Poems about Muhammad Yusuf Vatan


What have I done to the world,
You are my bright world,
I'm sorry,
I am a sultan,
You are the throne of Solomon,
I'm the only one,
Do you call me a worshiper?
You are one of my greats
You are great, my homeland…
You are the flower of my happy day,
To my flower-bed,
You comforted my nolon day,
Press your face to my face.
My sister says,
My mother says,
Do you have a roommate?
Love yourself from the sun -
You are warm, my homeland.
You are Mashrab,
Tumors in the ring,
He was hanged in Balkh,
You are Navoi, next to the king
He blessed the poor.
Yassaviysan, mine,
Apparently claimed,
A thousand and one oils have not been opened
You are my guardian, my homeland.
You are Khojand,
To Genghis
He did not open the gate,
Behind Timur Malik
Jumping to the Syrdarya,
Muqannasan pupil
Scattered in the flames,
The shepherd who saw the lights
You are my desert, my homeland.
Who made Kashgar a place,
On the Enasoy side,
Jaloliddin - In Kurdistan,
Boburing - In India,
What a face
They sleep in the winter,
Ninety-six scattered
You are my family, my homeland…
My son, go to heaven
I fly like a giraffe,
Chambil to Alpomish in the country
I will come down as a navkar,
Shelter from Padarkush
I embrace your greatness,
Whispering in my teeth
Hello, my homeland…
The last day is the last day,
The day you hit your head,
The ground that gave the Almighty,
The day he sold his power.
Tie your hands,
Born the tongue,
Leading day,
Wow! could not be said
Dudugʻimsan, Vatanim.
Someone crying blood next to you
Look at your poet,
If you come to Kokand,
Ask the children.
At least Osman is a ruler
Please quote,
It has dried up in the distance
My well, my homeland Vatan
You are the branches to the heavens
The plane tree I touch,
If I say father
As my son,
My bowed plane,
My pride in my sheep,
A tumor on my neck,
You are one of my greats
You are great, MY COUNTRY!
Muhammad Yusuf
You wrapped us in a white blanket,
You washed us in white.
Being a vigilant mother in our cradle,
You created us for our day.
We will sacrifice you, Uzbekistan,
We will not give you to anyone, Uzbekistan! ..
You have a shield, whoever avenges you,
The spirit of Alpomish is with every son.
Let's take care of your cocoon and kiss it like a flower,
To the fortress where the enemies do not come close.
We will serve you, Uzbekistan,
We will not give you to anyone, Uzbekistan.
Those who taste salt and forget will be humiliated,
Two worlds are narrow in their eyes.
The merchants who have never seen your joy
One day you will have a hard time with a handful of sand.
We stand by you, Uzbekistan,
We will not give you to anyone, Uzbekistan! ..
The flower is a weed in the steppe,
Simplicity and glory belong to you.
We love that your deserts are also a paradise for us,
Your soil is also a sacred example of Mecca.
Let's see you as a mother, Uzbekistan,
We will not give you to anyone, Uzbekistan!
Muhammad Yusuf


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