Flower Party Lions


Flower Party Lions 
The sun is shining. The game challenges us. Respectfully the flower begins the feast.
Don’t think that flowers are sometimes genuine and sometimes humorous. Don’t think that a guy loves to give a flower to a girl.
Your flower bunch is 1 meter lower than me.
Your eyes are so black between the flowers. Let the eyebrows of the guy who loves you be black.
You gave me a flower, a piece of unfriendly. May the mother who gave you white milk be my mother-in-law.
I threw the flower on the ground and started the flower party.
Until the perfume blooms into a bunch of flowers. You have to love girls until you find a new one.
I'll take your flower and put it in my pocket. If you don't smile, I'll take you.
The flower is gray towards the flower. Today's girls are in pain.
I planted a flower for fun to open when it opens. I asked for your picture to see if I miss it.
Do not rush to give flowers. Don't hang on to the one you love.
Two nightingales do not land on the leaf of one flower. If a girl is an idiot, two guys don’t love her.
Do not flower in the dark. Maybe there is a thorn. Don’t give flowers without knowing it, maybe there is someone you love.
Seeds by the stream. Soak the seeds in water. Girls say my heart. The cure for this is the guy.
Straw by the stream. The smell of straw is bad. Love itself is good. It's bad to miss an arrow.
Your flower is pepper. We are both old women.
Urik flower is not a flower. When the rose is standing. Russian girls are not girls. When the Uzbek girl is standing.
You gave me flowers. Let me play for you.
You gave a flower without recognizing. Touch the ground without getting old.
Guys and girls who play with flowers sometimes say nonsense.
You gave flowers on a moonlit night. In what power awaits you.
O girls, girls are not in love with guys. Spoonless unwashed in the face of love.
The apple is flowing. Bexi is flowing. The girl who gave me the flower has a runny nose.
Let's fly like a nightingale and land on a flower branch. Let's hug if the flower branch breaks.
On the bank of the stream, cut the basil. Blow your nose until you write like that to the girls.
Perfume flower perfume hair. Open the happiness of this girl.
Don't flirt because most girls are small. When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw that you were not a dog.
Let me take your flower and put it in my arms. I sniff and sniff when I miss you.
The venom of the snake at the bottom of the wall is bad. Don't be upset, girls are jealous of guys.
You gave flowers with enthusiasm. With the escape damas.
You can't say hello. If you hit Dev, he won't die. You can't go into the room because of the guys.
If you give a flower, give it to the horse and let him chew it. If you give the girl to the old man, let him play with his beard.
The beautiful face is an example of the moon. Shokhliklari is an example of a river. An example of a black eyebrow bow. …………. fit.
If you give grain to a rooster, it will sprout. If you give flowers to girls, they will grow.
Invite your loved one under the flower. If you don't look, shout that you love.
Will you give me a flower and stay with me? Can you say my name if they express love.
It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. You look like an ant on the ground.
I shaved on the roof. Boying suits me. I'll show you if your father doesn't give it to me.
The girl will be the boy's nazi. One kiss will agree.
If you love a girl, love her with all your heart. If he leaves, there will be no teeth left on his jaw while he is lying in wait.
There are only a hundred pistachios. The girl who gave me flowers is a master of svdaniya.
I took the flower from your slave. Now stay out of the way.
You are tall. Your word is sweet. Have fun while pouring one over the other.
You wrote a text message to the lion of the guys now. Dugonangni eriga.
Flower Party Lions 2
Girls don't know they fell in love. Balls don’t laugh in vain.
We have a perfume in our garden. Our way in between. Is it possible to talk?
White apple red apple. Don't bother giving flowers. I never love you. Don't miss the crack you love.
In heaven, a notebook is worse than a girl snake that gave me a flower.
You stole my heart, you stole my heart. I can't live without you, to be honest.
You gave me a flower in a hurry to raise my davlenyam. How long are we going to hide our love.
You gave flowers with enthusiasm. I will serve at your wedding with damas.
I threw a knife at Tolga. He went back to the floor. It is necessary to give modern girls to the old man.
I couldn't go through the thick of the rose, I couldn't leave the one I loved and love the other.
Always live happily with the flower you gave.
The venom of the serpent on the bank of the stream is evil. I'm sorry I'm jealous of a good girl
You gave a flower to the lion of the boys. Boja will be your sister's husband.
You gave a flower and hurriedly hung up on her lover.
There is no place to go without sprinkling water on the street. There was no room to kiss without painting your lips.
There is no smell in your flower, no taste in yourself.
It will be sad when your flower leaves dry. It will be bad when the girl's love ends.
As long as you don't have it in your flower, you don't have it.
I can't get your flower I can't go to your wedding. I can't come to you if my father finds out.
It is better to smell an odorless flower. It is good that unfaithful girls die.
The girl who gave me the flowers came by herself. He had been in love with someone before.
Until the scent of roses fades. The guy loves the girl until someone else is found.
The yellow of the flowers becomes "sapsar". The girls will be beautiful.
The smell of flowers is a dog that does not recognize me.
You gave a flower, you slowly hit the heart. Don't be surprised, I fell in love with a beautiful girl in a moment.
The dew on the rose petals is damp in my fall. Rest on the lap of today's guys.
Sweat came out of my forehead weaving a lion into your flower. I'm sorry, I can't be your sister.
May happiness never leave your room, may faithful girls never grow old.
As long as your shoes are low, they fit you. The girl who gave me the flowers was drunk drinking beer.
The girl who gave me flowers shot 50 grams. My mother is lying in our house telling me to marry.
Sasha smoked marijuana on the bank of the stream. Modern girls are nastayashi pale pasha.
After all, the end of the world is the grave. It is patience that makes a person who has faith a sultan.
Love knows what it loves. He knows the pain of the heart. Girls love to think when they love. If a guy loves, he loves to choose.
You say I have a white shirt, why don't you wear it. You say I have a lover and why don't you walk together.
The pledge of love is respect and honor. The key to marriage is love. My finger is a pen and ink is my blood. My soul is a sacrifice in the way of our love.
I thanked the gardener who planted the flower. For some reason I came back that day unable to meet.
Flower Party Lions 3
The white bird in the sky. Orly doesn't shoot the guy. Guys of Uzbekistan. He does not sell his love.
The girl who gave the flower is her brother. Her sister is her husband's brother-in-law.
I'll take your flower. I put it in cold water. I'll follow you. I'll take you anyway.
The oil drips in the pot. The girl who gave me the flower itched her lips.
The smell of your flowers is low, I have a lover to rest you.
The girl is called a red flower. The guy is called a nightingale. When two hearts unite. Guncha says roses.
Give a white flower to your friend. Give a red flower and let your love.
The young man's wink. It means I loved you. The girl smiled. I mean agree.
Is there proof that you say love is love. Is the young man's heart hardened to love. You love one and call the other. Do you have any shame in girls.
Do not be faithful to the girls. The girls themselves are insecure.
Crazy willows cry. He doesn't know I love him. I said I love you. The girl I love is now a bride…
When I see you. I'm full of visolis. I have proof of my love. I'll give you a kiss.
I threw the knife back into my heart. To the brack that modern girls have gone out of.
The grief in my heart is wet in my eyes. Rest to the girl who gave me flowers.
Your flower is odorless modern girls are tasteless.
Let me kiss your lips, Let me take your heart, If you are the girl who gave the flower, let me take you.
The close road is good even if it is not flat. Even if he is not educated. A girl who is not touched by a slave is good.
Gul aro gulshan aro. Never be happy
Let the young man who gave me flowers stand up. May the threshold always be full of flowers.
Love itself is a breath. Don't do it. There is a cure for all ills. The pain of love is endless.
Be there to give flowers. Be with a beautiful girl. Be hard to wait when you go out on a date.
You gave me a flower, you went out on my way, don't hang around my neck, let's go to my bosom.

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