👱‍♂ Testosterone, the male hormone, is responsible for not only the function of a man’s genitals, but also his physically healthy structure. In addition, this hormone helps members of the stronger sex to fight hard for their goals, avoiding stress-related problems.

☝️🏼 However, after the age of 35, the production of this hormone in the male body decreases by about 1% per year. This process cannot be stopped. But it can be slowed down. To do this, follow the recommendations below.

🌝 Healing in sunlight. Vitamin D has a positive effect on the production of male sex hormones. Of course, keep in mind that healing also has its own norms.
Let physical training become a companion to men. Regular exercise can help increase the testosterone hormone. The condition should not strain the body.

😠 Don’t get nervous. Stress and nervous conditions cause the formation of cortisol, a substance that inhibits the production of the hormone testosterone in the body.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Sex. Regular sexual intercourse has a positive effect on testosterone production. In addition, the resulting "happiness" hormone prevents premature aging.
It is necessary to undergo an andrological examination for prophylaxis.

💪🏼 Diet for the strong
For the testosterone hormone to be normal in the male body, the diet should be rich in protein (animal and poultry), fat (olive oil, fish products, nuts) and vitamins. In particular, it is very important that men's diet is rich in group B (cereals), vitamins E and A (carrots, pumpkin, liver).


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