As part of the month of history


As part of the month of history
Today's hero.
The slogan of the day: "This is the world that many Jahangirs have seen."
Purpose: To inculcate patriotism in students, heroes of today's people
inculcate respect.
Result: students' free thinking, impressions and conclusions.
Used visual aids: Spiritual sleep and the sun, Spiritual sleep
slogans, slogans, posters, wall newspapers, slides, handouts
On the blackboard: "Today's hero is literally the President of our country Islam Karimov"
The founder of an independent state, the owner of spiritual courage, the first patriot, Tom
a perfect person and statesman, head of state, father of the country, Independent
The first President of Uzbekistan, today's hero is Islam Karimov.
 We have no international sea,
The father of Islam is the world sea itself.
Abdulla Oripov
The restoration of our national statehood by our President is the life of our people
to enumerate all his services in the field of reform one by one
it is not possible, of course. But the main thing is that modern Uzbek
President Islam Karimov in the restoration and development of statehood
services are great. That is why the name of President Islam Karimov
has become a symbol of our independent statehood.
Heroes of Uzbekistan: writer Said Ahmed, literary critic Ozod
Who is ready to die for his country?
Poets write poems.
True love for the country,
It is worth learning from my countryman.
There's a magic in his fortitude,
He is also full of enthusiasm.
Sharing one life for a thousand is the secret of loyalty to the country.
Peace be upon you, my righteous Sultan.
My homeland is Uzbekistan.
Kamil Sindarov
In times of confusion and helplessness, there are unexpectedly great people in the life of society
emerges. In the throes of the life of any nation, history is tense
At the turning stages, the nation is characterized by its personal qualities
able to unite, in which confidence in the success of development and recovery
It has been proven many times in the life of society that it should be handed over to a leader who can awaken.
I like the famous saying of St. Paul: "All authority is of God."
I will accept it at this time. Indeed, there is some kind of high legitimacy in this,
there is some higher content.
In August 1994, Donald Carlyle and I UN Central Asia
President I. Karimov on issues related to his activities in the republics
we were at the reception. At the end of the conversation, Carlisle said, "Mr. President, I am your biography
I wanted to write about your situation,'' he asked. Karimov replied: "It is not necessary."
no one needs it, neither me nor others.'' ''But I'm sure
- said the professor. - Karimov. - Not a political biography, but a political portrait
You don't need to write about the events that happened in our country in recent years
if you tell a story about it, I think it arouses interest, people need it
It will happen, both in our country and in your country''.
This was actually true. But the work is not complete without a complete biography.
Islam Karimov was born in Samarkand in 1938 in a very poor family.
His childhood was during the war, and his youth was during the difficult times after the war.
He finished school in Samarkand. An ordinary school, not very big, two stories
building It is worth noting that the road is opposite the school
on the side, a great architectural monument of the Middle Ages, one of the Uzbek national monuments
one of them is the Bibikhanim mosque. The school established a museum dedicated to I. Karimov
trying to do it, but he forbade it. Fortunately, this will happen at school
Academician VA Koptyug also studied. Under this pretext, the school "Glory".
museum" was established.
The only exhibits about Karimov in the museum are his three photos:
in one of them, when he was in the second grade, he was a boy dressed in a uniform, just like him
among children dressed in plain clothes. It was a difficult time. The next photo is the ninth
received in the classroom. The future President is making an airplane model with his friends
prom photo-boy like everyone else. My President's youth
The woman teacher in charge of the museum responded to my request to tell about it
said: "President, please don't talk too much about him
He said that what he did will be a shame for him and the school. "The President said these words
we accept as the first lines on the picture.
About my moral principles. This is truthfulness, honesty, to one's work and word
"The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Then you won't sell anyone''. This
Shakespeare's wisdom is followed by only a few people in the dark paths of life
they manage to do. For me, Islam Karimov is such a person
there is a good reason to enter the series.
"The most important thing is to believe in yourself." He follows this belief from a young age. It's his
On the way of life, the traveler is always a companion like a star.
(Leonid Levitin)
Our entire planet is full of explosions of extremism, the world
Despite the efforts of the community, people have blood and faith in each other
Today, the former communist country that kills because it is different -
The experience of Uzbekistan, the political portrait of its leader Islam Karimov is Western
It is not for nothing that it arouses interest in their countries. Therefore, Uzbekistan is the world
the fire of inter-national and inter-religious bloody conflicts between countries
striving for creativity instead of the logic of destruction that has achieved erasure
is one of the very rare countries that
Whether the government destroys the country or vice versa, to the blue
will it rise? This is the question of every country that has emerged in place of the former USSR
It is facing millions of citizens. It is easy to find an answer to it
No. People for future economic and, in general, social development
the burden is very heavy.
Uzbekistan is one of the former communist countries from economy to politics
There are very few countries that prioritize and turn towards the common man
is included.
The history of Uzbekistan is very interesting and unique. Different cultural and political
This country is located at the crossroads of streams and is sometimes one of the other
experienced the opposite effects. The Uzbek people are both old and new
he should show his political image to the world.
(Islam Karimov - President of New Uzbekistan Leonid Levitin Donald S.
Enthusiasm and enthusiasm in his heart,
Courage, courage inherited from grandfathers,
Courage to hold the flag high
May our country's leader be safe.
Day by day, a free and prosperous Motherland shines brighter,
Robot Homeland for happiness, happiness, and leisure,
So much sweet sugar honey, plant Motherland,
May Uzbekistan survive for our happiness.
Kamil Sindarov is a legal scientist, doctor of legal sciences.
Task: "Round discussion". About the works of President Islam Karimov.

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