Breast cancer


Breast cancer (CBS) is a multifactorial disease whose development depends on changes in the genome of breast cells as a result of exposure to the external environment and hormones.
The initial stage of breast cancer is asymptomatic. As a result, the disease progresses to the next more severe stages without the woman's knowledge. This requires additional difficulties and harmful treatments in the treatment of the disease.
Breast cancer morbidity:
1. In older women, ie over 50 years of age;
2. In women whose mother, aunt or grandmother has cancer;
3. In women with genetic disease (defect in BRSA 1 and BRSA 2 genes)
4. The period of the first menstrual period is up to 12 years, and the period of menopause (termination of menstruation) is more than 55 years;
5. In women who consume a lot of alcohol;
6. In infertile women;
7. In women over the age of 30;
8. In women who are breastfeeding;
9. In women taking estrogen hormonal drugs for more than 1 year;
10. Occurs in women exposed to radiation.
Symptoms of breast cancer may not be known in its early stages.
As the disease progresses, it can manifest as follows:
-the presence of tumors under the chest or armpits, they are usually painless;
-changes in the shape, color, or structure of the nipple or nipple (e.g., redness, roughness,
separation of blood or earth from the tip of the breast.
In severe stages of the disease, the following symptoms occur:
-bone pain;
-chest pain;
- the appearance of sores on the skin;
- the appearance of tumors on the side of the breast, where there is cancer;
- Rapid weight loss.
Treatment of breast cancer.
Timely diagnosis plays an important role in the treatment of this disease. Therefore, every woman should be regularly seen by a mammologist (breast specialist).

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