated and compared.
"1" Nurillo
I stand first,
Take a look at my height.
In ordinal numbers
Let me know first.
They saw my body
Compared to a swan.
He trembles at me,
Dedicated to reading.
“3” More
Assessing your knowledge
I am very satisfied.
When will he pass me,
I'm tired of staring.
"4" Rustam
On the inverted table
I look like I'm going to die.
My name is "good" four letters,
After three, my friend.
"5" Zilola
They call me the number five,
The soul of the elite.
Six is ​​my brother,
Three or four numbers are less than me.
The abdomen is fat round
I get up after five.
In the row of even numbers
I will be the third.
Umbrella holding the head,
I'm wearing a belt.
Friends to the account,
I prepared myself.
“8” More
Like a silkworm cocoon,
I look like a double ring.
The form of my constant value,
Even if I stand on my feet.
The shape is similar to a comma
I am a relative of six.
One-digit numbers,
I am a caravan leader from this age.
My shape is round,
I am something I do not have.
The number in front of me,
I'll increase it ten times.
   If I give you the letters, you'll be gone now. I'm so bored, play with me a bit.
       We prepared a puppet dance for the holiday. Let's play together. (Puppet dance)
       Thanks, I enjoyed it. Here are your letters, six. I found it among my books. No, guys.
     In the next picture is a picture of a fox.
    How do we find the name of a fairy tale? The cunning fox is found in many fairy tales!
     The Tale of the Bun
     "The Tale of the Greedy Wolf and the Fox"
      No, we will be late like this. Look, the fox has something in his hand. It's a glass. After all, this is the fox in the fairy tale "The Fox and the Pitcher." This story was read by my brother.
      Hello, greedy, lazy kids
 Why do you say that?
       That's what kids who miss letters are called!
      How do you know us?
   The fairy tale was told. But I won’t give you the letters easily.
I try with questions. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....
     Children come to the rescue
       The answer to your question is ready. We learned this in the lesson of the world around us. Plants are divided into three types: grasses, trees and shrubs. We also divide them into wild and cultivated species.
     Good, good. What do we know about animals?
    The animal world is very diverse: domestic animals, wild animals, birds, birds, insects, aquatic creatures.
     Wild animals themselves are divided into two types: herbivores and carnivores. You are a carnivore.
      Very nice. I can't seem to fool you. My last condition is can you dance to any foreign music?
  (hidcha dance)
       Here are your letters. I found it inside the jar. Count to six.
Kids: Thank you, fox.
     Now the address belongs to the rabbit. From which fairy tale can we find it?
     If you look closely at the picture, winter is depicted.
    I recognized him, "You, don't hurry!" was the rabbit in the fairy tale.
     Guys, what are you doing? I was on my way to New Year's Eve. You got out of the way. I searched for your letters and found them in my carrot basket. You answer my question before you give the letters. Did you also learn to say fast puzzles at school? Now tell me the famous quick say contest.
Kids: Gani rolled the wheel. (Abdulaziz, Odil, Javohir)
         Find the riddle. The flour was sifted in a sieve, and the supra was sifted into it.
Children: The answer is snow.
Here are your letters.
       Thank you, Rabbit. Congratulations to you, everyone who sees us, on the upcoming New Year’s Eve. Here is a New Year's gift from us.
(new god dance)
    Yes, what does the picture of the onion do. After all, they said that you look for pictures in fairy tales.
        This is from the Chippolino fairy tale. Haven't you heard? The protagonist of the fairy tale is an onion named Chippolino.
     Good morning children
     Does he speak English? Be brave, Aziza, appear
  Good morning
     Here's my name?
The price is:  May my name be Bahadir, may my name be Aziza
 How old is it?
Ay em siks, ay em sevn
      Wat is the dog (shows toys)
It iz dol, it is bol, it is dog, it is pen, it is buk
Ol raid. Watt zis color (shows colors)
The price is:
   Dog iz blu…
     Barakalla children. You also learned English very well. Can you sing in English too?
  The children sing. (Good morning) dance Chivava
     Here are your letters. Five were letters, one was a symbol.
    Who's coming? After all, we found all the letters.
     Don't you know me? After all, I am a famous pea grower. The fairy called me: My wrestler, the children have corrected their mistakes, and I am very happy with them. He said, "Bring them these gifts." Here are the presents I brought. Open the gift when you go to the kids.
Thank you, pea wrestler. Bye Bye!
      Forgive me guys. I promise to read and study well during the winter holidays. I realized now that my best friend is a book.
      Guys, what a gift you brought. Open it, let's see.
Kids: Wow, it's books.
 How good! Now when we are not bored on vacation, we enjoy reading fairy tales.
     The children's Alphabet book had also been left as a gift. Let's see what kind of gift it is.
      Reading is a native language book. My teacher said that from the new year we will read and study these books as well.
     Of course, they say that a book is a source of knowledge, a friend of the reader.
I need a book
                                                        Mahmoud Toir
Aziza J:
The picture takes the original light from the picture,
Siyarat, on the other hand, comes from knowledge
Goodness remains in love,
The election of happiness needs a reward
The heart needs a book.
The book is the color of a flower in the garden of the tongue
The book is the color of the heart in the fire
He is the perfection of the soul, the battle of the mind,
Many people need a book,
He who seeks himself needs a book.
He who reads, follows what he reads,
If the wise go on their way,
Let the desert follow you with a smile like heaven,
An answer is needed when a question arises
You need a book to answer.
The book is a ladder to heaven itself,
The book is a ladder to the eyes of this world
A ladder to the word of living history,
You need a moon to sleep,
You need a book to say goodbye.
To know that the universe is universal,
Even to know that man is human,
Even to cut the hair into forty slices,
The tongue-bearer needs to hurry
The light catcher needs a book.
Teacher:   - Barakalla, dear students. Here you have learned to read and write in a short time. You realized how great the book is at our event today. In this regard, I would like to say to you, "Blessed is literacy."
                          Sweet - sugar kids,
                          Flower basil in my garden,
                          Always be happy,
                          Literacy is blessed.
                          Let the light play in your eyes,
                          When he sees you,
                          Let the tongues sing like nightingales,
                           Congratulations on literacy!
                         Get your hands on a book,
                         Your face is like the sun,
                         Always be kind, rewarding
                         Congratulations on literacy!
                          Be always healthy,
                          Do not be lazy only,
                          Endure hardship,
                          Congratulations on literacy!
Our noble goal is our school
Honor, excellence, be a husband!
This is a sacred, historic, sacred land
To be a worthy and proud owner!
       Dance: O.Nazarbekov “Swallow”
Teacher:      - Dear teachers, dear parents, sweet children! With that, today's event came to an end. Be healthy. May you grow up to be knowledgeable, versatile and selfless children who will serve your loving parents, our motherland and our people. Deepen your knowledge. Grow up to be patriots who truly love their homeland.

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