Constipation after childbirth


What does constipation mean after childbirth?

✍️ Doctor Farrukh Ormonov:

Hormonal changes - hormones in the body change during breastfeeding.
Abdominal muscles are stretched and relaxed.
▪️The uterus does not return to its previous size, so it continues to press on the intestine, preventing the free movement of feces.
▪️During pregnancy, the intestines are displaced and do not return to their place, due to which its movement is disturbed.
▪️Constant stress and insomnia.

✍️What to do:
🔸Choose the right food menu (eat black bread, cereals, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables).
🔸 Drinking laxatives (before drinking, you should consult a doctor).
🔸 Performing light physical exercises.
🔸 Drinking infusions made from plants and vegetables.

❇️ First of all, it is necessary to determine the nature of constipation. By knowing which type is bothering you, you can determine how to treat constipation after pregnancy.

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