Yandex Toloka - how and how much money you can earn


What is Yandex Toloka? How much money can you make on this service? What is the difference between curls, clicks, and surfing? How to increase income in Tolok?

You did not come here by chance. Google, Yandex,… Every Internet user knows about these big companies. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “I work for Yandex”?

Personally, I immediately start thinking about great programmers who make sure search engines, games, videos, and other features work seamlessly. But in reality this is not the case. I was able to work at Yandex and today any of you can do it.

In the article I will talk about the Yandex Tolok service, how to use it to make money and how much you can earn for working hours. You will learn secrets, tricks and tips to increase your income.


  • 1 What is Yandex Toloka?
  • 2 Who needs to work and what does it take?
  • 3 Start
    • 3.1 Registration
    • 3.2 We understand the site
  • 4 About homework
    • 4.1 Types of tasks
    • 4.2 Training and implementation
    • 4.3. Tips, tricks
    • 4.4 Which tasks are more useful and easier?
  • 5 Phone application
  • 6 On withdrawal of funds
    • 6.1 How much money can I make on Yandex.Tolok?
  • 7 Reviews about Yandex.Tolok
  • Content managers or employees for a penny? Disadvantages and disadvantages of income, results

What is Yandex Toloka?

Yandex Toloka - it is a special service where anyone can perform tasks for money. Here you don’t need narrowly focused information and multiple higher education diplomas - the job is available to every user who logs on to the internet.

In other words, Yandex.Toloka is just without surfing, bookmarks and tests (more on curls: how and how much money you can make by clicking and surfing). And it was created by Yandex, not by some Vasya in the garage. Confidence in an official and reputable company is much higher than in any box.

Here you will not see "Subscribe to the newsletter", "Liked" and other nonsensical tasks. Yandex offers serious and exciting jobs that benefit people. You need to fix content analysis problems and search algorithm errors. It sounds complicated, but in reality everything is simple.

According to statistics, Yandex handles an average of 200 million requests per day:

Click for larger image.

Under such a load, the system cannot work perfectly. Somewhere the developers made a mistake and somewhere the software crashed and as a result incorrect data was extracted. For example, in the survey "Rocket launch to the moon" you saw videos about nature. Isn't that so? These types of errors are also handled by Toloka’s independent staff, which you can have immediately after reading this article.

And here is another example that Yandex gently corrected, but in fact one of its many employees corrected:

Some cases, as I mentioned above, are funny. However, when you receive pornography at the request of the Cartoons, it is not very interesting. What a robot can't do, a human can easily do.

Yandex.The current working principle is based on this. Users optimize, i.e. improve, the performance of the search engine by performing various tasks (topographic surveys, video and photo quality assessment, determining the relevance of the query and data provided, identifying non-functioning videos, etc.). You will feel like a great moderator who cleans the internet of all garbage and benefits people. And the company pays for such tasks.

A lot of work. It’s different and fun (unlike mirror boxes). What does Toloka offer and what are the pros and cons of the tasks? You will find out below, now I will tell you about the beginning of the work.

Who needs to work and what does it take?

The work can be done by a schoolboy, a student and even an elderly citizen. Special knowledge, advertising accounts on social networks, Internet experience - all of this is not important here. Therefore, the money earned using Toloka can be obtained a few minutes after you read the article.

To become an employee of Yandex.Tolki, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an account on Yandex;
  • From 18 years (no one checks);
  • You are not a citizen or resident of the Swiss Confederation (i.e. not affiliated with Switzerland in any way);
  • Internet access
  • Computer or phone (tablet).

In addition, you must have the following qualities:

  • Timeliness;
  • Responsibility
  • Attention to tasks.

Perhaps the simple qualities you have may seem obvious. But the income depends directly on them. Why - you’ll learn something a little lower. Let’s start registering and see what the site is all about. See also: Earnings on Internet surveys: TOP-18 tested sites without investment with real money

Get started

Before registering on Yandex.Tolok, you need to have an account on Yandex. It is not difficult to get it:

1 Open the registration page

2 we specify the name, surname, login, password, mobile phone number (for data recovery);

3 We accept the terms of the User Agreement, agree to the processing of personal data (this is safe), enter the captcha.

I have a Yandex account for a long time and it is very convenient. After registration you will be given a mailbox and e-wallet (Yandex Money). From the account I usually pay for the Internet, mobile communication and transfer the money found on the Internet to the bank card.

Sign up

Registration on Yandex.Tolok is also not a problem for users. We will pre-authorize on Yandex and go to the following link: I fill in the information as in my example:

The mandatory element for approval is the last (in the User Agreement). No need to repeat emails (on Yandex), as well as send notifications. Warning: about the first paragraph . Be prepared to complete about 25-30 percent of Tolok’s adult content assignments. These are photos and videos with 18+ content (so Yandex requires you to be 18 years old at the time of registration). You can cancel such tasks by removing the marked icon. But keep in mind that this method will do less work. Personally, I left a check mark and often see porn.

We understand the site

Once registered, you will find yourself in a simple menu, where I think there are no extras:

Menu on Yandex.Tolok

Click for larger image.

Menu. Here you can change shortcuts and go to the tasks window, view active work, go to your profile, view messages, and view the forum.

Board with responsibilities. Here you can see the available jobs, conditions, fees, user ratings.

account, language, avatar. After checking the tasks, the "withheld" funds that will come to you will be displayed in gray. Green is money that is already in your account (you can get it back).

Filter by functions and clients. Choose which tasks are on your request and which people will be featured in your stream.

You can go through each section on your own and we’ll look at the most interesting of them. I advise you to pay attention to "My profile":

Click for larger image.

I think a profile that reflects all the information you need (rating, skills, personal information, income) is very handy. What these skills are, you will learn below. I really liked the rating table, with which you can quickly draw conclusions about your "performance".

In "My Money" you can order a payment (about this at the end of the article) and in "History" you can learn more about income:

Click for larger image.

In the forum you can talk to colleagues, find out who earns how much, the nuances of work and more:

Forum on Yandex.Tolok

Click for larger image. See also: Likes, reposts, how to make money on social media subscriptions - General Review of 7 Best Sites + Tips for Beginners

About homework

The most interesting discovery for me was this assignment. There are many of them - and they are all different. It is difficult to describe them in a few simple words. What I achieved in a few hours of work:

  • Move pictures;
  • Corresponding names;
  • The pictures are similar to each other;
  • Search for logo / watermark;
  • Clustering
  • The content of comments to the media and organizations;
  • Visual quality of images;
  • Advertising filter
  • Video playback mode;
  • Image quality;
  • Quality of images in advertisements;
  • Availability of video content on the page;
  • Evaluation of click-through titles and insults;
  • Moderation of articles;
  • Image categories;
  • Naturalness in communication.

And at the same time, I stayed at the top of the page without going down. Surprising! I’ll tell you some general information about the tasks, after which we’ll take a closer look at the revenue process, types, and tips. IMPORTANT : If you see tasks that cost $ 0,01 (0,56 rubles) or even $ 0.00, don’t rush to close the page. The cost is shown for the training, after which the price rises depending on the skill acquired (details below).

It's like a map in the workplace:

From the title you can understand what to do (importance is that the search results are returned to what users expect). Below are the ratings and categories. You have to go through training before you can work here.

Note: you should read here before almost every new task.

In the description, the client can specify the nuances and other useful information in the workplace. For example, this example explains that there are bonuses, that payments increase over time, and that there is a possibility of “rehabilitation” if you do not pass the exam. By clicking on the training button, you start working and go to another page. In the past, the instructions were worth studying, but you’ll see more as you study. IMPORTANT:"exam" don’t be afraid of the horrible word. First, they will explain everything to you in detail, then they will allow you to practice, and then after you have prepared enough, you can take the exam and start working. To understand that this is simple, you can go a little lower than my example.

Note: some requirements for access to certain functions are advanced. In this case, the cards look like this:

There are certain requirements for access to certain functions


  • By rating;
  • By “working device” (for example, the task can be performed only in a mobile application (iOS or Android)).

Sign up for Yandex Toloka

Types of work

Unique Yandex.Toloka sometimes forces you to travel. First, we’ll talk about tasks that require you to visit specific places and take photos. Examples:

Task example: count the number of cars
Task example: access to organizations

Armed with a phone and mobile app, you can perform these tasks, go to the places shown, and take pictures. But I do not recommend these tasks to everyone because:

  • Small payment . Well, if you have the right place under the window, but in most cases you will have to spend time on the road. But in the end you get $ 0.1-1, which is definitely not worth it;
  • Workforce. I’m not against walking around town, but if you’re in the intentional cold or rain to do a mission for $ 0,5, blame yourself. It is better to spend some time doing other tasks.

Such work is suitable for machines and workers. Yes you can go down the road, take a few photos and move on. Or, if you just went into business and are currently working at Yandex.Tolok, don’t forget to check out nearby posts. Combine business with pleasure. Also read: How and how much money you can make in QComment reviews exchange

We refer to the Toloka gem, i.e., tasks performed remotely. I have listed an important list above, but in fact it is possible to highlight several areas of work:

Working with images . Identify duplicates, evaluate quality, rotate photos, search for ads on the screen, check the similarity of faces, the attractiveness of images for video.

Working with videos . Mark non-playable videos, determine quality, compare, adjust result.

Sound . Record what you hear (hearing aid needed).

Working with queries . Conformity of the result, identification of complex queries, quality assessment, search for answers in the question element.

Working with questions: Evaluating the quality of relevant inquiries
Working with queries: Identifying complex queries

Working with text, sites, articles and documents . Analyze articles, review documents on the site, verify data (e.g., company address or phone number is trustworthy), correct entries, moderate articles.

Working with text

others . Quality assessment of turbo pages, quality control of pedestrian functions, etc.

Not all assignments were described. New ones appear every day, but mostly you have to work in these areas. See also: Earnings from watching videos on the Internet without investing money - 10 popular sites + 5 additional types of income video.

Training and implementation

My eyes were wide open from the abundance of work, and I wanted to try everything at once (especially high-paying jobs). But doing it doesn’t work - you have to go through the training first.

This is a kind of "practice". Before performing each new task, you need to be trained. Admittedly, as an employer, you don’t want to pay someone who has no experience doing the wrong thing.

Take one of the tasks and click the "Education" button:


You go to the working window and see the instructions:


Click for larger image.

Be prepared to spend 5-10 minutes studying it in detail. Otherwise, you will not read. I encountered the task with a bit of instruction, but sometimes I have to read a ton of text.

In doing so, I see a lack of site. Sometimes it takes a long time to learn the instructions, and that’s just for one task.

Once we meet, we get to work. The process is automated - you don’t have to print, you have to look for something. As with the school test, look for a suitable option:

As with the school test, just look for a suitable option

Click for larger image.

Let's look at some interface elements:

Timer, assignment price (training, so not paid)

Timer, assignment cost (training, so not paid).

Click on the instructions to see the instructions for the job.

By clicking on the instructions, you will again see the instructions for the task. The other three buttons:

  • Star - Evaluate the work;
  • Mail - send a message to the customer;
  • Arrows - expand to full page.

When you're done, click "Next" in the lower right corner:

Click "Next" when you're done

If everything is correct, new tasks will appear or the job will be completed. You can make mistakes during training, Yandex tells you to solve:

You can make mistakes during training

After Toloka, he may offer to perform additional tasks. It will be an exam. But like this exercise, it passes with tips. Also, instructions are always available.

When you are finished, you will see the following entry:

Record after work

This is the first skill. Determines in% how many correct tasks you have. The higher this is, the higher the payout. In the description of the task, some customers “bars”, ie. Eligibility of income and skill level:

The higher the percentage of correct assignments - the higher the payout

After training, you can complete the tasks. Instead of the "Teach" button, you will see "Continue":

You will see “Continue” instead of the “Teach” button

The final skill is assigned after the first “complete” task. You will receive a letter and the profile itself will show the skill itself.

Skill notification

Click for larger image.

Skill list

Click for larger image.

This determines the cost of the tasks. Care and responsibility play an important role here. With zero ability, you are more likely to be prevented from entering your mission.

  • This is interesting : most tasks are paid automatically, so you get paid even if you answer incorrectly in any case. But you don’t have to do this because you may be blocked and access to work may be limited.
  • About the rating : while the artist is working, the smart Toloka calculates his rating. It depends on the quality of the response (if you follow the instructions, the rating will increase) and the activity (frequency of site visits and termination). The rating determines the number of tasks and payments.

Caution : if you don't perform skillful tasks for a long time, it will be lost. The rating drops after a day or two of inactivity.

Note: if you are not allowed to work, you can retake the exam. Clients indicate the possibility of pre-rehabilitation in the description. See also: How and how much money you can earn from Otzovik website Sign up for Yandex Toloka

Tips, tricks

I researched the stories of Toloka and the people who work there and gathered a few tips and tricks.

1 Do not perform 10 tasks at the same time. As you can see, training is not a quick process, and if you spend a few hours on it, you will quickly lose the desire to be a great moderator on Yandex. It is better to choose 1-2 tasks, study them in detail and not face problems with low skill and accordingly payment.

2 Most high-paying jobs are a waste of time. A simple example is the “Side-by-Site Evaluation, Expert Evaluation” task for $ 0.05, which requires screenshot analysis and the search for subtle details. Instructions are provided on page 10. But it’s easier and more fun to compare pictures for $ 0,02. You can complete the 5 tasks in the pictures during the time spent evaluating the sites.

3 Visit the site on weekdays. While there is a lot of work, there are a lot of artists on the weekends and orders fly like hot cakes.

4 Use the buttons. When performing tasks, you will see numbers next to the parameters:

These are called hot keys and they are attached to the keyboard. "1" button "1" and so on. By clicking on them, you will immediately determine the desired option. The "Enter" button means to move to the next card. This saves a lot of time.

5 Some tasks are the same and the principle of their performance is similar (for example, “Mutual selection of duplicate images” and “Evaluation of similar images”). They often contain the same sub-clauses. By doing them, you will increase your income many times over.

The best performers who perform well in 6 consecutive 25 tasks and take the top spots in the rankings once a month will receive a prize of $ 10 to $ 100. See also: How to make money on Instagram - TOP-10 methods + guidelines for analyzing competitors, choosing their location, a list of services that will help you.

Which tasks are more useful and easier?

As I performed the tasks, I became acquainted with the “good” and the “bad”. First, I liked the ease and abundance of the work. That is, I can do the task calmly in 2-3 minutes, move on to the next "part" and as a result I can easily earn $ 20-0,5 in 1 minutes.

The latter caused me difficulties. The work itself was complicated, long, and there was no desire to return to it after training.

I have chosen the tasks that are best for you, in my opinion. Beginners should start with them and experienced users are advised to pay attention.

Evaluate the quality of relevant requests ($ 0.01)

There is a basic, but there is an additional requirement. Indicate what the latter is - repeats, generalizes, or clarifies the former. If not, determine if they are connected. A simple instruction and task is done in 2-3 minutes.

Importance of videos (by players or links) - 2 gradations ($ 0.01 - $ 0.03)

We will show if the video matches the query. Examples show that the user is looking for the movie “With the Wind” and in the query we see the cartoon. We made the film “insignificant”, everything is simple. 10-20 tasks per sheet, base rate $ 0.01. With a skill of 95, it rises to $ 0,02-0,03.

Assessing the visual quality of images ($ 0.01 - $ 0.03)

Evaluate the visual quality of images

Click for larger image.

We determine the quality of the photo. Excellent - when you see all the details of the photo (fine print, contours) and it becomes clear that the photo was taken by a professional. The fair is a simple photo. Bad - poor quality, small size, unseen image. Good price, simple conditions. On the first try, I had a 57-skill, but that was enough to pay $ 0.02. There are many functions.

entry ($ 0.02)

Records for writing

Correction of elementary errors, translation of queries (for example, vekmnbrb - cartoons). You can see the tip by clicking on the Yandex or Google buttons. The request is displayed automatically and you will see the correct selection. 10-12 queries per page.

Naturalness in communication ($ 0.05 - $ 0.08)

Naturalness in communication

Correct Elisha (voice assistant). Determine his answer (under the letter B, second). Bad is the wrong answer, illogical and contradictory to the dialogue. Neutral is the general answer. Good is a complete phrase that fits the conversation. It’s a little hard to figure out at first, but then everything works like clockwork. The pay is good and you can laugh.

The pay is good and you can laugh

See also: Work-Zilla Freelance Exchange (Workzil) - overview of services, revenue guidelines, user reviews and revenue growth tips

Phone application

You don't have to be near a computer to work on Yandex.Tolok - you can install a mobile app and solve problems on the couch, in bed, on a bench on the street, on public transport and elsewhere (the main thing is to own the Internet). This is also useful if you want to do a “street handover”.

To install, go to the company's store (on Android - on Google Play, on iOs - on the App Store) and download the free app Yandex.Tolok. For example, Google Play:

See also: Who is a copywriter and what does he do, what is copywriting and ways to make him money

Going to the installed program, we see the following:

We log in to the workspace using the information (password and login) during registration:

Yandex.Tolok workspace

Everything is the same as in the PC version. The actual reviews on Google Play aren’t the best:

Click for larger image.

The status of negative reviews with 1 rating exceeds 5s. Someone complains about technical problems, someone complains about low ratings. Either way, try it on your phone to have your own personal opinion. See also: Applications for making money (mobile money) - 15 ways to make money on the Internet without investing in Android or iOS.

On the return of funds

The minimum withdrawal cost is $ 0,2. Using my tips, you can make money in 20-30 minutes. Did you find it? Let's try to get the money.

We go to the "My Money" tab in the profile:

It can be displayed in the following systems:

  • Yandex;
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PrivatBank;
  • Papara.

Another drawback is that the output systems are low. To make money on Yandex.Tolok requires Yandex.Money respectively. But what if it is difficult for a person to make money transfers through them? But what about WebMoney, Qiwi? These sources are very common in Russia and CIS countries, but this is the first time I hear about Papara and Skrill.

Such restrictions are due to the fact that the site is located "worldwide" and can be used by residents of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries.

You can link your wallet by clicking the "Add…" button:

We will apply for a refund (remember, your account must have at least $ 0,2):

We pay attention to the commission (0,1% for Yandex.Money) and the time of consideration of the application. Don’t worry, $ 0,59 won’t go to you for a month. The money came to me that day, the currency is automatically converted:

The next application was completed in a few minutes. If we exclude a small number of existing systems, there will be no problems in concluding.ATTENTION : If you want to return to Yandex.Wallet, you must first determine it, otherwise you will be denied payment. About identification more information read our article .

How much money can you make on Yandex.Tolok?

The main question for beginners: How much money can you make on Yandex.Tolok? Sources who talk about making money on this site are misleading users by claiming that they are able to make $ 2 a week.

As a beginner, I knew nothing about the site, made mistakes and hurried to try all the tasks. Finding a job for my heart, I found “Visual Quality Assessment of Photos” and started earning $ 0,02 in a matter of minutes. The tasks were many, about 10. Spend a maximum of half an hour.

And given that it hasn’t been rated and I’ve never heard of the site before. Therefore, a beginner can easily earn $ 1-2 per day, and experienced users will receive $ 5 -10 each (for this you have a good database of “favorite” tasks that you can click on like high ratings and seeds need).

At the forum, performers claim to earn an average of $ 20 to $ 50 (1200-2800 rubles) per month. In addition, they do it as a part-time job, ie. work 1-2 hours a day in your free time from rest.

As for me, these are very good results. Of course, monotonous work can be boring, but in Tolok constantly new unique tasks appear, among which you will find something of your own. Also, $ 50 per month is not the limit - you can always exceed this result several times. See also: 15 ways to make money on online games + a list of approved games with withdrawals

Reviews about Yandex.Toloka

“I have been dreaming of going to sea for a long time, but the interior has delayed that dream. Deciding to finish this, I started making money on the internet while I was on maternity leave. I came across Yandex.Tolok and kept my head down on it. I was convinced of the honesty and went to do everything that dazzled my eyes after learning the rules.

In the first 10 days it brought me 930 rubles (compared to the income in the reviews, which is great money). Often tasks for $ 0.01, as well as for $ 3 -5. I really like: interpreting audio recordings, ordering a walk, evaluating video quality, porn in photos, updating Google Chrome, converting photos.

Then the amount improved (1000-2000 per week). As a result, I have completed 5656 tasks so far and received $ 140 for it. I will continue my next job, I like Toloka! ”


“I came to Toloka to earn money. The price of 1 cent did not bother me because there was a desire to develop. The site seemed very interesting to me, but pornography and cruelty sometimes scare me (besides, it’s not just “light” content, but very tin, including car crashes, etc.).

Among my favorite tasks are: updating information about organizations, evaluating similar images, selecting the main category, photo quality, checking the quality of pedestrian tasks, interpreting audio recordings, moderating articles, evaluating the visual quality of images , side-by-side evaluation of sites (expert evaluation).

During my one-month job, I completed 57 assignments for $ 562. The next two weeks brought me $ 100 for 20 assignments. Two months later, the statistics were as follows: Tasks for 2018, $ 173. Toloka is growing rapidly and encourages performers to work. A great site to make money, I recommend it. “

Anjelina See also: Earnings from captcha access on the Internet - 5 approved services

Content managers or employees for a penny? Disadvantages and disadvantages of income, results

Brief information about Yandex.Toloke, taking into account the main advantages and disadvantages:


  • Interesting and unusual work. You feel like a content manager who makes the Internet cleaner and better;
  • Plenty of different tasks (there are walkers who force you to walk, and there are those who sit at home);
  • Simple registration;
  • Income without investment;
  • Payment in dollars (it is better to take 0,2 rubles for each task in the box);
  • Fast payments; automatic converter;
  • Progressive scale of payment (the higher the skill, the more money you get for the assignment);
  • Automated system for performing tasks (due to quick buttons and design);
  • Skills and rating system depending on the number of tasks available.


  • The mobile app is raw, unfinished;
  • Classes are delayed to complete certain tasks and therefore the desire to perform them in the future is lost;
  • Strict assessment of skills (if you are unable to complete the task, you will not be allowed and sometimes higher payouts will only be made with 100 skills);
  • Sometimes there is a misunderstanding (e.g. when doing a task, one option seems more logical to you, but the system thinks differently);
  • A small selection of payment systems to withdraw money;
  • If you don’t log in for a long time, your ratings and skills will drop.

Well, what about Yandex.Toloka executors - content managers or employees who work for a penny. Certainly not the second option. The work is fun, colorful and the payouts are growing, you are guaranteed to get paid. If you start making money on the Internet, then pay attention to Yandex.Toloka. Great start panel with good revenue. I recommend it.

And if you have something to say about Yandex.Toloki or have your own opinion about the site - we look forward to your comments! Rate the article if you like it.

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