How dangerous is a new strain of coronavirus for pregnant women?


How dangerous is a new strain of coronavirus for pregnant women?
Today, a new strain of coronavirus infection is not bypassing even pregnant women.
So how does this disease affect expectant mothers? How dangerous is the new mutation for them?
Yulduz Eshonova, head of the obstetrics department at Zangiota Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1, commented on the issue.
Pregnant women are more prone to contract not only COVID-19 but also other diseases, Yu said. Eshonova! - The reason is that during this period, the immune system is weakened and the body's resistance to disease decreases. Therefore, they need to protect themselves from various diseases as much as possible.
❗️But there is no need to worry too much about the new strain of coronavirus. Because at the moment the disease manifests itself in most patients, especially pregnant women, with normal symptoms.
In particular, the disease:
📌 general weakness;
📌 increase in body temperature;
📌 headache;
📌 pain in muscles and joints;
📌 sore throat;
📌 nasal congestion;
📌 sneezing;
📌 is accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite.
✅ In addition, lung damage is almost non-existent in patients. Oxygen saturation of the blood does not decrease. Body temperature drops after 1-2 days and the body begins to recover after 4-5 days.
‼ ️If the body temperature of a pregnant woman receiving home treatment for COVID-19 rises to 38,0 degrees, it is recommended to take 6 tablet of paracetamol at a dose of 500 mg every 1 hours.
✅ Vitamin D - 10ME once a day for 1 days;
✅ 10 mg of zinc (zinc) once a day for 1 days;
✅ Take 10 mg of vitamin C twice a day for 2 days.
📌 In addition, drinking plenty of fluids, walking in the fresh air, and eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals can help you recover faster.
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