Breastfeeding is not recommended in the following diseases of the mother:


Breastfeeding is not recommended in the following diseases of the mother:

In renal failure;
In congenital or acquired heart failure;
In endocarditis and myocarditis;
In Bazedov's disease;
In malignant tumors;
In acute mental illness.

Breastfeeding is not possible when the mother has active forms of tuberculosis. The child is removed from the mother for 1,5-2 months, during which time the child is vaccinated and develops immunity against tuberculosis. Breastfeeding is continued with breast milk.

In addition, if the mother becomes ill during lactation with diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, measles, rubella, anthrax, tetanus, sweating, the following special measures are taken.
Influenza, when the lungs are inflamed - the mother can breastfeed while wearing a mask over her mouth. After breastfeeding, the child is transferred from the mother to a separate room;

When measles, rubella - it is possible to continue breastfeeding. However, at the same time the child is injected with gamma globulin under the supervision of a pediatrician;

In anthrax, breastfeeding is completely stopped and other women's milk is used;

In severe cases of rash and recurrent sweating, breastfeeding is temporarily stopped. In mild cases, breastfeeding is continued.
Appropriate measures should be taken when the above conditions are observed in a woman. When these cases are observed, you should be under the supervision of a doctor (Pediatrician, Family Physician) not only for yourself, but also for the health of your child.

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