Poems for New Year holidays and events for children


A bouquet of poems dedicated to the New Year holidays and events for children.

Let me remind you that we have posted a few scenarios and songs on our site for the organization of the New Year celebration, you can go to this address to download the scenarios, to this page to download the songs dedicated to the New Year.


Hello new year

Hello, New Year, new plans,

New thoughtful day and night!

Have hands that create innovation.

Have years of calling for good!

Hello, New Year, new discovery,

May abundance increase your happiness,

Let everyone's dream come true, friends,

Let the floor be covered with mercy, friends!


Happy New Year

Welcome to our country, New Year,

On our way to enlightenment, New Year,

Bring victory, peace, well-being,

Bring joy to our people, New Year!


The new year has come

Laughed again New Year,

Snow-white dreams abound,

Hearts full of goodness,

Let's build a circle!


A poem by an old woman

Man, man, man, man

I will be your Man.

Riding my broom,

Sometimes I travel.

I live in the woods,

Eat in the woods!

Dorilamon zanomda,

Eat on time!

Scolding the wicked


Then I will be ashamed,

Shame on you!

To punish, always,

I cry like the wind.

No matter how many letters,

I come once a year.

Lanchaki-yu lazy

I hate it so much

If my broom survives,

I will punish.

If you miss class,

I will never forgive.

I licked my broom,

I will never rest.

Man, man, man, man

I will be your Man.

Take the circle wider,

I'll heat it up.


Santa's bag

I have a big bag on my back,

He has, of course.

Sweet pudding, nuts,

Candy and toys.

I will share with you,

To wise boys and girls!


New Year's Eve

Tall to the ceiling,

Coniferous, blue spruce

Wearing dice and necklaces,

Your makeup is unique.

On New Year's Eve

We are waiting for Christmas

If the tin comes through,

We are filled with pleasure.

The little ones sang,

It revolves around you.

The lights on your shoulder,

It's getting late.

Beautiful spruce, blue spruce,

The protagonist of the holiday.

Climb the high mountains,

Be a guest in our house.


Happy New Year

Like a long-awaited dear guest

Our New Year is coming.

Our hearts light up like a bright sky,

Our hearts are full of beautiful feelings.

Wishing you a happy new year,

The great covenant is counted in every household.

A smile that blooms on happy faces.

The content of dreams - peace, well-being,

May the native garden flourish like a flower garden.


Old year speech

Goodbye, goodbye guests,

The boy is a girl

You worked so hard,

Growing up a year.

Following the old year

Welcome to the new one.

You see, it's cute.

Now the slice is coming out,

I grew up with you, I learned,

And I grew up to be a year old.

When my term expired, so did I.

It's time to leave.


New Year's speech

Hello, hello guests.

The boy is a girl

You're so excited,

You fixed the party,

Happy New Year,

You followed the old one

Old compact term

Finished and went down in history.

It's the New Year, and so am I.

It's my turn to come.

You see, I'm crazy,

I’ve been small for years

I came to you to grow,

Many victories.

Love me right now

I'm yours from now on.

Father, mother, grandfathers

Both loving grandmothers.

I'm excited

They increase my speed,

You read well too

Read the knowledge

You are one year old

Let the country mine bread



Muhammad Yusuf

Disappointed at the end of the year,

I don't know what you enchanted with, snow.

Today, in front of my eyes,

You stole another age of mine, snow.

Shall I go to my fortieth castle now?

Is yesterday's youth a fairy tale? ..

When I reach out like a spring,

What can I say to comfort my tongue before I reach it.

Stork, my dear, this is a strange holiday -

Laugh and watch and cry…

Shall I swallow my pain silently,

Is my youth yesterday a fairy tale now?

If you ask, I'm more sorry than happy,

White in my silver hair than you.

Before the year comes, the year goes,

A smile in his eyes — he trembled in his eyelashes.

I'm in a hurry too, will I come back now,

Is my youth yesterday a fairy tale now?

New year,

No matter how you come,

Who reached you, who did not.

You are a new companion, you are a new companion,

What you visit is a holiday in itself.

Shall I say something to your ear, now,

Yesterday's youth is a fairy tale, now…




What is it that foams in transparent glasses?

My hands, why are you trembling now?

It's not a mirror, it's a flower,

It's still a long night until tomorrow.

We ask Devonu lug'otit turk,

“Year” is not “wind” after all, don’t tremble, O tongue.

The "year" is just a mess

It is a brutally crushed path out of the race.

Don't tremble in my eyelashes, young man -

The world hanging on my lashes…

World, what is this mystery, warn me:

In my footsteps - the hazons play carelessly,

Behind me is a garden of forty years of lightning,

In my heart is a river that flows like a mango…


Happy New Year!

Abdulla Murodulla

Here are the moments I miss again

Green spruces decorated on the street

Beautiful girls next to the arch

When I look at them, I imagine them

Today, everyone is happy

Hearts are full of sweet dreams

My homeland has become more beautiful

New Year's festivities are everywhere

Another year of our lives has passed

Let's play comfortably on New Year's Day

It happens once a year, after all

Happy New Year dear people

May it bring happiness and good luck to all

Let everyone have a job

May all the dreams in your heart come true

Happy New Year New Year


Here comes the new year

Here comes the new year

Missing hearts

Always fill with happiness

Missed hearts

A smile on your face

Not at all

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart

Prohibited by your holiday

Putting grief aside

Chase the pain from the heart

To congratulate you

I picked up the pen


A humorous poem to Santa

Santa's been up all night.

I have a wish from you.

Let it be like Van Damdik.

This year my wrist.

If you don't mind, Grandpa.

Give a little more money.

Let my work always run.

No problem.

It's too embarrassing to ask.

It's a toll for everyone.

Demonstrating a skill.

Give a gift Malibu ..

Money is now in your hands.

Let my hands be dirty this year.

One of my wishes.

Let Malibu be full of money.

Bobo now you know.

Let it all be a solution.

Help in the new year.

A beautiful kiss from Rayhan.

I'll finish my house too.

I have a week-long wedding.

I was in so much pain.

I'll see you this year.

My humble wish.

That's all there is to it.

My heart is pounding.

All will be answered.


We have reached the new year

Even if our yard is full of snow.

We are all happy around the arch.

Even if Christmas is fake.

We have reached the New Year, thank God.

Stay in the old year, ginayu kudrat.

Show respect to an upset friend.

Life is an opportunity to take a hard step.

We have reached the New Year, thank God.

Let all our pain remain in the old year.

May our wishes remain in the old year.

Our medicine to regain strength.

We have reached the New Year, thank God.

In a peaceful land, I rejoice.

Ahead of the New Year holiday.

Sometimes we are tired, sometimes we are tired.

We have reached the New Year, thank God.


New Year's tree

Erkin Vahidov

You are so beautiful

You are always green!

Happy new year

Darling, archajon.

Winter at Grandpa's house

Dear guest - you are blue.

At her wedding today

Especially the word - you're beautiful.

Too much for your jacket

Dice buttons are attached.

Red, blue on your horns…

The light bulbs are on.

To a horn that is not tall enough,

But, O archajonim!

I have you on my table

My favorite necklace!

A necklace made for you

These are my excellent grades.

Come on, I'll put it on, my dear,

Bend your horns.


New Year's morning

Congratulations to a man of pure heart,

Happy morning - NEW YEAR morning.

Adjusting the hearts of the future,

The melody of life sounds sad.


Have a great read in the new year

Goodbye today,

We will do it with you.

Let's read in the new year

Only with "four-and-five".


We are looking forward to the new year

Homeland is waiting for you,

Kutar yorug 'Istiqlol.

Children open their mouths

Chinese New Year.


Happy New Year

New Year's gift,
Decorated spruce.
We sing,
Happy New Year.
Lay-lum, la-la-lum,

My new year is a good year

Welcome New Year.

Good year from year to year.

In my own school

Gladly I got the knowledge.

Feast Feast Sing,

I always love Bahri.

Happy New Year.


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