Causes of hypolactia


Causes of hypolactia
There is a lot of advice on the question of what to do when there is not enough breast milk. Sometimes, simply answering a question becomes a solution to a problem.
The question is: Do you have time to breastfeed?
Of course there are, many say. You have time to feed the baby, but don’t understand breastfeeding when it comes to breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is a psychological condition that involves not only feeding, but also feeding the baby, loving the mother, talking to the mother, hearing the mother pray, looking at the mother, and so on.
Have you ever seen a fat child be capricious? I was just breastfeeding, why are you crying again? In fact, even if you satisfy his need for food, you will not have time to satisfy his need for you, your stomach, your hands, your eyes. She will urge you on as if she wants to breastfeed again. She is breastfeeding.
Breastfeed to get you full, not to eat. Breast milk is so wonderful that its composition changes depending on the needs of the baby. In other words, if a hungry child receives fat milk as a result of strong sucking while not eating, he will slowly suck the milk, that is, skim milk, as if he wants to be satisfied with love.
Up to six months, the mother should dedicate almost 70 percent of her day to breastfeeding. If housework is waiting, then explain to the household. Is it better for them to have a well-fed, loving child, or is it better to raise a whimsical child by reducing the amount of milk in the mother without feeding the child enough and spending money on extra mixture for the child?
If it is important for the baby to grow up without losing breast milk, then it is necessary to create conditions for the nursing mother.
1. Never breastfeed a baby in a hurry before doing anything. The child feels the mother in a hurry and does not want to let go.
2. Get used to breastfeeding in a separate quiet place. If you talk to someone or breastfeed on the phone, the baby will not be satisfied enough with your love and attention, and after half an hour he will want to suck again.
3. Do not breastfeed the baby over time. The best indicator to know when to breastfeed is the baby’s need. There will be some days when the baby seems to be constantly sucking on the breast. These are the days when a baby is breastfed a lot. During this period, the mother's breast milk supply decreased and the child asked for more in order to increase it. As absorption increases, milk production also begins to increase.
4. Do breastfeeding between jobs, not between jobs. Until the baby is 6 months old, your most important thing is to sit the baby in your arms.
5. Do not memorize the breastfeeding process for hours. If you sit down to breastfeed, forget all the work. Now focus on the child with your whole body.
6. Don’t think breastfeeding is a problem. Fear and nervousness make the milk run out.
7. Do not push yourself until the baby is 6 months old. Fatigue reduces milk production.

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