Essay on the flag


Essay on the flag
1. Our flag is a symbol of our pride and honor
2. The flag is one of the symbols of Uzbekistan
3. Summary (Create Your Own)
Our flag is a symbol of our pride and honor. It is a unique symbol of our homeland. The sun shines in the sky as the flag of the sky, the flag of love flutters in the heart, and the flag of contemplation illuminates our minds.
The flag of our free and prosperous Motherland, Uzbekistan, is also a great torch that leads us to great goals.
State symbols are the symbol of independence, freedom, peace and stability of every nation.
The national flag and its symbol represent the historical connection with the ancient states of the territory of modern Uzbekistan and embody the national and cultural traditions of the republic.
There are more than two hundred states on earth, and of course, each state has its own symbols, its own flag. Each flag has its own colors and logos. Our flag, which flashes side by side with them, shows that we are not inferior to anyone and will not be inferior.
It should be noted that the flag has long been a symbol of independence, freedom, peace and stability for every nation. Our ancestors also considered the flag of the country sacred and kept it as the apple of their eye.
No matter what period in the history of our statehood, the flag was a symbol of freedom, strength, courage and victory for our ancestors.
The flag of the nation. He is as dear as the soul, as honorable as the bread.
The great master Amir Temur raised the banner of victory. Under this banner a great hand united, and the world recognized the great kingdom he had built. This period is marked in golden letters in the history of the country. The flag has become a symbol of the country, a symbol of glory. He waved high over the battlefields in order to give the warriors a fighting spirit, to lift their spirits, to strengthen their will. This flag was guarded by the most trusted heroes. Although the bullet accidentally hit the flag bearer, it did not mix with the ground - immediately the martyred soldier will be replaced by another, so that the flag would not be visible to those in the battlefield.
In the time of our great-grandfather, holding the flag low or falling from the hands of a soldier was considered uncharacteristic. The owner paid special attention to this. The lowering of the flag was a sign of defeat and retreat. It is also noted in the "Statutes of Timur" that the victorious emirs and soldiers, who showed courage and bravery over the enemy, were presented with state symbols - flags and drums. This is a testament to the high status of the symbols of the kingdom in the Sahibkiran state and their great socio-political, spiritual and enlightenment significance.
The flag of our country. It reminds us of the tragic periods of history - the beginning of the last century. Those days became an indelible mark on the hearts of our people. The hands holding the flag of the homeland were turned, the voices singing freedom were drowned out oy The devotees of the nation were persecuted under the black names of "enemy of the people", "ear", "traitor". The ancient people, who gave nothing to the world, were made illiterate. This insult to our people ignited the flame of enlightenment in the hearts of our original compatriots - they tied the knot and called the nation to unite under the banner of freedom and liberty.
It was the banner of freedom that symbolized the pride, honor, dignity, and will that the proud people have dreamed of for centuries!
It reflects the dreams of our ancestors. It reflects the present, immortal memory, faith and confidence of our people in the future.
On March 1992, 2, our flag began to fly in front of the United Nations Headquarters as a symbol of the recognition of Uzbekistan as a fully sovereign republic. For almost twenty-five years, it has been serving in the international arena as a symbol of the strength of our country, the global expression of our independence, the pride and pride of our people.

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