Leader 1: Hello, dear participants of our circle!


Leader 1: Hello, dear participants of our circle!

Leader 2: Assalamu alaykum, dear guests, dear colleagues.

Leader 1: Welcome to today's New Year's party carnival.

Leader 2: First of all, we sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming New Year.

Starter 1: We wish you health, happiness, longevity, and success in your endeavors. We wish you success in your work in the New Year.

Starter 2: Let’s start our holiday night with a great song.

Beginner 1: New Year's Eve The beginning of the year was celebrated in ancient times in different seasons. In the twentieth century, Uzbekistan began to celebrate the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar, as many countries around the world began to celebrate the New Year. On the basis of the Law "On Holidays in the Republic of Uzbekistan", adopted on July 1992, 3 after independence, January 1 was designated as the New Year.

Leader 2: Indeed, New Year's Eve is celebrated in many countries, including our homeland. At the beginning of our program, we invite Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to our circle. Welcome Santa and Snow Maiden, welcome to our circle.

(Song. Santa and Snow Maiden dance).


1st starter:

Like a long-awaited dear guest

Our New Year is coming.

Our hearts light up like a bright sky,

Our hearts are full of beautiful feelings.

Wishing you a happy new year,

The great covenant is counted in every household.

A smile that blooms on happy faces.

The content of dreams - peace, well-being,

May the native garden flourish like a flower garden.

2st starter:

Freedom, prosperity,

May the flag of the Motherland shine forever.

As the years go by,

Like a gold ring in the chain of life.

The love of the country is burning in the heart,

It will start to move us like a tree.

We die with our forehead skin

We are spreading it all over the world.


Starter 1: We have invited a group of artists to our holiday carnival today. Now it's the turn of the guruh interest group.

(New Year's jokes).

Beginner 2: Now it’s the turn of our school’s good voice singer …… ...

(The song plays).

Leader 1: We all know that New Year's Eve has never been without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Now we hear the word for Christmas from congratulations.

(Santa's greeting)

Thanks Christmas.

Thank you. We invite you all to dance.

(The song plays).

1st starter:

Again, we have a holy holiday,

Looking forward to a happy New Year's Eve.

Happy upcoming holiday -

Our congratulatory message is grafted to the hearts.

The coming New Year is according to the muchal calendar. It is said that this year will be a year of abundance, fertility and peace. We wish you a Happy New Year once again.

Leader 2: Let the festive mood not leave you all year round, let the smile on your face, the blessings on your table. At the end of our holiday program, we invite you to an exhibition of paintings on the theme of the New Year, organized in the hall, please.

Starter 1: Well, goodbye.

Come, let us rejoice again, Happy New Year,

Many dreams await you, New Year.

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