Poems for teachers


Poems for teachers
The word that I have kept in my heart for you, I will bow before you forever. My word in the depths of my heart - Do not be tired of the path of goodness, Master! Wait till this world stands still, See the presence of a thousand years of labor, Rejoice in the happiness of the disciples, Do not be weary in the path of goodness, Master! I knew that I was a companion in my way of life, I knew that the sun illuminated my way, I knew that I was a companion in the way of Tole, Do not be tired in the way of goodness, Master! Mohinur ERGASHEVA, Kashkadarya region (I.e.(I.e.
(I.e.(I.e. Has the whiteness of your hair for years been touched, Or has the burden of chalk touched you? Has your bright heart on the path of goodness been absorbed in the light of your eyes? Each of your disciples is your son or daughter. Their success is your face— So are there tears in your eyes? Kamola AMIROVA, Surkhandarya region, Angor district (I.e.
(I.e. We glorify teachers, and the Father is equal. Classmate, think, Shall we listen, teacher's heart ?! The teacher is like an inextinguishable light that illuminates the school. Undoubtedly, knowledge is a beacon that gives strength to this fire. Classmates, teachers, don't be upset with Koyisa either. If you know, only he will think of you, The right way - the way to knowledge. Therefore, every second, Qadrin must live knowingly. I wish you to learn a lot from teachers and face the future. Adiba JORAYEVA, Surkhandarya region, Boysun district (I.e.(I.e.
 I know the value of Navoi, who is a teacher of our distant school, but someone also taught Navoi. Who taught a letter to such a great person?… An ordinary teacher, an ordinary teacher. Humble as dust, restless souls, But as glorious as a mountain on its wings, But Temurdayin Sahibkiranlar Pirim, etgain kissed. Who led Caesar to the battle? An ordinary teacher, but an ordinary teacher. Who built the Beruni from nowhere, who made Mashrap famous worlds, who made Hussein the Ibn Sina, who taught the word of God? An ordinary teacher, but an ordinary teacher. But this life is full of thorns, When you stumble, you lift your arms, When you are crushed like a father, When you rejoice like a child, Who thinks of a student in his sleep?… An ordinary teacher, an ordinary teacher. Ulfat is a lot, but he is accompanied by a friend - I can't find Halim. How many teachers have I seen, how many universities, I have not found a scholar more knowledgeable than him. A priceless spell in my child's heart - An ordinary teacher, an ordinary teacher. I will enter my face, God willing— A hundred years later, a believing friend will close my eyes and tie my jaw, The last time I rode, I owe only one , An ordinary teacher, an ordinary teacher! (I.e.(I.e.
 TEACHER You are the gardener of the Science Garden, the teacher, You are the friend of a million hearts, the teacher. You have taught a great book of enlightenment, This book is a great sun that shines. You are a treasure, a river of love in your heart, In it the light of the gods shines. You taught friendship, courage, loyalty, You taught wisdom, understanding, ingenuity. Sacrifice your whole life to the child, You always lead to the highest goal. May happiness and prosperity always be with you, and may our Motherland be full of glory (I.e.(I.e.
(I.e. There is no one who has not received your education, You are the first to shine in the hearts. Whether you are a scientist, a poet, or an artist, the person who first looked at you as a teacher, suffered from the pain of a single letter, and eventually ascended to heaven. How wonderful to make you happy, to stand up and bow your head. An example of the kindness of the great Alisherbek, with how much pain you taught literacy. Is it possible to repay this debt with alcohol, Can it be repaid with a hundred ganj (I.e.(I.e.
 TEACHER Knowledge is a big river, a teacher, you are a mirab, a coach in the development of the nation is the sun. Times change, centuries pass, Alphabet book that does not change like the Sun. Grades on my diary sheet, Goho excellent, goho two penalties. We found a way. The pain you suffered was ganj - Mistakes corrected in childhood. I grabbed my notebook, looked back at my reading period. I admire your joy and patience. My old teacher's hair is white, But her eyes are kind. Knowledge and enlightenment still teach, ring the bell in the School of Life. If we do not read, re-taught, full, a number of wrinkles remain on the forehead. Because of those wrinkles, he led the people to the Future. (I.e.(I.e.(I.e.
I grabbed the pen again. I started writing Lion. According to the requirements. I praised the teachers. Today is a holiday in our nation. Dear Teachers' Day. Every educated person. Appreciates the teacher. There are ex teachers. Always smile. We young people are happy. Always be alive. Hammon will be remembered. First grade textbooks. Explaining the alphabet. Lessons taught by the teacher. Gox says life. You learn from the book. The man who took your lessons. He is not afraid of trials. The more praise, the less. Because you have a bright world. The man the teacher did not see. This world does not recognize. Unknowingly you. We put a lot of pressure. In the late region of Umir. We cry with regret. Right at some point. You don't even look. When you use a hand. You don’t hit a bad split. Whether male or female. Probably a slice. From the lesson they taught. Realize your identity. What do you call a teacher. Or teacher, domlajon. You are the life you are. All of you are welcome.
(I.e.(I.e. The root of great knowledge is embodied in you, you give education from different fields. When I listen to him, my little body grows like a mature person, teacher. Knowledge always shines in your heart, As if it calls us like light. You are my bright star at night, my Bright day, dear teacher.