Anthelmintic drugs

Anthelmintic drugs. 🔥It is not right to take medicines arbitrarily. Of course, take it after a doctor's recommendation! The reason is that some drugs can have severe side effects. Therefore, it should be done under the supervision of a doctor. 💧Effective drugs for adults. 🗼Helmintox 🗼Albendazole 🗼Pipantel 🗼Dekapic 🗼Vepmox 🗼Nemozol 💧For children (drink with doctor's recommendation!) 🎢Vopmil 🎢Pipantel 🎢Nigella ...

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Apricot — Increases milk in mothers

APPILAK - a drug that increases milk in mothers and increases appetite in children. Pharmacotherapeutic group: Biogenic stimulants 📝 Application: ➖Convalescence period after transferred diseases; ➖Disturbance of breastfeeding in the postpartum period; Loss of appetite in children; ➖Neurotic disorders and arterial hypotension (as an auxiliary tool) ✅ Application method and doses: Adults 1 tablet 3 times a day. 3 tablet per day for children over 1 years old

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Top 10 best flu sprays

List of top 10 best anti-influenza powders • Taylolhot • Griphot • Teraflu • Anvimax • Antigrippin • Antiflu kids • Fervex • Coldrex • Grippostad • Maxicold ➥ Prepared in one can of water. Drink one every 4-6 hours (3-4 times a day). Do not mix with Nimesil. May weaken the effect of the effect Related posts:Anti-depressant …

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Which hormones are more dangerous?

Which hormones are more dangerous? You can see the side effects observed when hormonal drugs are used in high doses and for a long time in the section of the following hormones: 💊Hydrocortisone 1. Hydrocortisone acetate 💊Prednisolone 1. Prednisolone 💊Methylprednisolone 1. Methylprednisolone 2. Maypred 3. Solu medrol 💊Triamcinolone 1. Kenalog 2. Polcortolone 💊Dexamethasone 1. Dexamethasone 💊Betamethasone 1. Diprospan 2. Betaspan 3. Flosteron Source: @allergiya Similar posts: Which are the most popular among Uzbeks?

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What do you know about "Zvyozdochka"?

❓ What do you know about "Zvyozdochka"? ❗️"Zvyozdochka" balm appeared about 50 years ago. Surprisingly, despite the emergence of better and higher-quality products, it has not lost its place. ☑️ Because it can be used for different purposes: 📌 Balm prevents the spread of infection. 📌 It helps to get rid of headache if applied to the forehead and temples. 📌...

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KALGEL 💊 Composition: Lidocaine hydrochloride, cetylpyridine chloride, 70% sorbitol, xylitol, ethanol, glycerin, macrogol, levomen. 🗂 Pharmacotherapeutic group: Local analgesic and antiseptic agent. ✅ Application: Kalgel is mainly used during teething. It can also be used as a pain reliever in stomatitis. 📝 Application method and doses: A small amount is squeezed onto the mucous membrane and the inflamed part of the gum with a clean finger. It is applied a maximum of 6 times a day. …

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What is the difference between cream and ointment?

What is the difference between cream and ointment? MAZ - a drug form in which various drugs with different chemical structures are dispersed in a vaseline base. The number of components can be increased. It does not penetrate deep into the skin, leaves an oily trace, cannot be applied to wet wounds. CREAM- A form of medicine in which medicines are distributed on the basis of lanolin. For surfaces and slimy floors, it absorbs well into the skin...

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What is the capsule made of?

What is the capsule made of? Most Muslims consume capsule medicines more cautiously. This is because the capsule is often made of gelatin. Gelatin is obtained from pigskin or bighorn bulls. It is because of this fear that they ask many questions. Why is gelatin from pigskin preferred? — it is possible to get it on an industrial scale. Pigs are easy to breed and feed - the organism ...

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Antihistamine drugs

Antihistamine drugs 💊Diphenhydramine(Dimedrol) 💊Clemastin(Tavegil) 💊Chloropyramine(Suprastin) 💊Promethazine(Pipolfen) 💊Cyproheptadine 💊Hydroxyzine(Atarax) 💊Sexifenadin(Bicarfen) 💊Mebhydrolin(Diazolin) 💊Dimetinden 💊Meclizine 💊Chlorphenamine(Piriton) 💊Dimenhydrinate (Dedalon) 💊Terfenadine 💊Astemizole 💊Citirizine(Zodak) 💊Acrivastine (Semprex) 💊Ebastine(Kestin) 💊Mizolastine 💊Loratadin(Loratal) 💊Mequitazine (Primalan) 💊Bilastine(Nixar) 💊Azelastine(Allergodil) 💊Acrivastine 💊Xifenadin(Fencarol) ) 💊Rupatadine 💊Karebastine 💊Levocetirizine(L-set) 💊Fexofenadine(Zefexal) 💊Dezloratadine(Erius) 💊Norastemizole classical preparations, nervousness and ...

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Drug search, search Pharmacy directory

INFORMATION SERVICE "140-09-09" The organization works through online services Types of activities organizations / companies: Information agencies, services Information-information systems in Uzbekistan - manufacturers, trade Directory of pharmacies Weather service in Tashkent directory Information service in cities in Uzbekistan Index: 100007 Country: Uzbekistan City: TASHKENT District: Mirzo-Ulugbek MIRZO ULUG'BEK street, 30 Targets: "CLINIC PRO" MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER; "DIGNUS CLINIC" MEDICINE...

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