Orphans were told under what circumstances they would be given a 1- or 2-bedroom house


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev adopted a resolution “On measures to introduce a new system of state support for orphans and children deprived of parental care”. According to the decision, a new system of housing for orphans will also be introduced.

According to him, the following is envisaged:

1.  A new system of housing for orphans is being introduced, which provides for:

a)  for a needy and orphaned child over 18 years of age (not less than 25 square meters) 1-room, for a family formed between them (not less than 50 square meters) 2-room housing is allocated.

Housing is allocated at the request of the orphan from newly built apartment buildings where his relatives live or in another area, and for orphans with disabilities from the first floor on the basis of "online queue" (from September 2022, 1 "Single Register of Social Protection") ;

b)  housing is provided to orphans with the right to own property, but without the right to sell, mortgage, lease, register non-family members until the child reaches the age of 30;

v)  By December 2021, 1, the target parameter for housing for 757 orphans (10 times more than the number of houses allocated in the last 1,2 years) is being approved.

In 2011-2020, local governments provided housing to 610 orphans.

At the same time, 147 of these houses are in current condition, 15 are in need of major repairs, 1 is completely uninhabitable and 10 do not meet the established social norms.

Currently, housing for orphans is being separated from vacant dormitories and neglected housing.

A total of 120 billion soums will be allocated from the national and local budgets in equal shares for the purchase of housing.

From 2022, the necessary funds for the purchase of housing for orphans will be provided in the parameters of the State Budget.


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