Bathing the baby


Bathing the baby
1. When should the baby be bathed for the first time?
Some pediatricians say that the baby should not be bathed in the bathtub until the navel falls off. Other pediatricians are of the opinion that it is safe to bathe a child from birth regardless of the navel. You can choose a path based on your feelings. Of course, if the baby is your first child and you are a little worried about the navel, then you should wipe the baby's body with a soft cloth dipped in warmer than warm water without soaking until the navel falls off (every day). Gently wipe around the navel.
If you are a modern mother, confident and not afraid of bathing, then you can easily bathe your baby. Just after bathing, dry the navel and its surroundings with a soft towel. In this case, without rubbing the napkin on the body, gently press the navel and the moisture around it. It is absolutely impossible for the navel to get wet.
2. How to wash the child during baptism?
Do not rub the child and wash it. You simply pat the water on the body, apply a little soap, and rinse it off quickly. It is necessary to wash the head before the body and put on a hat after wiping it to prevent cold.
The baby's face will be very soft. Gently wipe with a soft towel dipped in warm water while lying down, not while bathing. Wipe the eyes from inside to outside without pressing so gently.
Only the back of the ear can be wiped with special cotton swabs. It is NEVER possible to insert sticks into the ear. To clean the nose, bring the sticks to the tip of the nose and gently clean it. If something is collected in the nose, it will come out stuck at least partially on the stick at the tip of the nose. Do not insert a stick.
In winter, it arrives twice a week. But armpits, back of ears, neck, places where legs bend, places where diapers are worn should be thoroughly cleaned (wiped with wet napkins) every day. In new babies, the areas are very soft and can be cut off quickly.
6. Is it necessary to use soap?
It is not necessary to use soap on the whole body of the child. It can be used in places where the skin protrudes a lot, instead of a diaper. It is enough to wash your head once or twice a week. Before using the soap, check whether the child is allergic to it. At first, wash a small part of the child's body with fresh soap and observe for 1-2 days. If there is no rash, redness, then the soap was good for the child. Use soap specially made for children.
7. Is it necessary to use oil and grease?
Some children are allergic to prispika powder. Oil can be applied to armpits, elbow bends and other bent areas. But do not use cosmetic oil, but special olive oil prepared by yourself.
8. The child screams and cries while bathing, why?
If there is no other serious reason for screaming and crying, the main reason why a child cries is his fear. This fear often arises from the panic of parents who are washing. When bathing a new baby, many parents panic, "am I doing it right?", "am I going to fall over?" The child feels this very well. Therefore, bathe the baby while you calm down, singing a song or talking to the child (in a sweet gentle voice), holding the child in your arms (without excitement). Another little secret, put a small clean napkin in the child's hand, often this is enough to stop the child from crying.
Remember! Before bathing, prepare the child's clean clothes, towels, diapers, napkins and other necessary items. When the child comes out of the bath, it is necessary to quickly wipe him, make him dry, and quickly put on his clothes

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