Belara pill is a tool that has a positive effect on the activity of hormones


? Belara pill is a tool that has a positive effect on the activity of hormones.

#Belara tablet
# Belara tabletkasi

? Dosage form: tablet

? Contents:?

Chlormadinone acetate and ethinylestradiol.

? According to the effect:

Progestogens and estrogens. A means of normalizing the activity of hormones

? Application?

- When hormonal metabolism is disturbed.
- In menstrual disorders such as premature onset of the menstrual cycle.
- Improves skin condition.
- Reduces uterine dysfunction, ie improves uterine function.
- Prevents diseases of the ovaries and mammary glands.
- Improves mineral metabolism in bones.
- Has a therapeutic effect on inflammation and other diseases of the pelvic organs.

? Method of administration and dosage?

The tablet is taken at the same time every day (preferably in the evening) for 21 consecutive days. There is then a 7-day break in taking the pill. 2 to 4 days after taking the last pill, bleeding occurs, similar to menstrual bleeding. After the 7-day break is over, you should start taking the Belara pill from the next box, whether or not the bleeding stops.

Consult your doctor again about the time and dose of administration.

? Side effects?

- Severe bleeding
- Insignificant bloody discharge from the vagina.
- Headache
- Discomfort in the mammary gland.
- Depression, nervousness
- Dizziness, migraine or exacerbation of migraine
- Nausea, vomiting
- Pain in the lower abdomen.
- Increased blood pressure.

❌Unacceptable circumstances:?

- In patients with diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke
- When suffering from thrombi, ie in patients with vascular thrombus
- Cannot be taken at least 4 weeks before surgery.
- In vascular insufficiency
- Impossible in diabetes
- Cannot be taken by people with high blood pressure.
- In hepatitis
- In bleeding in the abdomen
- In malignant tumors and tumors of the breast and uterus (cancer).
- In migraines and headaches
- Depression
- Impossible in epilepsy
- Not possible during pregnancy and lactation.

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