Procedure for allocating interest-free education loans for women.


⚡️Procedure of allocating interest-free education loans for women and girls.
📜 According to the decision of the President No. PQ-2022 of July 18, 323, from this year, preferential interest-free educational loans will be given to women studying under a payment contract.
❓ Who is given credit?
✅ To students of all higher education institutions in Uzbekistan (branches of state, private and foreign HEIs);
✅ For students of secondary special and professional educational institutions (technicum, vocational college, etc.).
❓ What form of education is given?
✔️ Daytime;
✔️ External;
✔️ Evening.
Distance education is not available.🙅🏻‍♀️
❓ Since it is given at 14 percent, why is it called interest-free?
✅ True, the education loan is actually issued at a rate of 14 percent. But women do not pay this percentage, the state pays. More specifically, it is covered by the Education Loan Financing Fund under the Ministry of Finance. Women pay only the bulk of the education loan.
❓When does the payment start?
✅ The main part of the education loan is repaid for 7 years, starting from the seventh month (i.e. six months) after the end of the student's official study period. For example, if an educational loan of 7 million soums is taken, after graduation, 6 months later, for 7 years, 83 thousand soums will be repaid monthly.
❓ What documents are needed?
1️⃣ application to the bank;
2️⃣ identity document;
3️⃣ payment-contract agreement with the educational institution;
4️⃣ a document on the provision of education loan repayment for student's family members who have a permanent source of income and other third parties as joint borrowers.
❗️ Pledges and guarantees are not required for educational loans allocated to women of families included in the "Unified Register of Social Protection".

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