Is it possible to know who the other person is talking to on the phone?


You need information about ways to find out who the other person is talking to on the phone. Software, apks are better. It is possible to grab the phone, but the story is always empty.


Now he looks at me knowing who he is talking to. If you are worried about your children, bring the SIM card to your name (it is not given to those under 18 anyway), then you can easily find out who, when and how much they talked to in the operator's office or through its official website.

If you are jealous of your spouse, it will be more difficult, if you want to install a special program, look for programs called roditelsky control, which can also help in any way.

Now the worst is yet to come - if you want to steal someone’s personal information, use it for evil purposes. It is useless to give such information, because it requires a lot of special equipment, and at least it is illegal (I think).

You also need to see the opinions of others, what methods they tried, which ones helped, which ones didn’t.


Call Recorder There is a program called (this is not the exact name, but it turns out that the search will give a thousand options). If it is installed, it records all the speakers, and if the person does not notice, all the voices in the folder can be deleted and then deleted. If you feel it… What would you do if you feel it, where did it go?

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