Logical questions and answers


Dear readers, these logical questions are easy at first glance and seemingly simple, but have their own complexity. I give the answers to the questions anonymously, because without rushing to see the answer to the question, think of a solution yourself. The more you think about the answers to questions you don’t know, the more your mind will grow, your memory will be strengthened, your mental activity will develop. In addition to interesting questions, this page also contains mathematical problems, puzzles, logic puzzles. With answers to 100 logical questions.


1 He is small in Games Cook, great in Arnold Schwarzenegger, absent in Madonna and Cleopatra at all, present in the Pope, but not used by him. What is it about? Surname

  1. If you give it as a gift on New Year's Day in Finland, Norway, Sweden, know that they wish you happiness and warmth. In Greece and Spain, it was a sign of danger. In fact, it could be a bigger risk. The question is what is it?


  1. This "machine" is not designed to move at all. But if we take into account the "path" they walk around the world, they exceed the distance covered by cars and planes. What is the name of this "machine" that we have all seen and some of us have?


  1. LNTolstoy said that all works devoted to everyday life, whether novels, movies, short stories, develop and end with him, and in life, on the contrary, all events begin after him. Think logically, what did LNTolstoy mean?


  1. Funny question: Tourists who come to the village are always surprised by something. There was a crazy teenager out there who would always choose 50 cents if tourists offered him a shiny 5-cent coin or one of the $ 50 paper bills. However, 50 cents is 5 times less than $ 10. I wonder why a crazy teenager can always choose a 50 cent coin? Maybe the reason for this is that the border is not very crazy?

The answer is simple: he can’t call a child crazy. The reason, in short, was that if he got a $ 5 bill, people wouldn’t give him any more money because he was healthy.

  1. In countries such as Ukraine, China, Turkey, Canada it is 2, in countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia, France, Italy - 3, in Ethiopia, Suriname, Kuwait, Syria - 4. Q: How much is it in Liechtenstein and Libya?

1 ta. The number of colors in the national flag

  1. Every year, millions of people perform the Hajj. In Mecca, security officers, taxi drivers and other hired workers will be involved in holding the event. 30 people from one profession will be invited from Turkey. Q: What professions are these and what kind of work do they do?

Butchers, they slaughter the sacrificial sheep.

  1. According to the ancient Romans, the most ruthless masters were them. Q: Who are they?

Former slaves

  1. In ancient Greece, people who carried folders were called by one name, which we call them by another name. Q: What do we call people who carry a folder in Greek?

Accountant. The word means person who carries a folder in Greek.

  1. Which month is the sweetest month according to psychologists?

Honey bear

  1. On November 1943, 27, a decision was made for a declining number of police officers. Thanks to this decision, the ranks of police officers have been replenished. Q: What was that decision?

Since the mobilization of police officers in World War II, women have also been recruited to the police force.

  1. You don’t see it in the market, you don’t see it when you see it, you don’t see it when you buy it, you don’t see it when you wear it. SHE IS - ?


  1. A rich lady tells her servant that if I die, I will give you my wealth. The lady tells the servant again that the servant wants her to live long. Q: Think logically, why did the servant want the lady to live so long?

The rich lady would have told the servant that the longer I lived, the more percent of my wealth was yours.

  1. Humorous question: Who are the people who hear the most insults?

Football referees

  1. During the battle of Amir Temur, they said that their place was incomparable, and even 100 skilled warriors could not replace them. Question: Who did Sahibkiran describe?

To the doctors

  1. Antique question: 1-b, 2-I, 3-u, 4-t, 5-b. Write the remaining five letters.

6-o, 7-y, 8-s, 9-t, 10-o '. Note: This was the first letter of the numbers.

  1. Logical question: Ali and Vali went fishing. They took their sons. Vli's son's name was Mirvali. Ali caught 4 fish, Vali caught 3 and Mirvali caught 6 fish. Q: What is the name of Ali's son?

Ali's son's name is Vali! Mirvali Vali's son Vali is Ali's son.

  1. The French have a saying, "From egg to apple." They also follow this because the mine is profitable. Question: What is meant by "from egg to apple"?

Lunch should start with an egg and end with an apple.

  1. Math Problem: You have 9 balls of the same size and color in your hand. One of the balls is slightly lighter than the others. Find the lighter ball using the two-stage scale 1 times.

Initially, 3 balls are placed on the two phases of the scales. Whichever side comes out lighter, one of the balloons in this phase will be lighter. If the two phases of the scales are equal, there is a lighter ball among the 3 balls that are not placed on the scales. Now, using the scales a second time, we place 3 of the 2 balls we found on the scales. Whichever phase is lighter, we will find the ball, and whichever is lighter, we will find the ball that is lighter.

  1. Interesting fact: in the US it is given as OKY, in Japan it is given as NO, in our case it is given as KOY in sequence. If you understand, what is the sequence being quoted?

Day, month, year

  1. He is on a blacklist that human beings can compile for themselves, not the big ones, and sometimes the invisible ones are more dangerous. We all have it, big or small. Find the answer by thinking logically.


  1. During the Kokand Khanate, people from different parts of the valley used to gather at the famous Kokand market. Interestingly, even if the same product was brought in the same amount, a seller from the east was taxed at 100 tenge and a seller from the west at 50 tenge. Q: Why are sellers from the west taxed twice as low?

Vendors from the west were paid less, given that the sun shone in their eyes both when they came and when they left.

  1. The shepherds looked into his ears as he bought a goat from the market. They chose a goat with big and long ears. Q: Why buy a big-eared goat?

Goats that give birth to twins have big ears.

  1. Mathematical problem. The sultan of a country collected sacks filled with gold coins brought to the treasury by the deputies of the 12 provinces under his rule. Suddenly a messenger came with a sigh and said to the sultan: - O great sultan, one of your deputies has betrayed you. The bag he sent was filled with counterfeit coins. They do not differ from the real one in appearance, only their weight is 10 grams, not 9 grams like a real gold coin. The sultan decided to determine which bag the deputy had sent in one shot. Can you help him figure out which bag is filled with counterfeit coins in 1 draw?

The Sultan receives different amounts of coins from each bag according to the number of the bag, ie from the 1st bag - 1, from the 2nd bag - 2, from the 3rd bag - 3… from the 12th bag - 12. It then weighs the weight of the coins received. If the number of grams is less than the total weight, there will be counterfeit coins in the bag of the same number.

  1. British farmers say it is more efficient to give more salt to cows. What benefits do you think salt can have?

Cows that eat salt drink a lot of water, and if they drink a lot of water, they give a lot of milk.

  1. Farmers used to sprinkle black coal on the crops a little later. Q: Why should they sprinkle black coal?

The black earth receives more sunlight, so they do so to reach the crops.

  1. Exactly one state is located within the capital city. Which city and state is this?

The capital of Italy is Rome and the state located in it is the Vatican

  1. The most memorable are the gray almonds, which contribute to the proliferation of trees in the forest. Q: How do they help trees grow?

They bury the fruit of the tree in the ground and cannot remember where they buried it. Fruits are fertilized and sprouts begin to grow from them.

  1. Interesting question: In the XIX century, cycling became very popular in Europe. The pretext of cycling is accelerating the realization of women’s age-old dreams. Q: What dreams have women made under the pretext of cycling?

Wearing pants

  1. Question from Geography: This capital is a combination of two cities. Its name also comes from the addition of the names of the two cities. Which city is this?


  1. In Ceylon, each family is housed in their own backyard, while in our lands, everyone is common. Q: What are you talking about?


  1. Humorous question: Why does a person look back?

Because he has no eyes behind him.

  1. Mathematical problem: Biro had 500 soums. He needs to get 100 pets. Horse - 50 soums, cow - 10 soums, sheep - 1 soum. How many animals does he have to buy to buy 100 animals using all his money?

Horse 1 50+ cows 39 390+ sheep 60 60 sums = 100 500 sums.

  1. When ancient Spartan women went to their husbands ’graves, they would pour liquid that was nowhere to be sold in a small container as a sign of their loyalty. Q: What kind of fluid are we talking about?


  1. Indigenous people living in the Kuril Islands have long been happy to catch eulaxon. The fish was thin and very oily, and they dried it. Q: What purpose can they use this fish for?

Look at this, because this fish is so oily that it can be used as a candle after it has been dried.

  1. Question from the subject of history: In the ancient Spartan state it was forbidden to drink intoxicants. Violators were severely punished, but continued to drink anyway. A ruthless order was then issued. Q: What order was that?

The order to destroy all the vineyards

  1. The ancient capital of this highly developed state in Asia was the city of kings. The present name of this capital was changed to the king of cities. Which states and cities are requested?

Japan. The capital of this state was originally Kyoto, i.e. kio-king, to-city-king city, the current name of which, as you know Tokyo, has changed to king of cities.

  1. Question for children: You don’t know Swahili, but we’ve heard and used a word in that language a lot from a popular cartoon. The meaning of this word is to live well without worries. Which word is this?

Akuna matata

  1. Interesting question: Theater actors are so afraid of something that they even comfort themselves by saying that the opposite will happen in front of them when they enter their dreams. Because it also has a negative effect on acting performance. Q: What are theater actors most afraid of?

From the empty hall

  1. A logical question for children: 18 = 219 = 168 = 317 = 0 Think logically, what is taken into account when determining equal numbers?

Holes in number, i.e. 18 holes in number 2, 68 holes in number 3 and so on.

  1. There is a feeling that it can give wings to the feet and tie the feet to the ground. Q: What is that feeling?


  1. Distracting question: As long as a tractor driver has a brother, his brother doesn’t have a brother. Explain the answer to the question logically.

The tractor driver was a woman

  1. Serious question: It is the cheapest and most expensive property. Used properly, it can turn into a genius. What is it?

It's time

  1. A historical document found in Iran in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries states: "I swear by God, I will not sell it, I will not give it into slavery or the protection of others through debt." Q: What obligation is mentioned in this document?

The husband's obligation to his wife

  1. Logical question: These two brothers were born together. The age gap is also not that long. His brother lived 4 years, his brother lived 2 years longer than his brother. What are these weird famous brothers?

World Wars I and II

  1. A question for football fans. There are football schools in Italy where forwards are trained separately, midfielders separately and defenders separately. The Defenders School teaches only one thing for 1 year that a defender who fails to do so will not be placed in any other training. Q: What are they taught for 1 year?

Leaving the opponent out of the artificial game

  1. Which is the only mammal with 4 knee joints?


  1. Question from history: The census began in ancient Egypt. They did this 3,5 thousand years ago. Q: What was the purpose of the census?

They did this to determine the number of troops in the reserve.

  1. Interesting question: In what "period" did Diego, Manfried and Sid become friends?

In the ice age

  1. They used stone, soil, and the like to be strong in building the Great Wall of China. Q: What is that thing?

Boiled rice water. It would be sticky and cause the wall to be sturdy.

  1. There is a saying that if you tell it to a happy person, he will be upset, and if you tell it to a sad person, he will be happy. What is this?

These days will pass.

  1. A logical question for lovers of literature. Alisher Navoi wrote the following philosophical thoughts:

“To live honestly and cleanly and achieve perfection, it is necessary to act in youth. After all, you have to look at the points you have set and give them to the memories. ”Question: What is meant by the points you have set? 'riflaganlar.

  1. First you see its light, then you hear its sound, then you feel the wind, and only then does it come in by itself. What are we talking about?

The subway enters the station.

  1. The famous traveler James Cook takes sheep and pigs with him on his second visit to Tahiti and New Zealand. There were 2 goals: the first was to increase the well-being of the islanders, the second you think.

When a traveler arrives for the first time, he witnesses the islands eating each other’s meat. His second goal was to lead the people to goodness by teaching the islanders to eat mutton.

  1. Short question: Translate the word capital into Korean.


  1. In the thirteenth century, the need for this began to be felt. The reason for this is the increase in the number of universities in the XII-XIII centuries. Until then, no one knew him. Q: What is it?


  1. Easy question: A man has 7 daughters. Each of the girls has one brother. Q: How many children does that person have?

He has 8 children. The eldest son will be the brother of 7 daughters.

  1. In India, the cow is revered as a sacred creature. They also used a cow to measure distance. Q: How can Indians use a cow to measure distance?

For the Hindus, the place where the Cow's voice reaches is equal to 1 Mu.

  1. Easy question: Which bird's eyes are bigger than its brain?


  1. Math Riddle: A goose downstairs looks at the geese flying in the sky and says, "Hooy hundred geese, take me too!" He said. Then the geese in the sky said, "We are not 100, we will be 100 if you join us, half of us, half of us, then half of you." How many geese are there in the sky?

There were 36 geese in the sky. 36 + 36 + 18 + 9 + 1 = 100

  1. Favorite poet Erkin Vahidov described them as follows:

They have a plan, they have a job, they have enthusiasm,
They demand that they do not rest.
Do you have a headache on Monday?
They are not late for work in the morning! The hero of Uzbekistan Erkin Vahidov described what they said? The name of this poem was "Temirtan", they are described as robots.

  1. Interesting question: A list of the most unattractive alarm clocks in the world was recently published in the western press. You will have to solve a crossword puzzle to turn off the 5th place alarm clock on this list. The 4th one wakes you up in the morning with all sorts of insulting words. 3rd place went to the mosaic bud. The chicken-shaped alarm clock took 2nd place, it lays a few eggs in the morning. The sound of the chicken will not be silenced until you collect the eggs and put them in place. Once the 1st place alarm goes off, you’ll have to work hard to turn it off. In fact, turning it off isn’t that hard, just one button is enough, but before you press that button, you’re required to do something else. What do you need to do to turn off the alarm clock?

You need to find an alarm clock. Because when he starts, he runs away and hides.

  1. A math teacher at the University of Cambridge would give the best student a wooden spoon for a job. Tell me, for what work did he do that?

He would give a wooden spoon to embarrass if he got a low grade.

  1. An interesting puzzle. Two identical glasses. One has milk and the other has coffee. Their amount is the same. Take 1 tablespoon of milk from the first cup and pour into the second cup and stir, then take a teaspoon of the mixed coffee from the second cup and pour it into the milk cup and stir. Q: Is there a lot of coffee in the milk, milk in the coffee?

In both, the amount is equal.

  1. Geography question: Uganda, Ecuador, Colombia, Indonesia, Somalia, Kenya, Brazil, Congo. It is something that unites states. What is it?

These countries are located at the equator.

  1. Funny question: What happens if a camel presses a bird’s egg?

It will be a waste.

  1. Julius Caesar wrote his secret letters in a special font so that the enemies could not read them. Here is an example of a word written in a special font: nblubd. Those who understood the font read the word as school. Look carefully at the pattern, what was the rule of secret font?

The rule of this secret font was to write the letter that came after the letter, not the letter itself.

  1. Riddle: Neither the sea nor the land. Neither the ship nor the man will walk on it.


  1. One king demanded that those who came to talk to him speak by looking at the open mouth of the lion in front of the throne. Logically, why did the king do that?

The king's ear was heavy. The lion acted as a mouthpiece for him.

  1. That bird can swim underwater with its wings. The speed is 10 m / s. Interestingly, the bird cannot fly even if it swims so fast. Which bird is this?


  1. There is so much of this in Nurata. It is also called Mastak, Zuli, Zulfiqar, Mazar, Begli, Tayla, Maston. What are these names in Nurata for?

To the springs

  1. Simple question: What has 5 fingers without nails?


  1. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson enter a cafe on the outskirts of London, sitting on a chair on the outskirts. Holmes asked the cafe owner, "Have there been riots in your cafe before?" He asks. The master opens his mouth and asks how did you know that. How did Holmes know that?

When Holmes learns that his chair was stuck to the floor when he tried to push it, he realizes that his boss, fed up with the breakage of his chairs in many riots, has stuck the chairs to the floor.

  1. When potters make large pots, they make the mouth thicker and the root thinner. Q: Why is the root part made thinner?

The cheeks are hardened a lot in the fire, making the mouth part thicker so that it does not crack.

  1. Mathematical puzzle. 2 young children and 1 adult came to the shore. They have to cross that side of the river. There is only 1 boat on the shore and it can carry only 2 young children or 1 person. They thought about it and found a solution. You too should look for a solution.

First 2 young children pass, one of them goes back, then an adult passes, there 1 young child comes back and passes again with his partner.

  1. The Vienna Opera House offers you a long-distance show and a free pill in the dressing room. Q: What is the role of the hapdori?

The opera house is quiet and organized without excessive noise. Prevention of whooping cough is necessary to calm the person.

  1. In the state of Oman, women are allowed to ride in a car with a balloon. What is this condition?

Only a woman should be taken as a passenger.

  1. The Greek philosopher Diogenes said, "If I had a disobedient, rebellious slave, I would not have punished him and taken him to the Colosseum." Degan. Q: Could the philosopher have said where to send the riot slave to conquer?

To the Olympics

  1. Interesting question: Instead, a human skull in the Solomon Islands, a 10 m made of bird feathers in the Santa Cruz Islands. belt, 100 m in diameter 4 years ago on some islands in the Pacific Ocean. stones were used. Q: What do we use now instead?


  1. Question on history: Among the armies of Alexander the Great, the great commander had a specially selected 700 warriors. Because of one of their traits, rival armies found it difficult to fight them. Q: What were the characteristics of the selected fighters?

They were clapping.

  1. There are 3096 in the world. Every year, 14 of them disappear. Q: What is it?


  1. One thing is for sure, he sings first and then sheds tears. What is this?


  1. Under Thai law, money and coins cannot be trampled underfoot. Those who do so will be fined. This law has a specific meaning. Question: Why was such a law passed?

This is because the currency of this country depicts the King of Thailand and pressing it is considered a sign of disrespect.

  1. Short question: What is 40 gallons equal to 1 gram?


  1. There is a young man. He was poor and had no children. His father's eyes were weak. One day an angel came to him and said that he would grant only one wish. The young man achieved all three dreams with one wish. Q: What did he wish for?

Let my father see my son playing with gold coins.

  1. It has black, green, yellow, red varieties. It is in almost every home. In Uzbekistan, it is widely consumed in black and green varieties. Q: What is it?


  1. When ships appeared at sea, they seemed to shake hands. On some ships, sailors were showing ropes. Q: What do they mean by showing a rope?

They were joking, as if pointing to a rope.

  1. There are many disciplines taught in the world. Every science has its own meaning. Which science means “I love wisdom”?

Philosophy - Philosophy

  1. This capital city is named after the first president of that state. Which city is this?

The capital of the United States is Washington

  1. It is the third largest US exporter to China. That's $ 3 billion a year for the United States. Q: What kind of product (it's hard to call it a product)?

Household waste, ie garbage

  1. Antique question: According to the Jews, peace is established when a boy is born. What if a girl is born?

Nothing will change.

  1. There is an interpreter on earth who can speak the language he wants, he can translate your speech and respond in your language. Think logically, what kind of interpreter is being asked?


  1. Uzbekistan, Uruguay, UAE, USA, Ukraine, Uganda. Determine if these states are related using English.

The names of these states begin with the same letter U in English.

  1. Which girl has no father, no mother - has a grandfather?


  1. Usually a person's heart is 1. Think logically, what kind of person has 2 hearts?

In pregnant women.

  1. Suitable question for children: There was a pirate camp in the cave. You had to say a secret password to get in there. When 1 robber came, the guard said 1 to him, the robber said 3, and went inside. When another robber came, the guard told him 2 and he answered 4, which he also missed because he was right. Another guard was given the number 7 and he replied 5. His answer was also correct. Think about it, what is the logic of the numbers 1-3, 2-4, 5-3?
  2. The person who said the number of letters in the number correctly would have answered correctly. One - 3 letters, four - 4 letters, seven - 5 letters.
  3. An elementary school student solves this task in five minutes, a high school student in fifteen minutes, a college student in sixty minutes, and a scientist cannot solve it. That's the task: what does "BIUTBOYESTO" mean?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  1. Only one man survived the shipwreck. The waves carried her to an island inhabited only by women. When the man regained consciousness, the women were preparing to sacrifice him. They invited the man to say his last words. When he said his last words, instead of killing him, the women built a boat and released him with food. I wonder what the man said?

He told me to kill the ugliest woman among you.

  1. Where can you see a horse jump over a horse?

In a game of chess

  1. Two houses are burning at the same time, one belonging to a rich man and the other to a poor man. Which house will the police rush to close first?

Police are not involved in firefighting.
Which sea in the world is recognized as the warmest sea?
Answer: The Red Sea

In which country is chicken the most consumed?

Answer: USA

Who created the globe called the apple?

Answer: Martin Beheim

An absolutely waterless mammal living in Australia?

Answer: Koala

Do you know the name of the country in the form of a "dinosaur" when we look at the map?

Answer: New Guinea

Do you know about landlocked countries?

Answer: Bolivia, Paraguay in South America; In Asia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; In Europe, Austria, Andorra, Belarus, the Vatican, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland; On the African continent, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, South Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Central African Republic, Niger, Rwanda, Swaziland, Uganda, Chad, Ethiopia

Who of the Uzbek geographers said that a geographer should have six eyes?

Answer: According to I. Nazarov, “geographers have 6 eyes: four of them are on the four sides of the horizon, one is in the sky and the stars, and the last is in the mother earth or lithosphere. it is necessary. "

Where is the lonely place where no one lives?

Answer: The European continent

Do you know? What does the word Korean mean?

Answer: Tonggi tarovat

Which country is the only one in the world where postal services are free?

Answer: Andorra

Which country is the only one that does not have an official capital?

Answer: Nauru

Which country’s capital is the coldest capital in the world?

Answer: Mongolia

Which country's anthem can be played in 158 ways?

Answer: Greece

In which country are there 17 active volcanoes?

Answer: Japan

Which planet is the fastest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

Do you know the name of the island in the form of a "bird perched on a tree"?

Answer: Fiery Earth Island

What position did the khan of Khiva give to a man who knew geography perfectly?

Answer: Water has always been a problem in Khorezm. Mirab is a profession that requires a thorough knowledge of the rainy season, floods, and the structure of the ground for digging canals in general, that is, a thorough knowledge of geography.

Which country ranks first in Europe in terms of railway density?

Answer: Belgium

The country on the island in the form of a "floating duck" on the map?

Answer: Iceland

Find a country on the map in the form of an "inverted shoe"?

Answer: New Zealand

Countries on the peninsula that look like a "resting lion"?

Answer: Norway, Sweden, Finland

Do you know the name of the country on the giraffe-shaped islands on the map?

Answer: Japan

Do you know the name of the island on the map in the form of a "whale swimming in the ocean"?

Answer: Greenland

Do you know the countries on the triangular peninsula?

Answer: India, Somalia

What is the name of the octopus-shaped island depicted on the map?

Answer: Sulawesi

Which country has 17 islands?

Answer: Indonesia

Do you know which animal sleeps 70% of its life?

Answer: A cat

Who named 2 of the craters on the Moon in the selenography?

Answer: Ahmad Fergani and Mirzo Ulugbek

How does the American historian Sarton describe the XNUMXth century in his work?

Answer: The Beruni Age

Which animal has been domesticated in the last 4 years?

Answer: No animal is domesticated

What is the only sign in the zodiac that does not reflect a living being?

Answer: Scales

An area of ​​one peninsula and 236 islands?

Answer: Hong Kong

What nation named Brazil?

Answer: The Portuguese

Which animal (insect) is more poisonous than an adult?

Answer: Scorpion

Which animal won’t get hurt even if it falls from a five-story building?

Answer: Rat

Which country has more than 120 glaciers and more than 100 volcanoes?

Answer: Iceland

In which country is the largest cemetery in the world located?

Answer: Wadi as-Salam in Iraq. More than 5 million people are buried there.

Which animal’s heart on earth beats only 9 times a minute?

Answer: Kit

Where is the United Nations University located?
Answer: In Tokyo

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