Let's talk about digestion


Indigestion usually occurs when eating too late. When you lie down, you are in a horizontal position, and the gastric juice returns to the esophagus with the remains of undigested food.
Lie on your left side to get everything in place. Because the stomach is on the left.
After eating a lot, drink a glass of water mixed with half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to prevent indigestion. It helps digest food when the acidity of the gastric juice is low. You can add a little honey to the vinegar so that it is not sour.
If you eat too much spicy food, it is useful to chew and swallow a pinch of cumin seeds. Cumin contains oil that relieves bowel movements, reduces nausea and prevents flatulence.
Mint tincture calms the stomach and relieves intestinal spasms. Drizzle a teaspoon of dried mint in a glass of boiling water. When it cools down a bit, swim and drink instead of tea.
Ordinary oysters also have valuable properties. They facilitate the digestion of heavy foods. For example, shivit, kashnich, parsley, celery, green onions, and shuul can be eaten with strong fried foods.
Herbs help break down the enzymes needed for food and speed up the absorption of nutrients into the intestines. Foods with potatoes, meat, pasta, as well as bread, eggs and high-fat foods are especially good when eaten with greens.
So, before eating fried and pastries, be sure to finely chop the herbs on the table.
Keep in mind that if you have difficulty digesting, do not eat "heavy" foods for the next day or night. During this time, do not take any medications on your own, otherwise your condition will get worse.
Drink herbal tinctures (for example, chamomile tincture to relieve tension in the digestive system) or fruit juices.
Chew well and eat slowly. Otherwise, the digestive juice will not be digested properly and the food will not be well digested.
Even if you eat a lot of food all the time and hurt your stomach, it will loosen up, and as a result, your digestion will be disrupted. Make sure your stomach rests for a few hours after each meal, and don't eat anything you come across from time to time.
To regulate the work of the stomach, add less salt to food, eat more dill, cilantro, cumin, dill. These improve digestion. Cook and eat boiled vegetables, milk, cottage cheese, oatmeal and potatoes (their ingredients protect the stomach wall). Eat only freshly cooked food, do not heat the rest of the food.
If your stomach is disturbed, do not eat sweet, sour, warm or very cold foods. Do not eat legumes. Also, avoid smoked meats, hot breads, cakes, chocolates, hard-boiled eggs, and hard cheeses. Of course, quit smoking. This is because nicotine accumulates on the tongue and mucous membranes of the mouth, dissolves in saliva, and enters the stomach.
If you have a recurrence of indigestion, consult your doctor.

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