Essay Abdulla Oripov's interpretation of the homeland


Essay Abdulla Oripov's interpretation of the homeland
  1. Introduction. A singer of hearts in need of mercy.
  2. The main part: a) The power of the poet's poetry is in the high level of art.
b) In the poem, which raised the Uzbek people to another height.
d) The old love renewed by the poet.
3. Conclusion. We will grow by studying the work of Abdulla Aripov!
With a pencil, the owner of the time, like Timur, could not reach the sword
The power that Alisher was able to get is poetry. Poetry
He is called "my mother" and is really devoted to poetry
Abdulla Aripov's poems, which he had as a child, have never been published
The apartment is unlikely to be found in Uzbekistan.
Maksuda Ergasheva.
The Uzbek people have always been a poetic nation, a poet from its soil to its leaves. That's why he gives his children names that are as deep as poetry, as meaningful as poetry, and compatible with each other. When he gets married, he sings "Yor-Yor" in a poem. Even in mourning he breaks his sorrows into poetry…
A five-century-old poetic palace
Tiratadi is a chained lion.
The place where Timur did not reach
Alisher took the pen…
Abdulla Oripov, a beloved son of the Uzbek people, wrote. The power of Abdulla Aripov's poetry lies in its high level of art. However, in his poems, art is not created through artificial art, forcible analogies, illogical animations. His every expression, every allegory is the same truth. Abdulla Aripov uses proverbs, sayings and sayings created by our wise people very wisely and artistically, as a result of which the poet begins his poetic life from the beginning. Every poem and every line of Abdulla Aripov has its own melody, which cannot be told in any other tone. The peculiarity of the poet's poetry is that he is a unique poet. If he loves, he burns with love, if he hates, he hates with a strong pain and desire at the level of love. He burns in every subject, scratches the pen, carefully and burns it, especially if it is the theme of the Motherland…
Abdulla Aripov is a patriotic poet who has left a deep mark on the hearts of the Uzbek people with his meaningful poems, who sang the love for the Motherland in his works. The poet's poems are full of patriotism and devotion to the Motherland. The role and place of poetry in inculcating feelings of freedom and patriotism in the spirit of the people is incomparable. Poetry, through its peculiarities, symbols, metaphors, and melodies, evokes such great feelings in the human soul that they cannot be destroyed even by the power of swords and weapons. The poem "My Country" by our beloved poet is a similar product. This poem is one of the great examples of creativity that embodies the great history, identity and national pride of the Uzbek people. From the first line of the poem, the feelings of love, respect, honor, pride and pride for the Motherland, the Uzbek people and its great history are clearly visible:
My country, I wrote you a poem today,
I can't find your match, too…
This poem, which raised the Uzbek people to another level and made them famous, became the honor of all Uzbeks. Indeed, Abdulla Aripov's poems are, in essence, true poems. A man who is as stubborn in love as the sea, as infinite as the ocean, as glorious as the mountains can be called the hero of his life. Abdulla Aripov is one of such people. It is natural that our people, who are trying to achieve independence and create Uzbeks, glorify such people. We believe that the life of Abdulla Aripov, his works and the leading ideas in them will live in the hearts of every person in the spirit of good thoughts. For us, the poet was a country. For Uzbekistan, both the poet and his poems are always respected!

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