Birthday greetings lions


May every day pass like a holiday!

Let the spring flowers be a gift,
You are a happy stranger without a radiant person,
Happy Holidays,
May every day pass like a holiday!
Happy Birthday to you!

Create more people like you!

What I was looking for in wishes,
God bless you.
My only request is from Allah this day,
Create more people like you!
Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday lions
Happy birthday lions

Laugh, God forbid

Never become an unnecessary person,
God forbid!
Happiness is not lost,
Laugh, God forbid!
Happy birthday, darling!

Happy birthday!

On a quiet night,
Being among the latest.
Knowing my words in a bouquet,
I say Happy Birthday!


In a bouquet of roses,
My sincere words cling to him,
A quarter of a century is another quarter.

I wish you the sweetest dreams

Like the clear morning of the blessed holiday,
Existence when filled with pure colors.
Like the seven colors of fragrant nature,
A label when left in the sky.
I wish you the brightest feelings,
I wish you the sweetest dreams.
Happy birthday

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