Lions about winter


Lions about winter

Texts about winter

Snow flakes

Kavsar Turdiyeva

Snow pieces, pieces,

He wears white spruce.

Mountains, hills, hills

Wrapped in white clothes.


The white man entered the house,

When I look, it's my dad.

I hit my father,

I laughed at my dad.


I straightened my collars,

I handed over the warm coat.

Winter is near

Rauf Tolib

The bear said to the rabbit:

"You're in such a hurry, aren't you?"

"Winter is coming," he said.

How to sit and watch?


I'm eating winter worries.

"Wait, what do you say?"

Winter means one night…

"It's never like that."


"If you sleep, spring!"

- There is a lot to talk about until spring…

On a winter's day

Who do I ask for food?


"What winter, you idiot?" -

An angry monkey.

- You are not afraid of winter, so…

"Don't talk back."


Anvar Obidjon


My corridors are diamond snow,

My shirts are diamond snow,

My hair is also diamond snow,

My crowns are also diamond snow.


I'm a white swan,

I'm scared of Santa.

Do not wash me with salt,

Don't look like frozen ice.


My tongue is hot, hot,

My heart is soft, hot.

I'm a white swan,

I'm scared of Santa.


Hamidulla Yoqubov

Snow, snow, snow,

It shines all around.

Like a twinkling light,

Oppoq undek.


Sugar undek,

Sugar, I say.

If I eat,

I have a toothache.


Snow, snow, snow,

It shines all around.

Like a twinkling light.

Snowy weather

Nurullo Oston


Snow blows,

The winds sweep the ground.

The last hazons to fly,

A colorless garden, a desert,

Empty street, alley.

The sky is dim and colorless,

The coming winter is without a fight.

Winter lesson

Abdurahmon Akbar


Four pockets in my pants,

Four pockets on the coat.

Come in and out one by one

I have two hands.


"Kuh-kuh" to my hands

Mom puts it on,

"That's a mess."

Loss of gloves,

My son!

About the arch

Dilshod Rajab


Embracing the spruce spring -

Hold on tight.

The spring is out of reach

From it are summer and autumn and winter.


The spring is tied to the arch,

What can you do?

After all, he is wrapped up

With countless needles!

Winter beads

Dilshod Rajab



Snow-covered spruce

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Shiny twigs

It's like a brass comb.


Frozen ditches

The dice look like a belt.

Sumacs are chandeliers

Ice is like a lamp.


Crows on the snow

It looks like a black spot.

Or dripping on white paper

The color is like ink.


The verb is cold

Looks like a lot of trouble.

Chases everyone,

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

The scorpion's scorpion

Safar Barnoyev



When I come with Santa,

Really happy.

Do you have any?

You don't ask me.


I have a stomach,

He walks in the mountains.

To make our way white,

It's snowing.

In the winter

Narimon Orifjonov

Rosa enjoys winter,

Snow - silver.

White-clad surroundings.

Winter air is clear.

We skate,

We never get tired.

Goho snowstorm

Who is quick to play? -

We can find out,

We will be impressed.

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