Poems about Navruz - for children and for older children


Poems about Navruz - for children and for older children

We invite you to get acquainted with our collection of poems about March 21 Navruz. The most popular holiday for children is undoubtedly Nawroz. Our children celebrate this holiday by reciting poems, singing songs and going on holiday parties. In preparation for the holiday in schools and kindergartens, of course, poems about Navruz will be memorized. Cheerful Boy The children's site offers you samples of poems dedicated to Navruz.

Navruz holiday

Navruz is a holiday of prosperity, rejuvenation, the beginning of a new day associated with the awakening of nature. The word "Navruz" means "new day" in Persian. Great values ​​such as peace and solidarity, harmony and neighborliness were put forward in Navruz. March 21 is widely celebrated by the peoples of the East as the day and night equinox - New Year, ie Navruz. It is the beginning of the planting season for the farmer. Our ancestors and grandparents celebrated this holiday and held various ceremonies and ceremonies. In ancient times, during the days of Navruz, our ancestors moved from their winter destinations - from villages to summer camps. Spring sowing has started in the fields.

Poems dedicated to Navruz

Soon Navruz

Soon nastarin blooms cucumbers,

The fragrance that took my mind to heaven.

Sunny dew falls in the morning.

Wash the dust of winter in the hearts.

Soon the swallow will return,

On the apricot kings,

The cranes sing the ancient song,

Sumalak cooks until dawn.

Soon the tulips trembled like kisses,

Munis stare at the majesty of the mountains,

A few more lovers cried,

They light a fire in each other's arms.

Winter is helpless as my day,

It's still snowing,

A melody is wounded, The Sun is a composer,

Soon it will be Navruz, soon it will be Navruz!

Ailaban tf-u karam,

Navruz has come.

Tumor pencil,

Navruz has come.

Awakening of a strange feeling,

Singing of streams.

Singing savtu ajam,

Happy Navruz!

The definition of history is epic in languages,

The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

Hafiz sings and dances the world

It is different to come to Navruz this year.

One side is a big fight

A side cop curry,

Askiya says that all the dead rejoice in old age

It is different to come to Navruz this year.


Birds of a feather flock together,

The flag of the lawn

I'm familiar with that,

It is a hymn in the heart.

Filled fields,

Stinging tulips.

Swallows are purified,

The sun is shining in the sky.

A handful full of light,

Listen spring, my voice!

Today is a joy

Happy Navruz today,

The long-awaited Navbahor wedding!

Happy New Year! Hello holiday!

You are the song of hearts.

Today is Navruz holiday

Today is Navruz holiday,

Great celebration, everyone is happy.

We rejoice in our homeland,

We are happy forever.

Navruz has come to my country,

Let's hurry to the fields.

Now friends, all of us,

Let's sing songs.

Happy Navruz, my homeland!

My country! Don't inspire me,

Write to me, dear one, and fall.

I want to sing a poem to your spring this day,

Blessed are you, my motherland.

You have the sun of freedom in your head,

You have your own flag, your compatriot.

You have a goal, you have zeal, you have endurance,

Happy Navruz, my homeland.

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