Collection of poems by Alisher Navoi


One of the classic poems:


I came last night, debon, he didn't come,
I couldn't sleep until dawn last night.

From time to time I went out and waited on the way,
He came to me, but he did not come to me.

Seven cautions in the moonlight,
It was not as dark as when I died.

I cried like a madman,
No one laughed when he saw her.

Don't let me see how much water comes out of your eyes,
Whoever came was bleeding, no water came tonight.

The seeker will not be found faithful, otherwise who will step in,
By the way, the first step did not sit on the lover.

O Navoi, rejoice with the boda and play with your heart,
For some reason, no grief came to the house where the boda came from.

Another poem I like:

The head began to turn white u

The head began to turn white, the teeth began to fall out,
Make a travel weapon, work on your head in the afternoon.

When I was young, I was old,
On the way to Fano, this news is to go and come.

One hundred countries, forty to fifty hundred, if he does,
It is impossible to do good to one of a thousand deeds.

Evidence of Erur's life-threatening death,
Kishiki, yo kibi qadqa asodin seven kerish.

Adudur olti jarakdin manga chu yetti falak,
What a court age if sixty and snow seventy.

Youth is dead, spring is dead,
That word - old age is like winter.

No winter, no hazon, no spring,
In the spring I put a hundred, in the winter I put a hundred.

What a strange thing, to die for someone,
Long live, curse is an applause.

Navoi, the way of salvation of the people of Tutar,
If you want to achieve, you have to work hard.


The love of manga is still there,
I still have that passion in my heart.

Although I remember someone else, there is a valek,
John is still his address, his heart is still his mother's.

Let love fall in the house of my soul,
Whose imaginary place is still in front of my eyes.

May you leave with love, O naughty one, what kind of acceptance,
Whoever dreams of the heart is still a different drinker.

I mean, furqat is a dofii stain,
My soul is still the moonlight.

Charx was not alone Farhod blood tulip,
Lola is still the mother of the bloodthirsty.

O Navoi, even though he called me merciless,
It's different, I'm still in love.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Tell me if you have eyebrows, if you have dark eyes,
Tell me, is it everyone's pain?

Tell me if your eyes are angry, if your eyelashes are poisonous,
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Tell me if you are in love, tell me if you are in love,
Tell me, is this a cure for aches and pains?

Zulfi dominmu deyin, la'li kalominmu deyin,
Say someone's note, another's adosin?

Say turfa holinmu, say kaddi niholinmu,
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Tell me if you're upset, if you're upset,
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

O Navoi, do not describe your eyebrows,
Say eyebrows or eyes?

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