An example of writing a biography


Is there an example of writing a biography, how is it written, what should be considered?

The biography is also known to many as a resume. Follow a few tips for writing a resume. It is important to emphasize the main facts of professional biography, in particular:

  1. Position - If you do not know how the biography is structured, indicate what position you are applying for. For example, "accountant" or "PHP programmer".
  2. Contact information - It is not necessary to indicate the address of residence, but it is necessary to indicate the e-mail and phone number. You can also indicate the city you live in and how much you are claiming.
  3. Work experience - start with your last job and end with your first job. What position you hold in the workplace is also important. You can also include your achievements.
  4. Information - such as high, medium or high special.
  5. Professional skills and abilities - You need to write about what you can do, what programs you know to work with. Additional language skills may also be included. A worker who speaks English does not excel in any field.
  6. Recommendations - If someone from your previous job can recommend you, it will be useful to enter the information to contact them.
  7. Additional information - At the end of the speech, give a word or two about yourself. It’s about your character, your ability to take responsibility, respecting the opinions of others, paying attention to even the smallest noses.

The biography will be an excellent light upon light in the summer in two or more languages. For a complete solution to the misunderstanding, you can read the sample for the following biography:

Manzil Tashkent city
Phone +998 YY XXX-XX-XX
Date of birth 01.01.XXXX (YY age)
Maqsad I am looking for a job that suits my abilities and capabilities.
Never Technical Builder, Building and Structure Construction
Samarkand Industrial College, 1989-1994, Secondary special
Additional knowledge Working in Office Word and Excel
Work experience
  • Kolkhozchi, Pakhtachi district Q. Rajabov J / X (1988 -1989, 1991-1996)
  • Sokchi, Curriculum Department of the Navoi City Department of Internal Affairs (1997 - one year)
  • Master carpenter, Muborakgaz State Unitary Enterprise (1998 - one year)
  • Master carpenter, Bukhara Oil Refinery (1999-2001 - two years)
  • Master carpenter, Navoiyazot OJSC (2002-2004 - two years)
  • Master plumber, Elektrotechnoservis OAO (2005-2013 - eight years and three soups)
Foreign languages
  • Russian - fluent speaking and writing
  • English is average
  • Persian is average
Personal characteristics
  • Active, achieving goals;
  • Muomalali;
  • Responsible, optimistic;
  • Creative, enterprising, quick learner.
    General Director of HYDRARGENTUM OJSC
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