Never consume these products at night!


For good sleep and complete rest, we need to follow the rules of proper nutrition. Eating products that are difficult to digest before bedtime prevents the digestive system and the body from regaining its strength before bedtime. Take care of your health, eat right and stay healthy!
We recommend that you do not consume the products listed below before bedtime.
This refreshing drink prevents you from falling asleep. Many believe that decaffeinated coffee does not contain this substance at all. But in fact, the caffeine content of coffee is slightly lower than usual.
It should be noted that chamomile tea drunk at night has a calming effect. In addition, its pleasant aroma does not require the addition of sugar to the drink.
Products that cause flatulence
Leg products cause gas accumulation in the intestines, upset stomach and sleep disturbances.
Butter cheese
It is better to eat low-fat cottage cheese or cheese instead of this product. A small part of it has the ability to eliminate the feeling of hunger.
Spicy, greasy and fried foods
Such foods are not "healthy" products, and it is impossible to eat them before bedtime.
Sweet carbonated drinks
These drinks are very sweet. It causes an increase in gas in the body. However, some such products contain caffeine.
Chocolate and chocolate bars, candies
Dark chocolate contains caffeine. Milk chocolate is rich in sugar and fat. As a result, the digestive system loses weight, and this product, consumed at night, leads to weight gain.
Khurshida HUSENOVA

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