Enterobiasis in children


Enterobiasis is a parasitic disease that results from damage to the gut by small parasites.


The disease Enterobius vermicularis (Ostritsa) occurs as a result of intestinal damage caused by worms. The disease is transmitted through household items, dirty hands and household contact. The infection can also be transmitted by inhaling dust contaminated with contaminated water or helminth eggs.


Symptoms of enterobiasis:

 severe abdominal pain;

 white spots on the face;

 gnashing of teeth (during sleep)

 sleep disorders (due to severe itching)


 dry mouth;

 itching around the anus (worsens at night);

 decreased appetite;

 memory loss

 false call (defecation);



 general intoxication (headache, dizziness).


To determine how to treat enterobiasis, we perform the following tests:

 general inspection;

 analysis of feces (Parasites);

 microscopic examination of milk taken from the perianal area.


 Many people are interested in how to treat enterobiasis. Treatment required for enterobiosis includes the following.

 therapeutic enemas;

 anrigelmint preparations;

 adherence to a hygiene regimen.

In addition, the following is ordered:

 enzyme preparations;





 During treatment, patients are prescribed dietary table No. 4 in addition to diet:

 flour products, bread, pastries;

 fatty meat, fish, poultry;

 canned, smoked meats;


 oils (except butter);


 saturated broths;

 berries, fruits;

 sweets, honey;

 coffee, cocoa;

 carbonated drinks, kvass;



 If enterobiosis in children is not treated in time, it can lead to the following complications:





 enterobiotic endometritis;


 allergic reactions;



 vulvovaginitis (in girls)

 disorders of the nervous system;

 inflammatory processes in the tissues of the perianal area.


 To prevent the disease, the following is recommended:

 adherence to the rules of personal hygiene;

 production of food products, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards in public catering establishments;

 monitoring the status of water sources;

 immediate treatment of sewage waste.

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