How to see test answers?


❓How to see test answers?

❗️The test answer is very easy to know, believe me. You don't have to beg from someone, you can see for yourself if you try a little. It was just a little desire. Don't make excuses like "I don't understand", others have intelligence, you have it. Believe in yourself.

1️⃣ To view your answers, send a QR code image to one of the following bots under the caption “Link to show result” below the applicant’s permission.


2️⃣ Or download this program to your phone and try to read the QR-code on the camera:

3️⃣ Or go to your personal account on and see the test results.

4️⃣ Or go to the following sites and upload a QR code image or read the QR code via phone camera:

‼ ️ It’s a shame you can’t know through so many ways.

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