"Goodbye kindergarten, hello school!" Scenario


The garden stage is festively decorated. The inscription "Goodbye kindergarten, hello school" is displayed on the central wall. There are flowers all around. The children enter the phonogram "Goodbye Garden", which is playing softly on the stage, one by one as the following poems are recited.
1. Power in goodness 2. In the embrace of our Motherland
Anger that is not in the heart Growing up is joy
Thought goodness made its way to School today
The verb is broad, which is why Jajji is a beautiful Parisian
Brave boy Azizjon
3. His teeth also fell out. 4. Our gardens were in ruins
The flowers also began to sweat
He was the oldest of the seven flowers
The more playful Shoxijahon gave it to his sister
Joyful Dilnozaxon
5. Goodness to think 6. Little ones themselves
The verb is broad, which is why the smiling eyes
The knowledge-hungry boy Oydekkina themselves
Know that this is Ogabekjon Shiringina Khadichahon
7. In the arms of our homeland 8. Educated in kindergarten
Growing up, his happy demeanor was excellent
Went to school today Good reading intentions
Botir oglu Ruslanjon Botir oglu Jahongirjon
9. From Byron languages ​​10. Burro-burro speaks
He seeks the Future from pure hearts
This is a sharp-witted Habibjon
Our beautiful daughter Mukhlisa
11. The words of honey 12. The moon will be oil
Shining eyes will be a stream of splendor
Oydekkina themselves Goh running around
Only Shirin Aminahon was tied to Argimchak
Brave boy Lochinbek
13. Power in goodness 14. Just as gardens are flowers
There is no anger in the heart
The future of Uzbekistan went to school
Pakhlavon boy Sherjalol turned 7 years old
Istarali Barnokhan
15. Black beaded eyes 16. Educated in kindergarten
Lola's example was that her facial expressions were excellent
Good intentions for reading
Behrouzjon is a brave boy who does not leave his grandmother
Sweet little girl Nafisahon
17. Our group is beautiful 18. Singing - the game is over
The words also play juicy together
The intention to read well will never leave Shokhlik
Our beautiful daughter Zakhrokhon Jasur oglan Akbarjon
Beginner: Your face is glowing and you are brave
You have a bag in one hand and a bouquet in the other.
Months go by, years go by, one day you grow up.
The universe is waiting for you, the heroic hand is waiting for you.
Girls, boys, you're seven years old,
Congratulations we have made you a reader.
Jahongir: Dear parents and guests, kindergarten staff, little children, warm-hearted coaches. Here we are today for a farewell night before going to school. We will never forget today's holiday.
Mukhlisa: It is true that no one will forget Jahangir today, he taught us to be educated from childhood.
Everyone: No matter how much we bow to our honorable and dear grandmothers
Fan: Why are we here today
We celebrate merrily
Because in a fast day
We go to school
Jahangir: Kind as a mother
A place for science
I read every moment
My dear school
The song "I went to school."
Cheerful dance
Shoxijahon: I was six years old last year, I was not old enough
They could not study, they did not enroll in school
Years go by. I turned seven this year
Now that I’m older, I’m going to school
I did get five on the throne to read axd
Every day I count September one by one.
Amina: I'm happy to have a garden
Tolmay ran away
We bow to you
Thank you manager opajon
Ogabek: I will leave your arms
I'm leaving you
I remember you every moment
Even in the heart of my school
We will never forget
Good morning my dear gardener
(Inventor enters)
Starter: Wow! Who was that?
Donobek: Didn't you know me? I will be the future great inventor Donobek, this is the device I made I can travel into the future with this device
Starter: Wow, really?
Donobek: Really.
Beginner: Wow guys do you want to travel too
Children: Yes
Donobek: Well, we went there
Beginner: Wow guys where are we.
Donobek: Here, guys, my device has shown its power.
Beginner: Kids look around, everything is electronic, technologically advanced. We are now in the future.
Under the sound of music, a robot enters
Robot: Wow guys did you know me? I am a robot of the XXI century. Welcome to my country. What is happening here?
Starter: It's a holiday
Robot: Let's spend the holiday together. How did you guys get here?
Leader: We came here with the inventor Donobek.
Robot: Here is the inventor. Smart. Educated children would come.
Beginner: Quite rightly our kids are both smart and thirsty for knowledge
Robot: Then show me something?
Beginner: Mr. robot knows how to sing and dance in Russian performed by children.
Robot: Let's have a rest in it.
Song: "Do svidanya, detskiy sad"
Hat children's dance
Beginner: Mr. Robot, our kids also know how to make some words using cubes that describe these letter joints.
Educational game "Collect a cube"
Beginner: You see Mr. Robot our kids are very smart and agile.
Robot: Wow you knew those words. Can you test me too? (Distributed envelope) This envelope contains magic letters. It will show your names. Do you know how to create your own name?
Game: "Find your name!"
Beginner: Mr. Robot, now we will watch the puppet dance performed by our children.
Dance: The Puppet
Fans: Goodbye, Detskiy sad!
Nauchili nas v sadu
Many on the world
How to read and how to write
How drujit vsem detyam!
Nafisa: Our faces are burning,
Let's be brave
We have a bag
The first is in a bouquet
Running towards the school
We run, we hurry
In comfortable classes
We get knowledge
Zahra: Dear parents, sweet children
Today is a holiday and a great celebration
It is a wonderful holiday in our garden, and the guests are also gathered
The sooner the bell rings, the more we go to school
Beginner: Mr. robot these kids are now ready for school. Will they be able to find the things they need for the school? Let's give it a try.
Action game: "Who will collect first"
Dance performed by girls: "Khorezm"
Beginner: Mr. robot, these guys even know how to count and do calculations. Now I will tell a few riddles. Find out for yourself.
Example 1: Vali fell into the snow, followed by Ali,
Then Jabbor fell, how many children are in the snow (3).
Example 2: A friend visits a rabbit for lunch.
Sitting on the bench, enjoying the carrots,
Five for each, they ate cracking
Who knows how many carrots are eaten (10).
3 Example: I have five balloons, I gave one to Nadir.
All I have, how many bubbles are left? (4ta).
Robot: Wow, it's so easy to guess. Can you solve my difficult problems? (Distributes cards with calculation operations to children)
Dance "Khorezmcha" performed by boys
Behrouz: Well, my noisy car
You were a friend too
I reached school age
Now I read too
Beginner: It’s time for the kids to go back to our time. Oh, run the device that Donobek invented.
Robot: No. Children
Everyone: No. Bye Bye
Leader: Here we are, guys.
Song: "Goodbye kindergarten - kindergarten sister"
Arabic dance
(Suddenly, the creators of the show "My Mother" on the TV channel ZO'R come in. The show will be staged)
At the end of the event, children will dance to the music of "Goodbye Garden."
Mass dance
Thank you for your attention!

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